Can I Grow OnlyFans Without Social Media?

Short Answer: Yes, it’s possible to promote OnlyFans without social media and make some money. But in order to make it happen you will have to promote through other means.

Most OnlyFans girls use Instagram to get a large majority of their subscribers, so we won’t be dismissing this platform completely.

Actually we’ll be doing a few things so you won’t get noticed by anyone you know.

Keep in mind that we won’t be letting go of social media completely, but we will minimize anyone you know finding you.

For those that don’t want to participate in any social media platform;

Here’s what we’ll be doing:

1. Harnessing the power of Reddit

2. Shout-out 4 Shout-out

3. Start a blog

4. Create different social media accounts (with a stage name)

5. Posting teaser clips to Tube sites

6. Becoming a cam model

Tip #1 – Create a Subreddit

Reddit is a literal gold mine when done correctly.

Some might argue that it’s one of the best places to promote OnlyFans…for the simple reason that the competition is much lower because not many are using it.

Not because girls don’t want to, it’s because they don’t know how.

I’m not talking about posting your OnlyFans to different subreddits, although that’s something we’ll be doing in a second.

What we’ll be doing is creating an entire subbredit dedicated to your OnlyFans page.

So for example, if your OnlyFans name is SweetKaty69, that’s what you’ll name your subreddit page as well.

Pro tip: Use the same stage name across ALL of your new social accounts. It’s the easiest way for your other fans to find you.

Step 1 -Create a Subreddit that matches your OF name. Make sure to create a menu with a link to your OnlyFans. This is for the followers that like your content so they can view more of you.

Step 2 – Post teaser content frequently on your subreddit (preferably once a day), saving your nudes, or more exclusive content, for your OnlyFans.

Step 3 – Post to subreddits related to your body type. For example, petite, big boobs, small boobs, submissive, girl next door, etc.

That’s it!

As long as you’re constantly posting in subreddits related to your niche, people will naturally go to your subreddit and subscribe.

While you continue to do this, your subreddit will grow as well as your OnlyFans subscribers.

Here’s an example subreddit from CumKitten99 that does exactly what I’m talking about.

Tip #2 – Shout-out 4 Shout-out (Aka S4S)

Bear in mind that you will need to have a bit of a following to pull this off.

But basically, another OF creator will add one of your pictures to their OnlyFans with a link to your OnlyFans.

And you do the same in return.

However, there is a strategy to this. Don’t just go and ask everyone for a shout-out.

Find potential girls in your niche.

There are a couple of ways, the first is subscribing to free OF accounts so you can DM them.

In your DM, simply ask if they do shout-out 4 shout-out.

Otherwise Shoutout Express has a large list of people that do shout-outs. Although some of these are paid (a good idea if you want to skip all of the manual stuff).

Another way is to find dedicated subreddits. OnlyFans_SFS is a good place to start.

Bonus points if you create 2 OnlyFans accounts (1 free and 1 paid). Funnel traffic into your free service first and then into your paid service. This is not mandatory but it’s more profitable in the long run.

Tip #3 – Create New Socials With a New Identity


I know, I know, the whole point of this article was to show you ways to promote OnlyFans without social media.

But hear me out.

Men are attracted to things visually, meaning we see, and if we like, we follow.

To become successful on OnlyFans you need to be in places where men are, and a huge part of that is posting pictures on social media.

If you’re worried about your friends and family finding your content, don’t be.

The chances of them finding you are extremely slim. We can decrease those chances even more by taking precautions.

Here’s how to setup your new identity to promote your OnlyFans.

Step 1 – Choose a stage name. Your stage name needs to be the same across all social platforms, so make sure they are available on all before you choose one. Keep in mind that this is to keep your real name private.

Step 2 – Create a new email address. Use this email address to sign up to all the different social media platforms. That way if someone decides to search up your main email address they will find your normal profile.

Step 3 – Create your new social media accounts. Now it’s time to sign up with these popular platforms using your new name and email address.

I recommend these 5:

If you click those links you’ll find guides specifically created for that social platform.

Tip #4 – Start a Blog

I love blogs, as you could probably tell since I have many of them.

I find them to be incredibly valuable. It’s basically virtual real estate.

No one can take it from you because you own it. With social media anything can happen.

Your account can be deleted without warning. Hundreds of thousands of followers can be wiped out literally over night.

However, you own 100% of your blog and no one can take it from.

There are so many things you can do with a blog.

You could write content and attract visitors from Google, post teaser pics with a link to your OnlyFans, make money from ads, affiliate marketing, the options are endless.

Put your website in the bio of your social accounts to attract new visitors (instead of your OF or Linktree)

Pro tip: Name your blog the same as your stage name. If your stage name is sarahlovesbanana, your blog should be called

Start a free blog here >>

Tip #5 – Post to Tube Sites

Tube sites are another goldmine for attracting new visitors to your OnlyFans page.

Simply create a new account on one or multiple of the many different porn sites out there (ManyVids or PornHub will do).

From there you can post teaser clips with a watermark of your Snapchat name.

I don’t recommend watermarking your blog on your teaser clips because it looks spammy and everyone else is doing it.

The good part about posting to Tube sites is that they have insane amounts of traffic.

As long as you post consistently on these platforms your follower count will grow exponentially, and so will your Snapchat.

Tip #6 – Become a cam model

Cam Model

Technically this is a social media platform, but trust me, no one you know will find you.

When I say webcam model that doesn’t mean doing some of the nastiest stuff on camera.

It could be as simple as taking your top off after a certain amount of tokens received.

Some of the more innocent stuff gets more popular than the hardcore content.

It all comes down to your your “type”. If you have the “girl next door” vibe, you’ll attract guys that are into that.

If you’re a goth/tattoo girl, you’ll attract those type of guys.

This is an incredibly fast way to get more OnlyFans subscribers because traffic is so high.

The downside is that it requires much of your time. Usually you’re sitting in front of the camera for hours doing nothing.

Should You Focus on All Social Media Platforms?


Some might say choose one platform and own it.

Even though that has its perks for some businesses, being an OnlyFans model is not one of them.

One of my clients was only using Snapchat, and although she did get some subscribers, she eventually plateaued because her Snapchat wasn’t growing fast enough.

If you setup and grow other social media accounts, you’re less likely to hit a plateau.

To become successful with this you have to be everywhere, and that means focusing on at least 4 – 5 social platforms.

Build those up, focus on posting great content, getting new followers, and your OF subscriber account will inevitably grow.

But What If I Can’t Keep Up With That Many?

If you can’t keep up with many accounts at once, you shouldn’t be in this business in the first place.

Just kidding.

As long as you focus on Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, and Tinder, that is more than enough.

Tinder is actually an auto-pilot method that grows your Snapchat account, so you really only have to focus on 3.

On Tinder simply add your Snapchat name in your bio, you’ll get new followers around the clock.

Also you don’t want to mention anything about OnlyFans on Tinder or you’ll get banned.

You Have All the Tools You Need

I’ve compiled some of the best methods here to promote OnlyFans without social media.

Some of them require social media, but there are 5 other methods for you to try out as well.

I recommend going down the list and sticking to it.

Before you know it you’ll be racking up subscribers and rolling in the money.

The hardest part is getting the ball rolling – after that it’s cakewalk.

Sound like a great plan?

Good. Get out there and make some money.

Oh, and if you need some training on starting a blog, you can go here.

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