Can I Use PayPal for Feet Pics?

You’ve probably heard about your best friends aunties, friends, daughter making bank selling feet pics online, and now you’re wondering how you can get started.

I mentioned in a previous article that selling feet pics through CashApp was definitely possible, but highly not recommended for many reasons.

PayPal is an alternative payment service most people turn to, however, it’s also not recommended.

Actually it’s worse than using CashApp.

In this article I’ll explain why you shouldn’t use PayPal to sell your feet pics, and some alternatives you can use instead.

Can I Use PayPal for Feet Pics?

The simple answer is yes, but it’s not recommended.

The reason is that this goes against PayPal’s community guidelines.

They prohibit payments and services related to adult-selling services.

Because feet pics is a fetish related to the adult industry, you will get banned without warning if you get caught.

It’s possible to get away with it in the short-term, as in, a couple of weeks.

However, continue selling feet pictures through PayPal and expect the almighty banhammer.

When Should You Use PayPal for Your Feet Pics?

The only time you should use this as your ideal payment service is when you’re first starting out and want to make some quick and easy money.

In saying that, make sure the person sending the money does not put anything in the description that would set off any alarm bells.

Examples are:

  • “feet pictures”
  • ” 10 pictures”
  • “feet videos”
  • Etc

This will set off alarm bells and an investigation will be put onto your account.

If they see a consistent amount of payments that might be related, you’re account will be frozen and you won’t have access to your money.

The other huge downside is that you won’t be able to create another PayPal account in the future if you want to receive your money, as you need to verify your identity to withdraw funds.

Simple answer:

Only use PayPal in the short term when your first start out selling feet pics.

Extended answer:

Create an OnlyFans, Okfans, or FeetFinder account to sell your feet pictures.

These companies are designed for adult content creators, and they are much better at protecting your identity/pictures.

Be Aware of Scammers


There are so many scammers out there taking advantage of young girls trying to make a buck here and there selling feet pictures.

Unfortunately they are succeeding in scamming vulnerable women who are just starting out and don’t know better.

They’ll say they have $200 to spend on your feet pictures, but need an advance payment fee before they can send the money.

After you send the $25 “advance payment fee”, they’ll take your money and run.

Another scam you’ve no doubt seen already is the sugar daddy scam.

They claim they’ll give you whatever you want in exchange for services like feet pictures, nudes, etc.

However, they’ll ask for samples which is just a way to get free stuff without paying a dime.

This is why it’s so important to receive the money first.

How Do I Receive Payments for Feet Pics?

You’re better off using a program or service specifically designed for feet content creators.

In 2022 there are many established websites, most of them are legit and pay, and each have their pros and cons.

My top 3 recommended are as follows:

Okfans is my preferred choice but all will work for your feet-selling services 🙂

Is PayPal Safe for Feet Pictures?

It’s safe in the sense that they are secured and your payment is secure once the money has been sent over.

However, the information they will have access to is your real identity which can be a problem for people trying to stay anonymous.

That’s why if you’re serious about selling feet pictures and don’t want shady men knowing your real name and address, it’s important to join a website that keeps your personal information hidden.

From here you can choose to show your face or just show your feet. I recommend showing your face as it’s much easier to get subscribers.

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