Can You Make Money With CashJuice? [Review]

CashJuice promises some very outrageous claims on their official product page.

Are these claims legit?

Are they exaggerated?

Will they make you money?

I’m about to expose what this system is all about and why you’re chances of making any money are slim.

Keep in mind that I am completely unbiased and want to provide you with nothing but truthful information.

Keep reading my CashJuice review for the cold hard truth.

Product Overview

Name: CashJuice


Owner: Darren Merrett

Price: Free or $29.95 lifetime access

Type: Social Network for Internet Marketers

Overall Rating: 50/100

CashJuice is a social networking site first, traffic exchange second. They combined the effectiveness of social media and traffic exchanges into one. It’s a good idea but unfortunately everyone’s trying to promote their business opportunity, making the entire website a spammy wreck.

The Lowdown

CashJuice is a traffic exchange website created by Darren Merrett, who also happens to own the highly successful traffic exchange called Traffic Ad Bar.

This one is similar to other traffic exchange websites but with a twist.

It’s a new social network specifically designed for business owners.

Here’s what they claim:

  • They have 30,000 members that make money “with” and “through”CashJuice
  • They can build your audience, build your list, and make money
  • It works for people of all levels

Sounds like some pretty reasonable claims, right?

Not at all.

These people are exaggerating what their website can do and I’ll explain why.

What is a Traffic Exchange?

A traffic exchange is a website where you can advertise your website, blog, landing page, or affiliate offer for free.

However, you need to earn credits which require you to view other peoples affiliate offers.

Traffic exchanges offer a 1 for 1 approach. You look at a promotion for a certain amount of time and earn 1 credit.

If you view 100 offers you will get 100 credits, which can then be used for advertising your own business.

This is what they mean by “free” traffic.

CashJuice is a Traffic Exchange Website

Been in the internet marketing business since 2014 I have seen a lot of things, I’ve tried a lot of things, and I know what works and what doesn’t.

A traffic exchange allows you to advertise your business and get eyeballs to your affiliate links or offers.

It sounds good in theory but theory is not real life.

Before we get into the second part of this review let me explain why traffic exchanges fail miserably.

Everyone’s trying to make money

People are doing exactly what you’re doing, advertising their affiliate links and businesses.

They don’t care about your business opportunity because they’re trying to advertise their own and get people to join their scheme.

It’s junk traffic

The traffic sucks.

People on traffic exchange websites are on there for free traffic.

They’re not paying to be there and they don’t care about paying for anything.

Even if you manage to capture some emails, chances are they won’t buy anything because they’re freebie seekers.

It’s bad for SEO

Simply put, Search Engine Optimization is the act of getting in Googles good books so your website ranks and brings you traffic.

Well the thing is, the traffic that enters your website will only look at it for a few seconds at a time (because they only need to get their credit), and then they simply move on.

This increases your bounce rate to over 99% which is incredibly bad.

The average bounce rate for a blog should be about 70-90%. Traffic exchanges can harm your site more than benefit it.

Affiliate links don’t work

Listen, you can get 100,000 people to your affiliate link and chances are you will make zero sales.

The thing is, everyone’s advertising their own product, they don’t care about yours.

That’s why the traffic is junk. No one cares about your offer, they would rather get sign ups to their own.

Now that you understand what a traffic exchange is and why they’re a waste of time, lets see what CashJuice does differently.

The New Social Network for Internet Marketers

CashJuice is a social network designed for internet marketers of all levels.

You can follow other people, refer new members, and join activities.

Basically it’s like Facebook but promoting your business is 100% okay…with limitations as a free member.

As a free member you can post to your feed up to 3x a day, add 1 website to your Rotator Campagin, and can follow up to 200 members.

Here’s the lowdown on what you get as a free member VS paid:

As you can see there’s a very high incentive to get your wallet out and pay for the upgrades.

For example: The free referrals means you get referrals for doing nothing. The hope is that these people become paid members and you get commissions.

CashJuice Membership Plans

How to Make Money With CashJuice

Making Sales

There are a couple of ways to make money with CashJuice.

You can make money by advertising your offer and earning money through sales.

Although I’ve mentioned already there’s an extremely slim chance for that to happen.

Referral program

You can also make money through their referral program.

This allows you to promote CashJuice as a free member and earn commissions when referring someone and they buy one of your memberships.

Commissions are currently 15%.

So if one of your referrals buys the lifetime package, you earn $4.4.

If they buy the monthly package, you earn $0.75, then $3 /month thereafter.

It’s a good residual income if you can keep recruiting paying members.

Ad revenue

The third way of getting paid through CashJuice is by being one of the top members and getting a cut of their ad revenue (Top 200).

But what are the chances of a newbie coming in and getting to the top for a slice of the pie? Not very high if I’m being honest.

You can check your account dashboard and see where you stand within the rankings.

Increase your rankings by being active within the community (i.e. making daily posts, following others, making comments, etc).

The more active you are, the more likely to increase your rankings.

Honestly this is actually a very smart feature. It gives members an incentive to stay active and be apart of a thriving social network.

That way the community stays active, and more people will keep joining.

League Rankings for ad revenue:

  • Diamond = Top 10 members
  • Gold = Top 30 members
  • Silver = Top 60 members
  • Bronze = Top 100 members

Here’s the Thing – The Cold Truth

The fact of the matter is, everyone’s advertising their business, blog, affiliate links, etc.

Everywhere on the website you will see promotion after promotion, like a giant spamfest.

It’s ugly.

The advertisements aren’t enticing.

And no one cares about your offer.

That’s the reality of traffic exchanges and the same goes with CashJuice.

There’s Nothing New

CashJuice tried to reinvent the wheel by adding a social element.

So far it’s proven successful in regards to a thriving community, but as a way to make money?

That is highly unlikely considering other traffic exchanges don’t work.

In my professional opinion I can only see anyone making money with this if they’re a Top Member and a paying monthly customer.

Paying the monthly membership gives you access to free referrals. If you can get many paying customers then you can actually profit.

Unfortunately I don’t see that happening.

You’ll need to manually get referrals and hope that they pay.

Pros and Cons


  • It’s possible to make money
  • Free to join


  • Making any money is extremely slim
  • Junk traffic
  • Everyone’s on their to advertise their own product
  • They don’t care about your products
  • Low commissions

Do I Recommend CashJuice

Without a blog or any knowledge on recruiting people, the likelihood of you making money with CashJuice is far too low for my liking.

They like to hype it up by saying FREE and “make easy money”, when in reality this is far from the truth.

Can you make money?

It’s possible.

Will you make money?

Chances are far too low for me to recommend CashJuice.

I would rather you invest that time in building something that you own, something that can pay you for years to come.

My Recommendation/The Verdict

CashJuice is just another way to make people think making easy money is a breeze.

There’s nothing really new, all it is is Facebook “make money online” groups on steroids.

There’s promotions everywhere and spammy ads all over the place.

I would rather you create a legit online business.

This showed me how to build a blog from scratch and now I earn 4 figures per month.

They even have 10 free videos so you can check it all out and see what you’re getting into without paying anything.

Well that concludes my CashJuice review.

Please let me know what you think of it and if you’ve had any success with CJ.


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