Can You Create a Podcast Without Showing Your Face?

The rise of the internet and influencers has caused an influx of people wanting to become “internet famous”. But a lot of these people don’t want to show their faces.

So is it really possible to create a successful podcast channel without showing your face?

In this article I will address all of the important questions you may have regarding becoming a faceless podcaster.

Short answer is yes, you can.

Most podcasts are audio-only these days as most people prefer listening to them while they’re busy doing something else, rather than sitting down watching a 3-hour long-form video.

Without further ado, lets get right into it.

Can You Create a Successful Podcast Channel Without Showing Your Face?

I’m going to get straight to the point and answer with a resounding yes.

It’s 1000% completely possible and I’ll tell you why and how in this article.

The reason is due to the fact that a lot of people listen to podcasts while they’re doing something else.

For example, some listen to podcasts while they work out, while they clean the house, while they get ready for work, while they’re working, etc.

Woman Jogging

The fact is that people treat it like a radio station.

You do not need to show your face and can still become just as successful.

Will You Grow Faster If You Show Your Face?

Podcast Girl

People like to put a face to the name, and it’s true that you will probably grow faster if you show your face.

But it’s not mandatory.

I know many podcasters who don’t show their face and have hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

The secret is being an entertaining character.

All successful podcasters, even those that don’t show their face, have a great personality.

They have charisma, humor, they’re interesting, they’re knowledgeable, and much more.

Be Knowledgeable About Your Niche

You don’t need to be Einstein, but you should be very knowledgeable in your field.

Lets say you’re going to be talking about dating.

Well, you should know how to get many girls and be able to pass your knowledge onto others.

You can’t talk about getting girls when you haven’t had any success with them. Also your knowledge is completely useless if you can’t coach others.

For example: You can be the best bodybuilder in the world, but that doesn’t mean you can coach others. If you can pass on your knowledge and they use that knowledge to change their lives, only then will your legacy live on and you will “become someone”.

Another example is if your podcast is about fixing marriages but you’ve never had a successful marriage. You’re not really in a position to be giving expert advice.

You should be providing valuable information about your niche, and have the ability to coach others so they can use that information to better their lives.

If you can’t really do that, then I don’t think podcasting is for you.

This means you will have to take some time to think about your niche before creating your podcast channel.

Pro tip: Choose a niche that you know a lot about, you want to be the expert in that field so people come to you to learn and get answers.

You Can’t Be Boring

No matter what you do in the online world, if you’re a boring person, you will not grow or get anywhere.

People grow fast because they’re interesting and not boring.

Social media is an entertaining space, meaning you have to be able to entertain people to keep them coming back for more.

This means you will need to be humorous, interesting, weird (in a good way), or a mixture of everything.

Also don’t try and force jokes. Let it come naturally, they are the best ones.

Plus the ones that are forced aren’t even funny.

Just be yourself, let yourself flow, talk like you’re talking to a friend and you will be just fine.

Think about when you’re talking to your best friend, you’re at peak performance because there’s no judgment and you can be yourself.

That’s how you should be on your podcast.

It won’t be easy in the beginning but once you have some practice up your sleeve, it will come naturally and you will shine.

How Long Should Your Podcasts Be?

I’m not a big podcast guy, but everyone’s different.

Some like watching hour-long podcasts while they’re doing something to keep them entertained.

These are always good when you want to speed the time up.

But when I’m sitting at my computer, I like watching 20 – 30 minute podcasts because I have a lot of videos I want to catch up on.

So it’s really up to you.

Personally I think having a mixture of long and short-form videos is a good idea, especially if you don’t plan on showing your face.

You will find that most of your audience will be those not looking at their screens anyway.

How to Structure Your Faceless Podcast

Choose a Topic, Compile the Facts and Give Your Opinion

It’s actually really quite simple when you structure your podcast this way.

You want to choose a topic, compile your findings, read out all the important points, discuss, and then give your opinion.

Make sure your title is congruent with what you’re talking about in your podcast.

You want to name your podcast what the entire topic is about.

Don’t use clickbait titles where you only talk about that section for a couple of minutes.

It just annoys people because they have to watch the entire video for those few minutes that may or may not be as good as they thought it would be.

Bottom line, it’s annoying as hell (unless you put the time stamp in the description, then I will accept it).

Posting Frequency

In the beginning you won’t have an audience whatsoever, so it can be a really frustrating process to gain your first 1000 subscribers as you’re creating content for no one.

I always say that you have to work harder than everyone else in the beginning.

One podcast per week just isn’t going to cut the mustard.

Will it work?

Sure, if you’re looking to gain some traction in the next couple of years.

But if you’re looking to become successful much faster, you need to work harder.

Don’t treat it as a side hustle, treat it like a business.

Creating at least 3 podcasts per week is going to put you leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else starting out, because most people can’t even stick to one podcast per week.

That doesn’t mean sacrificing quality. Always post quality content that’s interesting, funny, entertaining, or a mixture of everything.

Content is king and that will always be true when it comes to growing a following, no matter what niche or platform you’re on.

Live or Pre-recorded?

Again, this is really personal preference.

However, when you’re starting out, you will have to create pre-recorded podcasts to grow a following.

Once you’ve built up a loyal following, you can switch up to live podcasts, which is what I recommend.

There’s a few reasons for this.

For one, you’ll have podcast experience up your sleeve.

Your podcast skills will be better than when you first started out, and you will naturally shine through.

Secondly, people love watching live videos better as they feel like they’re hanging out with you.

You can answer your audiences questions live on air, kind of like a radio station.

It’s a lot easier to engage with your audience which is what people like, especially with their favorite YouTubers.

And thirdly, you will receive lots of live donations.

Don’t be in it for the money because that will come as a bi-product of your hard work anyway, but this is a nice bonus to your monthly income.

Donations can really add up and often times can make you more money than Google AdSense (especially if you have a loyal following).

Are Podcasts Saturated?

Podcasts are popular, yes.



There are so many niches that no one is talking about.

Podcasting is still fairly new, especially if you go live.

That’s why I say you should start live podcasting as soon as you have a following (at least 1000 subscribers).

You’re going to have an edge over those that aren’t going live, it’s as simple as that.

And even if you have competition, you can use them to your advantage.

Don’t look at it as competition, look at it as opportunity. One day you can collaborate with them and boost your followers.

It’s also proof that your niche is good, as people are interested in listening and learning more.

Which Platform Should You Use?

YouTube should be your main platform but I also HIGHLY recommend posting snippets on TikTok.

This will grow your account a lot faster than sticking to YouTube alone.

TikTok is a huge platform, and one of the easiest social channels to grow on, which I’ve mentioned many times before.

Keep your brand name the same across the board.

If your YouTube channel is called “ThatHandsomePodcaster”, then your TikTok name should be exactly the same.

You want to make it super simple for others to find you when they want to find more of your content.

Also place your YouTube link in your TikTok page to siphon the traffic to your podcast account (increasing views and follower count).

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