BlackHatWorld Review – Can You Really Make Money?

BlackHatWorld is a highly popular online money-making forum that you can connect with like-minded people and find ways to make money on the internet.

Today I want to discuss some of the things that no one is talking about.

Such as, whether or not they are a waste of time, if their services are good, and if the strategies work.

There are a few important things we need to discuss so lets get right into it.

First and Foremost, What is BlackHatWorld?

BlackHatWorld is an internet forum that has been around for 10+ years.

People share their methods about making money online and others try them out.

Some work, some don’t, but either way, anything that’s worth it takes hard work.

I was a BHW user some 6+ years ago for a couple of years. I was never a big member on the forum, but I did have a few hundred posts.

Back then I use to try some of their money-making strategies before I found a legit way of making money online.

And might I add that some of the methods did work and I did make some money.

It wasn’t the type of income that I could quit my day job, but it was proof that money could be made on the internet.

You Have to Realize What BlackHatWorld Is

BlackHatWorld is not your typical way of making money online.

You know, the main methods are affiliate marketing, blogging, ecommerce, advertising, selling products, etc.

These are all methods of making money online, and you typically grow your pages with white hat methods, which simply means you’re following the rules to avoid getting banned or penalized.

Then there’s black hat methods which is the complete opposite.

Black hat methods is the act of exploiting algorithms to rank websites and make money.

Another example of a black hat trick is spamming, not really providing value, just playing the numbers game.

Eventually someone will buy your product if you have enough links out there.

Now that you know what BlackHatWorld is all about, you can now understand why some of the methods to make money are unusual and you have a high chance of getting you banned from something.

You’re essentially doing whatever you can to make money.

Should You Buy Their Services?

Buying Services

The services they sell on the marketplace can definitely work and can help boost your website rankings.

However, remember that BHW is a black hat forum dedicated to making money in ways that can get your website penalized and in some cases banned on multiple platforms.

You’re essentially playing with fire, especially if you plan on trying to look like a legit blogger just trying to provide great content for Google.

One thing I want to emphasize is that yes you can exploit Googles algorithm, and often times get huge rankings in a short amount of time, but these are quickly penalized.

Googles algorithm is forever being updated, and boosted websites get penalized sooner or later.

Sometimes your rankings can stay up for a few weeks, sometimes even months or years, but eventually they die down.

This is not a viable business model if you want to grow your website for the long-haul and stay on top of Googles rankings for years to come.

Whether you should buy their services is completely up to you.

Some of them will work and it can be a good investment, but you have to ask yourself if you’re willing to risk your website from getting penalized and possibly never bouncing back.

So Should You Buy SEO Services From BHW Marketplace?

In my personal opinion I would have to give it a no.

Even though they might work sometimes, rankings and profits are not always guaranteed.

You’re also playing with fire that could get your entire website blacklisted by Google and never see search engine traffic again.

On the other hand, if you love the “churn and burn” approach, which is to get some fast rankings and make some fast money, it could work in your favor.

Just don’t expect any of the rankings to hold. Consider it temporary success.

So What Is BlackHatWorld Good For?

There are some really good methods on the forum that can make you money, that I can agree on.

Some of the methods can make you 3 – 4 figures per month which is pretty good money.

However, I don’t like that most of it is temporary success.

The methods taught there have been used to death by the original poster, which means they have probably made the bulk of the income and are now leaving you with the scraps.

Now that everyone knows about the method, it just gets saturated.

I didn’t realize this until a couple of years after trying the many different strategies which only lead to increased frustration as I could NEVER make a consistent income.

You’re not creating a real online business, most of the time the money you’re earning is temporary.

BlackHatWorld is good for increasing your knowledge as an internet marketer but don’t expect any of the methods to make you everlasting income.

How to Get the Most Out of BlackHatWorld

Whether you love it or hate it, BHW has a lot to offer in terms of meeting like-minded people who love doing the same thing as you, which is to make lots of money online.

I have meet some of the best people in online forums, so one huge benefit of BHW is the networking aspect.

You can make some life-long friends as long as you’re an active member, providing value and helping others.

I find that if you know how to make money online and you become a helper, you will become a well respected member of the community and will be able to network with some of the top earners of the website.

Until then you’ll only be another newbie that won’t get your DMs replied to.

And that’s probably why the moderators have a bad reputation.

They are known for banning people who don’t agree with them or being dicks to others.

However, these people probably get hundreds of DMs per day. A lot of BHW are newbies and want to be spoon-fed rather than put in the work.

You can give them a step-by-step blueprint and they will still think it’s too hard.

BlackHatWorld In a NutShell

Simply put, BHW is massive internet marketing forum that has lots of value to offer.

You can learn a lot and network with some great people, but don’t rely on the strategies to make you everlasting income.

You can try them to increase your knowledge and learn a few things, but you’re not building a buisiness of your own which is the biggest downside.

You’re 10x better off creating a blog, adding valuable content targeting low-competition keywords, and making money through affiliate marketing.

This is what I done after failing so many times and it was the only thing that finally made me a consistent income online.

And now I do it full-time!

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