Bananatic Has too Many Red Flags to Ignore

Bananatic is a Get-Paid-To website. They pay you to complete tasks, play games, and do other simple activities.

However, there are far too many red flags for my liking.

I’m a man that likes to do thorough research before coming to any conclusions.

Upon first glance, Bananatic actually looks like a decent website to get into.

But after lifting the lid of this system and seeing what they’re really about, I just can’t recommend them.

And I’ll tell you why in this Bananatic review.

Keep in mind that I have no affiliation with Bananatic whatsoever and everything you find in this article is completely unbiased.

Bananatic Review

Name: Bananatic
Owner: Unknown
Price: Free
Type: GPT (Get-Paid-To) Website
Overall Rating: 15/100

So What Is Bananatic And What Do They Offer?

Bananatic Preview

Bananatic is a GPT site, or Get-Paid-To website, meaning you get paid to do simple little tasks.

The activities range from playing games, watching videos, completing surveys, completing offers, and more.

They offer a wide range of things to make money which is kind of cool.

The currency they use is called bananas, hence the name Bananatic.

Every task, video you watch, game you play, etc, will earn you a certain amount of bananas.

The cheapest prize you can purchase costs 250 which is a gift card.

The better the prizes/rewards, the more bananas you will need.

Keep in mind that you will need 2500 bananas to reach the minimum payout of $5 (paid out via PayPal).

6 Ways to Make Money With Bananatic

The 6 common ways to make money are as follows:

  • Play games – If you’re an avid gamer, you will probably like the many games they have available. Playing games is the most viable option to do, as it’s fun and you earn bananas for doing something that you’ll be doing anyway.
  • Cashback rewards – Cashback reward programs are typically offered by credit companies, offering a small percentage of what you spend and giving it back to you. Well in this case, Bananatic offers a cashback program that pays in bananas. However, the only way to earn money back is if you spend money in their marketplace store.
  • Offer walls – An offer wall is exactly as it sounds, a wall of offers with a variety of tasks to earn money (or bananas in this case). Offer walls are pretty easy to complete, just complete a survey, register to a site, install mobile games, etc. Some offers require a little more time and effort, and in some cases, want you to play a game for a certain amount of time before getting paid.
  • Bananapedia – Think of bananapedia as a social media site but with a way to earn money. You can produce content and earn bananas for contributing. You can create videos, articles, reviews for games, tutorials, and more. The more popular your content, the more bananas you earn. This is probably because the more exposure that your content generates, the more ad revenue you earn the site creators.
  • Watch videos – Watching videos is the simplest option to make money because it’s a passive approach. You can leave it on in the background while you do something else. However, due to this reason, the payout is miniscule. You’ll earn 1 banana for every 1000 seconds you watch a video, which is about 16 minutes for 1 banana.
  • Referral program – The referral program is trash in my opinion. You can earn €1 for every person you refer, but they have to earn 500 bananas first.

How Much Money Can You Make Per Hour?

I like to break these types of systems down to see what the income potential is.

Because lets face it, the only reason these websites gain popularity is for the free money.

But most people want to know how much money they can earn with the least amount of work possible.

Well that’s where I come in.

I’ll crunch the numbers to help you get a better idea of the type of money you can earn.

Just remember that you need about about 2500 bananas to cash out via PayPal.

Considering that you can only earn around 50 – 100 bananas for doing an activity, it’s going to take at least 3 days to reach the minimum payout of $5.

That’s with breaks and distractions. It’ll likely take at least 1 week for the average person to reach minimum payout.

Red Flags

I like to point out the good and bad things about systems, then come up with my own conclusions.

Unfortunately the red flags completely destroy this program altogether.

Lets get right into them so you can see for yourself.

Reports of Being Hacked After Logging In

Some say that Bananatic is a gateway to hack peoples accounts.

The fact of the matter is, you can login via Google, Facebook, and other platforms.

After users connected their accounts to Bananatic, they have received emails that their accounts were compromised and had to change their password to secure their accounts.

I’m not saying this is a direct cause, but we can’t completely rule it out since there are far too many people reporting this behavior.

Rude Customer Service

It’s not uncommon for these types of websites and apps to have rude customer service.

They don’t really care about their members, they are there for one thing only, to make as much money as possible.

Most of the time you won’t even get a response to your emails.

Then when you do, they are rude and don’t really care about solving your problems.

This is a huge red flag that diminished the legitimacy of this program by a lot.

Customer service can make or break a business, and in this case it destroys its reputation.

Low Star Rating

Google Playstore Rating

Everywhere you look on the internet there are bad reviews and low stars on Bananatic.

I know some systems that are scams and still have more positive reviews than this one.

They have 3/5 stars on the Google Playstore which is incredibly low for a make-money app.

People Lose Bananas Out of Nowhere

Some people have racked up over 15,000 bananas and they’ve completely gone missing.

I’m not even joking, they’ve been wiped from their account completely.

And customer service don’t want to do anything about it.

They blame it on the third-party websites because they’re the ones paying out the rewards. Bananatic is simply the middle-man.

But to not care about their problem and just brush it off, especially after spending months building up thousands of bananas, it’s just a kick in the teeth.

Bugs, Bugs and more Bugs

You’ll get kicked out of surveys, sometimes you can’t log in, your rewards disappear into thin air, and those are just the tip of the ice berg.


  • Free to join
  • A large community


  • Shady owners
  • Bad customer service
  • Too buggy
  • Takes way too long to earn anything decent
  • Very low income potential
  • A waste of time

What’s My Opinion on Bananatic?


Saying it needs improvement is an understatement.

This website/app needs an entire overhaul and a new owner before I even consider it “okay”.

This is simply one of the worst make-money apps I have seen, and I’m not even exaggerating.

There’s way too many bugs, they have shady owners, people aren’t getting paid, and everything else I mentioned.

The only thing it’s really good for is playing free games and if you manage to get a gift card, it’s a nice bonus.

But other than that, Bananatic is by far the worst app I have reviewed in the last 30 days.

Is Bananatic a Scam?

I don’t think they are a complete scam, but it’s fishy.

They don’t even have good intentions, meaning, their intentions are to make as much money as possible while doing the bare minimum.

They will gladly ignore your emails, won’t solve your problems, and will take their money and run.

Are they paying their members?

That I can’t say for sure. I see most of the positive reviewers are giving their first impressions, saying how they like the game so far.

The rest are hating on the system because of the glitches and bad customer service.

Although I can’t say for sure it’s a scam, I say you’ll be wasting your time if you get involved with Bananatic.

There’s way too many red flags to ignore.

Is There an Alternative?

Yes, there are far better “opportunities” to make money online.

I prefer the passive approach.

That means I do all the hard work in the beginning and reap the rewards later on.

I prefer to create legit businesses that can pay me over and over again, not working for pennies here and there.

The concept I’m talking about is a website combined with affiliate marketing.

Basically, you write articles that rank in the search engines, and make money when people click on your links and buy something.

This is what has worked for me for the last 5 years and what I recommend.

Especially if you’re tired of the scams and getting paid miniscule for doing hours and hours of surveys or small tasks.

So that concludes this Bananatic review.

Thanks for reading this article.

If you have anything else you would like to add, please leave your thoughts in the comments below and I’ll get back to you asap.



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