Blackout Bingo: Is It Legit? Can You Win Money?

Today I want to talk about this incredibly popular, and I might I add, highly successful gaming app.

I stumbled across Blackout Bingo while I was playing my favorite mobile app, and something piqued my interest.

It was the fact that they claim people can make money.

Whenever someone mentions “making free money”, I’m skeptical because you can never trust anything these days.

That’s why in this review I will get down and dirty and discover what it truly has to offer.

I hope you enjoy.

Blackout Bingo Review

Name: Blackout Bingo
Company: Skillz
Price: Free
Type: Get paid to play games
Overall Rating: 55/100

What Is Blackout Bingo?

Blackout Bingo is formerly known as Blackout Blitz.

It’s an online app that allows you to play Bingo against other players worldwide.

They’ve got a whopping 5 million players that actively play this little app.

Not only can real money be made, but it’s so addictive.

How to Play

Blackout Bingo Screenshots

When you install the game you will go through a practice run where you learn how it all works, what the boosts do, etc.

After that you can play against others.

Blackout Bingo is supposed to match you with players or your skill level, however, there are many reports of this not being accurate.

Often times you will face people in a much higher level than you.

As you get better at Blackout Bingo you can increase the amount of cards you can play at a time, increasing your chances of winning and earning more z tokens and Ticketz.

As a beginner you will start with one card, but as you get better and faster, you can play 4 cards at a time.

The In-Game Currency

The in-game currencies are called z tokens and Ticketz.

Z Tokens (Allow you to play against real players)

Z tokens are only earned when you win a game and are subject to how well you play.

For example, if you bet 1 token and win, you will earn 2 tokens. If you lose, you lose that 1 token.

You can also receive z tokens from the daily rewards.

Z tokens are are a form of currency that allows you to play against others.

The amount of z tokens you earn all depend on how good your gameplay was (e.g. speed, correct daubs, bingos, multi-bingos, x2 bonuses.

Ticketz (Exchange for cash or prizes)

Ticketz are earned regardless of whether you win or lose a game.

I like to look at Ticketz as tickets at an arcade. The more you have the better your prize will be, or the more cash you can get.

Of course if you win, you will earn much more Ticketz than if you lose.

Simply put, the better you are at playing, the higher your skill level, the more Ticketz you can earn.

You can 2x, 3x, and even 6x your Ticketz as long as you reach the monthly threshold for that multiplier.

  • Bronze – 1x Ticketz = 0 monthly requirement
  • Silver – 2x Ticketz = 250 monthly requirement
  • Gold – 3x Ticketz = 50,000 monthly requirement
  • Platinum – 4x Ticketz = 150,000 monthly requirement
  • Diamond – 5x Ticketz = 400,000 monthly requirement
  • Black – 6x Ticketz = 800,000 monthly requirement

Pro tip: Increase your Ticketz earned by playing multiple cards at once, earning more Bingos per game, speed, etc.

Earn For Real Money?

Yes, Blackout Bingo has a couple of ways to earn money.

First and foremost you can exchange your Ticketz for cold-hard cash, or exchange them for prizes.

Ticketz required are:

  • 20,000 = $1
  • 35,000 = $2
  • 80,000 = $5
  • 150,000 = $10
  • 280,000 = $20
  • 1,250,000 = $100

Prizes range from hoodies, mugs, t-shirts, portable chargers, portable speakers, LED lamp, and much more.

The better the prize the more Ticketz it will cost.

The other way to earn money is to deposit money and play against others that match your skill level.

However, this means gambling. And just like any other gambling game, you can either win or lose.

Either way, if you wish to play against for others for real money, BB opens up that opportunity.

It’s a good little feature for anyone that wants to put their skills to the test.

Blackout Bingo is Less About Luck and More About Skill

Skill Based Bingo

Fortunately Blackout Bingo is not like your typical Bingo.

Back in the day when people actually went outside, we sat at a table to play Bingo.

It was more about luck than it was gambling. It all determined on which card you got.

However, Blackout Bingo is less about luck and more about skill level.


You increase your chances to win by being speedy, earning “boosts”, choosing the correct squares, and more.

That’s right, you get penalized for choosing the wrong squares.


Can Make Money

I like how they’re a legit app that does pay you when you reach minimum threshold.

There’s a good reason why they’ve held 4.5/5 starts on the app store, because they are true to their word.


Make no mistake about it, you could be on Blackout Bingo for hours and not even realize it.

It’s great for killing time, killing boredom, and just having lots of fun.

Possible to Increase Earnings

I like the gambling side of it. This allows people to test their skill level and make more money.

However, keep in mind that this is still a form of gambling and that money can be lost easily.

Great Customer Service

I have spotted a common trend after reviewing many of these apps.

Usually the customer service is rude, doesn’t care about your problems, and rarely respond.

Blackout Bingo is run by a company called Skillz, and they have great customer service that’s easy to get ahold of.


Not Always Matched With Your Skill Level

Perhaps this is an issue/glitch with the matchmaking feature, or the fact that there’s not always people available at your skill level.

Either way, it’s still a huge problem especially when facing people above your skill level, hindering your success.

And yes, this happens with the real money games too.

Reports of Bots

There seems to be reports of bots taking over and winning against you to stop you from getting a streak.

I can’t say whether this is true or not, but it seems the be a popular complaint that I can’t ignore it.

Is Blackout Bingo Legit?

I’m super glad to see that Blackout Bingo is a legit app and they are true to their word.

They really do pay cash and prizes in exchange for Ticketz, and they have great customer service too.

They care about the customers and want them to have a happy experience playing their games, which is not something I can say about other money making apps.

In saying that, you should proceed with caution if you’re thinking about getting involved with Blackout Bingo.

I truly think they are not being as honest as they say.

You have to realize that these companies need to do one thing. That is to make as much money as possible.

If they can use bots and get away with it, I don’t see why they wouldn’t.

It’s just all suspicious when you look at all the reviews claiming that they win for ages and then all of a sudden they’re on a losing streak.

So is Blackout Bingo legit?

Yes, they pay earnings. If you want to play an addictive game and earn a little bonus, this game is for you.

But for depositing real money and hoping to win big? Definitely not.

Should You Join Just to Make Money?

There’s many complaints about bots joining the games and damaging your winning streak, I just don’t recommend putting any money into this.

I ONLY recommend it for fun only, and if you can make money by racking up the Ticketz, consider it a bonus for your time playing.

It’s not a huge money maker and even if you deposit money, you are essentially gambling and could lose it.

In my personal opinion I would say join just for the fun aspect and earn cash as a bonus.

Don’t join for the sole purpose of making money because you will be let down.

How I Make Money Online

I don’t bother with apps to make money.


It’s a huge waste of ROI.

Sure it’s good for killing time and boredom, but it’s not going to provide for my family.

In 2014 I started getting into making money online because I wanted to provide more for my family.

I wanted to be bulletproof so that I didn’t have to worry about money ever again.

Of course I tried anything and everything. Back then money-making apps weren’t as popular as they are now.

So I was joining scam after scam, just constantly losing money.

But the biggest problem we face today?

No one knows who to trust because everyone’s in it for themselves.

Everyone’s lying to us, promising us a rags to riches life, telling us that they made $5000 in their first month when it probably took them 5 years.

I’m not promising you anything, all I’m saying is that I finally found a system that allowed me to quit my day job and work from home, exactly how I pictured it after all these years.

If you’re interested in getting started with the same training as I did, read my review on Wealthy Affiliate.

Otherwise that wraps up this Blackout Bingo review.

As always, all comments and questions are welcome in the box below.


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