Become a Golf Influencer and Turn Passion Into Cash

My friend is a blogger and he recently confessed to me that he’s going through a midlife crisis.

He went from a full-blown work from home fanatic to playing on the course almost everyday.

This lead me down a path.

Then I thought, there’s got to be other people that are in the same position.

Surely others wish they could be on the course everyday doing what they love the most.

So I put together a list of ways you can become a golf influencer and make a living from it.

Without further ado, lets get right into it.

#1 Start a Blog

First and foremost I want to start with one of my personal favorites.

This doesn’t just apply to golf, it applies to every possible niche out there.

As long as there’s a market for it, money can be made

What I like about blogging is that you can make money in a variety of ways, especially the golf niche.

Ways you can monetize your blog is with affiliate marketing, ads, sponsors, email marketing, selling e-courses, and more.

The opportunities are endless.

The hardest part is getting the traffic, which you can do by helping people become better at golf.

But of course, golf is a competitive niche already.

The way you can stand out is to niche down and target a micro niche.

For example:

  • How to improve your swing
  • Golfing for beginners
  • Golfing for women
  • Golfing for men
  • How to get out of rough conditions
  • How to master putting

Can you see where I’m going with this?

When you create a micro niche, you’re essentially showing Google that you’re an authority in that field and you’re more likely to rank for those keywords.

Check out this blogging course that makes me 4-figures per month.

#2 Create a YouTube Channel

If you’re more hands on and want to show people how good you are at golf, you can start a YouTube channel and teach people your skills.

YouTube is one of the hardest platforms to grow on but there’s still growth for those that are in it to help people rather than make money.

However, it’ll take longer to grow on YouTube than if you started a blog.

Even if you’re doing all the right things, it can take up to 5 – 10 years before you start seeing any type of success on YouTube.

On the other hand, blogging can make you successful in as little as 1 year (as long as you stay consistent).

Both have their pros and cons, and both present different opportunities than the other.

This is still a great option nonetheless.

Ways to earn: Sponsorships, merch, affiliate marketing, advertising, and more.

#3 Become a TikTok Influencer

TikTok Golf Influencers

In the link above I mention that TikTok is by far the easiest social media platform to grow on.

It’s still so new and there’s a lot of room for growth.

As long as you carve out a niche of a niche, you can go far.

Pro tip: Research other golf influencers in your field, see what they’re doing to become successful. Draw inspiration and add your own twist. This is the quickest way to grow a following on TikTok. Right now everything has been done on the internet, except all the little things.

Ways to earn: Sponsorships, ads, promotions.

#4 Become an Instagram Influencer

Golf Instagram Influencer

Just like TikTok, there is a lot of room for growth.

There’s less noise on Instagram compared to Twitter and Facebook, so standing out is way easier.

What I like about Instagram is that it’s easy to get followers as long as you actively follow others in your industry.

If your content is good enough they will follow you back.

Once you pass 1,000 followers, your followers should grow on autopilot.

Also when you hit 1,000 followers you are technically a micro influencer.

Although I wouldn’t try to sell anything until you hit 3,000 followers and have a high engagement rate.

Engagement is everything on Instagram, which is what I want to drive home (no pun intended).

You could have 50,000 followers and only get 100 likes on your post. This is an incredibly low engagement rate.

Hootsuite says that 1 – 5% is considered good, so if you have 50,000 followers, you should get between 500 – 2500 likes.

However, that percentage tends to go down with the more followers you have.

The key takeaway: Learn your followers wants and needs. If you don’t know their problems, you can’t provide solutions. You can increase your engagement rate by giving them things they find funny, interesting, or entertaining, not things that you might THINK they like.

Ways to earn: Sponsorships, merch, advertising, affiliate marketing, and more.

#5 Create an Online Course and Sell It On Udemy

Udemy Golf Courses

Udemy is a massive open online course provider.

Basically, it’s an education site where you can learn pretty much everything from professional adults and students.

What I like about Udemy is that it’s a create and sit approach.

If you put out nothing but the best, and your course gains a pretty decent traction, you can receive money for years to come.

You also put your own prices on your courses. Keep in mind that Udemy takes a 50% commission for selling the course. If you price your course at $20, you’ll earn $10 for the sale.

There are pros and cons to uploading a course to a website like Udemy.

The biggest pro is that the traffic and reputation is already there. All you have to do is upload your course, promote and hope for the best.

The biggest con is the 50% commission cut.

Final Words

Well there you have it, 5 ways you can become a golf influencer and turn your passion into cold-hard cash.

These are the top 5 methods that have worked for thousands of other golfers and what I recommend for you as well.

If you’re stuck on which one to try, I think blogging is best.

Google is the biggest search engine in the world, and there are hundreds of thousands of keywords to target.

All you need to do is find the low-competition keywords and target them with your articles.

If you’re interested in getting started you can use the same training as I did.

And on that note, that concludes this article.

If you’re still stuck on what to do I can point you in the right direction. Just leave me a comment below 🙂


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