6 Best Social Media Platforms For Gamers

Gaming is one of the biggest industries in the world right now.

If you’re an avid gamer, you’re probably one to jump on the many social media platforms available.

I’ve compiled a list of the best social platforms out there to help you connect with other gamers and become better at your favorite video game.

#1 Twitch

Monthly Users: 140 million
Best for: Connecting with other gamers, chilling out
Demographics: 73% aged 16 – 34

Twitch is the biggest and most popular online gaming platform.

Video gamers gravitate towards Twitch as a a form of chilling out and hanging with other like-minded people.

I am not the hardcore gamer as I use to be in my younger days, but Twitch was definitely my go-to just a few years ago.

I even started a gaming channel because I was inspired by other people.

Whatever you use Twitch for, it is a great way to connect with other people and build relationships.

#2 Discord

Discord User

Monthly Users: 150 million
Best for: Hanging out with other gamers, talking while playing, building relationships
Demographics: Unknown. I would say it’s about 13 – 25 (most of the younger generation use Discord)

Discord is known as an online chat site, but it was actually created for gamers.

Nowadays it’s used by many people, even those that don’t play video games.

What I like about Discord is that there are thousands of different channels you can join and build relationships with like-minded people.

I also like that there’s a channel for everyone.

If you just want to talk about Call of Duty, you can join a COD channel.

And if you want to talk about Pokémon Go, you can join a Pokémon channel.

Discord even has a voice chat feature that allows people to chat and hangout while playing.

#3 Reddit

Monthly Users: 430 million
Best for: Connecting with other gamers, tips and tricks, strategies, etc
Demographics: 45% aged 18 – 29, 40% aged 30 – 49

Reddit is similar to Discord but far better in my opinion.

Reddit is hands down one of the best places for the avid gamer.


There’s a subreddit for every different video game out there, and the best players usually hang out there.

It’s a little hard to find older players (in their 20s and 30s) on Discord, so Reddit is a great alternative to talk about your favorite games and build relationships.

Of course the only downside is that there’s no voice chat.

#4 YouTube

Monthly Users: 2 billion
Best for: Watching other gamers, chilling, learning new strategies
Demographics: 77% aged 15 – 25

YouTube gaming channels are some of the biggest in the world.

This is where gamers come to wind down, and you should too if you want to learn the ropes of a new video game, learn some tips and tricks, or just have fun watching other gamers.

However, do keep in mind that most of the gaming channels are geared towards younger players, so they are usually over the top to keep that entertainment factor up.

There are still lots of gamers out there that are very chill and don’t yell into the mic every 6 seconds.

#5 Steam

Monthly Users: 120 million
Best for: Playing games with others, building relationships, buying cheap games
Demographics: 43% aged 20 – 29

A gaming article wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the one and only, STEAM.

Steam has been out for an incredibly long time. I’m actually surprised that it’s still popular.

I remember Steam was out when I was like 12 years old. I’m 29 now in comparison.

Steam is actually growing every year. In 2019 they had 95 million monthly players, and 120 million monthly players in 2020.

For those that don’t know, Steam is an online gaming platform that distributes video games from third-party sellers as well as their own games.

#6 Facebook

Monthly Users: 2.89 billion
Best for: Joining groups, learning strategies, talking with like-minded people
Demographics: Only 9.4% are 18 – 24, most are 25 – 34 years old

There’s so many groups on Facebook dedicated to gaming, and just like Reddit, you can find a group dedicated for your favorite video game.

Otherwise you can join a gaming group that talks about many different topics.

When you think about Facebook, you might think that it’s outdated and full of oldies.

And even though there might be some truth to this, it’s still a great place for the average gamer to thrive and build connections.


Well there you have it;

An arsenal of social networks that all gamers should get on asap.

As a gamer, playing the games are just as fun as meeting people and building friendships.

There’s nothing like taking on the world during the day and coming home to de-stress with your favorite online people.

That’s one of the big reasons the gaming community has grown so much in the last decade.

Back in my day (oh man, now I sound old), online gaming wasn’t a thing.

We had to take our consoles to our friends house and play on the same TV.

Now it’s all done online in the comfort of our own bed.

Even though I’m not as much of a gamer as I used to be, I still understand what it’s like to be a game fiend.

I played World of Warcraft for about 10 years and other games in my childhood.

I ended up giving up to spend more time building my online businesses.

Nowadays you might catch me playing the odd mobile game at the end of a long day. Other than that I’m in bed by 9 pm most nights 😛

What’s your favorite social network for gaming? Leave them in the comments below and I’ll get back to you asap 🙂


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