AppStation Review – Make Money Playing Games or Scam?

It sounds too good to be true to get paid to play video games, right?

Well if your spidey senses went off, you’d be correct.

I have reviewed many play and get paid apps that I know what to expect from them.

I’ve even tried them myself and found them to not be as good as they claim.

I get it, people want to earn money for doing something fun like playing mobile games.

But in this day and age there are so many ways for scammers to scam us.

I thought it was too good to be true as the ones I’ve played have all been scams.

It’s time to review AppStation and see if it’s as good as it sounds.

AppStation Review

Name: AppStation
Owner: John Moroz
Price: Free
Type: Make money playing games
Overall Rating: 25/100

What is AppStation?

AppStation is an app that promises to pay you money just by downloading and playing mobile games.

They say you will earn coins every second while playing the game, and after you have accumulated a certain amount of coins, you can cash them in for PayPal cash of gift cards.

These apps are everywhere on the Playstore and the vast majority of them are downright scams. I would say about 90% don’t pay out.

I recently reviewed App Flame and that was one of the few legit ones out there.

The concept is simple when it comes to AppStation.

It’s hard to get a new game popular, so game developers use apps like AppStation and App Flame, where they can get their mobile game in front of other people.

They pay AppStation to recommend their games, and AppStation is supposed to give their users a cut of the money as well.

That’s how this whole thing works.

But of course that’s not always going to happen as app owners are greedy and only care about themselves.

I’ve Seen it All Before

Big promises, catchy titles, misleading descriptions, false advertising, and more.

AppStation does the same thing as everyone else, they promise you money just for playing games.

And while this may be true to some extent, it’s not as simple as all that.


Because there are too many people complaining about AppStation than those giving it positive reviews.

The ones that love it have only just started and are giving their first impressions.

The rest report things that I’ve seen on other similar apps.

The red flags:

  • Getting banned for “suspicious activity”
  • Saying they’ve paid you but they haven’t
  • Customer service doesn’t answer emails
  • The face recognition software doesn’t work properly
  • Fast earnings at the start then slow down dramatically

AppStation Customer Reviews

These are just the tip of the iceberg.

The fact of the matter is, customer service is non-existent.

It goes to show that they don’t actually care about their users and they are just in it for the money, to basically keep it for themselves.

Does AppStation Really Work?

There are some cases where AppStation does pay their earnings, but those cases are rare.

The majority of people don’t get paid and they actually get booted off the app for no reason.

Even the ones that do cash out can’t even get enough coins to cash out again because earnings decrease dramatically…to the point where it’s going to take months to withdraw.

AppStation is no more than an app that wants to make as much money as possible while giving the least to their members.

Sadly these apps aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. And the more people that believe them the more that will get scammed.

I’m going to call it for what it is.

AppStation isn’t 100% legit and they have scam-like activity, making them a borderline scam.

Who AppStation is For

AppStation is for those that like playing mobile games and might have the odd chance of receiving a gift card or PayPal cash someday.

Because as I mentioned, they don’t always payout even though they “guarantee” your earnings.

Play for the fun and if you manage to get a little cash or gift card, consider it a nice bonus.

AppStation Features

Who AppStation is Not For

AppStation is not for those that are solely in it for the money,

There are thousands of other ways to make money in this day and age, AppStation should only be used for killing time and having some fun.

If you’re looking to just make money, then you should check out my alternative.

AppStation Alternative

AppStation does not offer financial freedom, it doesn’t even offer enough beer money.

After months of playing you might be able to cash out on $10, but that’s after investing hours every single day playing the games.

It’s simply a waste of energy and time if you’re in it for the money.

This system allowed me to quit my job 1.5 years after joining and I want to help others that are tired of the rat race.

If you join, you can build up a real online business that pays you over and over again.

That’s right, I’m talking about a website that receives traffic on autopilot (from Google), and makes money around the clock.

That’s why it’s my #1 recommendation and why I think it’s one of the best jobs in the world.

In Conclusion

These types make-money apps sound good in theory, but they fail to deliver in all areas.

There are some legit ones but they STILL possess some of the red flags that I mentioned earlier.

You could try out App Flame if you still want to get paid to play games. I gave App Flame a higher rating because there were more people actually receiving their earnings.

Other than that, I hope you enjoyed my AppStation review.

If you’re having trouble getting paid out from AppStation, please let me know in the comments below and I’ll do my best to help you out.

Cheers and have a great day.

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