9 Untapped Onlyfans Niches

As a businessman I’m always trying to find ways to make additional income.

My main source of income comes from a few different websites but recently I got interested in OnlyFans.

After some thorough research I discovered that there wasn’t much information regarding OnlyFans niches.

And that’s probably because most of them are doing adult content.

I have got hundreds of OF niche ideas but I will only share some of my favorite in this article.

Lets dive right into it.

OnlyFans is NOT Just for Adult Content

Contrary to popular belief, OnlyFans is not just a way to make money with your body.

Thousands of people don’t even show their body. They make a healthy income through other content ideas.

Also if you think you’re late to the OnlyFans wagon you are wrong.

They are trying to move away from adult-related stuff and move to more general niches, so you’re basically here before the big move happens.

Do You Have to Stick to Your Niche?

Not at all.

Think of a niche as getting your foot in the door.

Once you have subscribers you can change the direction of your OF account depending on your customers needs.

Amazon started off selling books, now look at them…one of the biggest websites in the world.

So basically listen to your fans advice. They’ll let you know if they like the content or not.

If not then you could try something new.

Niche Idea #1 – Lifestyle


I’ve got a pretty good following on Snapchat where I post a couple pics a day of the coolest things I’m doing.

I also talk about finances, making money, getting in shape, etc.

I get lots of people replying to my stories asking me what I do for a living because they see me driving cool cars, visiting fancy houses, hanging out with different people, and more.

I decided to use my OnlyFans account as a way to share behind-the-scenes content as I go about my life, so I funnel my Snapchat followers to my OF account where I get signups.

It has performed better than I thought it would. This is my first niche choice idea that I wanted to share.

Niche Idea #2 – Feet Pictures

There’s a heft amount of money to be made in feet pictures.

I made a post on how to sell feet pictures here.

Basically there are millions of guys that love looking at women’s feet and they’ll pay money to do it.

This is a legit business model that girls are turning to because it’s much easier than nudes and you don’t have to expose your body.

It’s possible for guys to try this but it’ll be super hard to find paying customers.

But for girls? It’s a great way to make money. Definitely check out that link if you’re interested in this niche idea.

Niche Idea #3 – Cosplay

An estimated $17.8 billion US dollars have been spent on costumes and wigs since 2017, which is growing at a 15% rate every year.

What does that tell us?

That there’s a demand for guys looking at girls in sexy outfits.

I see women in cosplay outfits literally everyday on Twitch and TikTok.

People have already cashed in on this new industry especially on OnlyFans.

All they do is wear costumes and take photos of themselves standing and making poses.

You just need to look cute and the guys come flocking.

Niche Idea #4 – Inspiration/Insight

If you’ve have lots of knowledge in something you can bank on it and help those who want to learn the skill that you’re great at.

Whenever we achieve something spectacular we earn something called “insights”.

This is something that only you can gain from experience.

Of course there are people that are fake, those that read stuff on Google and try to sell it to people.

But it’s not genuine. And their subscribers quickly cancel because they realize the stuff they’re selling is trash.

But having real genuine experience and insight by mastering a skill is an invaluable thing to have.

Once you master a skill you can teach others what you know.

Niche Idea #5 – ASMR

ASMR is a pretty new and a fairly untapped niche.

Of course people can look on YouTube for their ASMR needs, but can they search you on YouTube?

No they can not.

And if you’re truly good at it people will want your videos.

I recommend building a following on YouTube and creating 5 – 10 minute ASMR videos. Tell your fans they can get longer versions by purchasing your OnlyFans.

They can get their ASMR needs from your OnlyFans account for a small fee.

Niche Idea #6 – Travel

Now with the virus storming the globe it’s much more difficult for people to move around the world.

This can make a great OnlyFans niche if you’re one of the small few still travelling.

You can let your fans know some tips and tricks for getting around, how to get into specific countries, what to do when you get there, places they’re allowed to visit, things they can do, etc.

Travel has only started opening up again so this would be a great niche to get into.

Niche Idea #7 – The Girlfriend Experience/Cute

There are millions of lonely guys out there that can’t get a girlfriend and they would do anything to have a connection with a girl.

You don’t even have to post sexy pictures, just stand there in a cute outfit doing a pose is more than enough.

Take it even further by responding to their DMs.

Maybe spend 2 hours responding to their messages, 1 hour in the morning, 1 hour at night.

Seriously, there are girls on TikTok that have millions of followers and all they do is look at the camera making cute faces.

You don’t even need super model looks, just a “girl next door vibe”.

Niche Idea #8 – Cooking (With a Twist)

Seriously, guys are weird.

We are attracted to weird things.

One content strategy that works well is a cute girl standing in a kitchen with a crop top on with a skirt or shorts.

Guys love this sort of stuff.

It gives them that “it’s just you and me” vibe. They feel like they’re in the kitchen with you as you talk to them.

I think this is a great niche to get into. The girls doing it are making BANK.

If you’re a good cook this is definitely one to consider.

Niche Idea #9 – Fetish

Okay hear me out.

When people think fetish they think of some nasty as hell sex positions.

But a fetish is mostly just a simple fantasy…a fantasy that you can fulfil with your OnlyFans account.

I’ve already mentioned some fetish’s already — feet pics, the girlfriend experience, cooking in a cute outfit.

There are thousands of fetish’s out there. You probably play one everyday and don’t even know it.

You might be the girl next door, the goth girl, the gamer girl, the shy girl, etc.

There are thousands. Pick one that you resonate with and roll with it. Guys love this sort of stuff and throw money at girls that fulfil their fantasies.

How to Find the Perfect OnlyFans Niche

The good thing is that people are adaptable.

What they signed up to you in the first place doesn’t mean that’s all they want.

You can experiment with your audience until you find something you love doing and that they enjoy.

So don’t think you need to find the perfect niche from the get-go.

The more important thing is to get your foot in the door, get some subs under your belt, and then adjust accordingly.

Basically it’s a “throw at the wall and see if it sticks” approach.

So try new things, get fan feedback, listen to their comments, and you will do just fine.


OnlyFans is a great way to make a side income, or a living income depending on how hard you work.

They are trying to move away from adult-related stuff in the hopes to attract investors.

Whether or not this will work only time will tell.

But for now anything goes on OF.

The ultimate takeaway here is: Don’t get caught up in niches. Instead be you and find what your audience wants.

There’s lots of money to be within this space and these niches are a good starting point.

So with that said, I hope you learned something new.

Be sure to let me know in the comments below what you think of OnlyFans and the direction you’re going to take yours.


An Interesting Way of Making Money?

If you’re not interested in any of these niches and don’t want the stigma of doing OnlyFans for a living, how about creating a blog instead.

This is what I do for a living since I started back in 2016.

It’s a more lowkey approach as you don’t have to recruit anyone, there’s no talking to fans, or looking like a spammer putting your link everywhere.

Blogging is just like any online business, you get out what you put in.

You can make money through ads or affiliate marketing, and attract visitors through Google by writing content.

That’s what I recommend if you’re a bit iffy about doing OnlyFans.

Anyway, check out the training here.

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