Bitcoin 2 Moon Review – A Complete and Utter Scam

There are literally thousands of apps like this that claim to pay you hundreds of dollars for doing little-to-no work. A small number of them are legit, but most of them are downright scams.

Bitcoin 2 Moon is just one example of an app that does not pay its members.

However, all is not lost, as I have a legit alternative at the bottom of this article.

One that allowed me to quit my day job and live my dream of working from home.

But I’ll talk about that later.

First I want to expose Bitcoin 2 Moon and why you should stay away from it at all costs.

Bitcoin 2 Moon Overview

Bitcoin 2 Moon is an app on the Playstore that claims to pay you Bitcoin and Ethereum to your crypto wallet.

The app currently has over 500,000 installs, and because it is still in “early access”, no one can give their opinion and write reviews.

Therefore the owner can completely get away with scamming people, scot-free, without punishment.

However, thankfully there are people like me who expose people like this for what they really are, complete scum without morals.

So here’s how Bitcoin 2 Moon is supposed to work, and then I’ll tell you how it REALLY works.

How Bitcoin 2 Moon Works (what they claim)

The game is completely free to download and install, and all that requires is that you give them permission to access your files.

This is a red flag because they have absolutely no reason to access your storage. What are they doing with your pictures, personal data, etc?

From here you will be required to merge coins to earn points, which can then be exchanged for real cryptocurrency later on.

Keep in mind that this game is very addictive and fun, which is the only good thing about it.

It’s so addictive that the owner used the same game for similar apps that claimed similar things.

Now the good part is that we can see what the owner is really like from the other apps they have created.

But more on that shortly.


The gameplay is pretty simple.

All you have to do is merge smaller coins of the same kind to make them bigger.

Every 5 seconds a coin worth $0.003 BTC will pop up, and if you merge it with a similar coin, you will earn $0.003.

However, at the current price of BTC, that equals to the amount of $65.

It’s just no way possible to pay everyone this amount of money from an app that earns its primary income from advertising fees.

How It REALLY Works

How this scam really works goes like this

You play the game, watch a ton of ads, earn the creator lots of money through advertising videos, and you earn nothing.

You waste hours of your time hoping that it’ll be legit and the money will be in your crypto wallet soon.

The problem is that the app will say “watch 50 more videos to redeem your points”.

Guess what

When you watch those 50 videos, it’ll say watch another 100 videos, 200 videos, so on and so forth.

And because you’re already invested, you’ll keep going because you don’t want to waste all that time for nothing.

It’s unfortunate that these systems rope people in, make a lot of money from advertising, and the game players get nothing out of it.

How these people get away with it is a little statement in the fine print

The fine print will usually say something like “earnings are not guaranteed”, or “fun play only, money is not real”.

This removes them from any legal trouble completely.

And it’s sad that these people can get away with it so easily.

I Checked Out the Creators Playstore Account

So earlier I mentioned that the app creator owns many apps, all are extremely similar.

Funnily enough, the other apps have reviews that expose what the owner is really like.

Here’s what I dug up.

The owner is called wangbin1983 and owns many other apps related to Bitcoin.


Because cryptocurrency is the trend. It’s easy to profit off of trends.


Some reviews

Bitcoin 2 Moon Reviews

And these negative reviews just go on, and on, and on.

There’s no shortage of people disappointed with wasting their time with Bitcoin 2 Moon and other related apps from the same creator.

I’m sorry to say, but if you’ve been using Bitcoin 2 Moon and wondered if you’d get your money or not, you should cut your losses and move on right away.

Is Bitcoin 2 Moon Legit or a Scam?

Bitcoin 2 Moon is one huge scam that does not pay its members.

They earn money through advertising and keep profits for themselves.

B2M is just another app that has no intentions of paying anyone.

Considering they have other similar apps with people utterly outraged by wasting their time, I don’t see the owner stopping anytime soon.

Not when they can get away with it scot-free and earn a lot of money.

Verdict: Fun to play but that’s it. A huge scam and waste of time.

Stop Wasting Your Time With These Garbage Apps

I know times are tough and earning a few bucks here and there sounds like a great idea.

But most apps don’t pay, and surveys don’t pay enough for the time invested.

Even things that pay require huge amounts of your time, make the owners a lot of money, and you earn pennies.

The world of making money online is every man for himself, unless you can find a legit training program with a reputation, a proven track record, and a community of like-minded people.

Until then you’ll be left on your own trying to fend for yourself in an oversaturated world where everyone wants your money.

Back when I first started in 2014, the idea of making money online was barely heard of. I was searching before it became “the cool thing”.

There were still a lot of scams but not as many as there are today.

There are just more avenues for people to scam others with the likes of apps, bots, and various social media platforms.

What Do I Recommend Instead?

I highly recommend starting your own online business.

Hear me out. It’s not what you think.

An online business in 2022 does not require inventory, sales, a huge investment, or any experience whatsoever.

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