Can You Promote OnlyFans On Facebook?

Short answer: Facebook doesn’t flat-out say you’re not allowed to promote sex work/OnlyFans pages, but it’s clear as day in their guidelines that anything sexual-related will get you banned. However, there are some ways around that if you play it smart.

OnlyFans is the easiest way for sex workers to get paid safely. Millions of people use OnlyFans to create a stable income.

Some even use it as their main source of income.

The most popular way to promote OnlyFans is through Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

Very rarely you will hear someone finding any success through Facebook, and there’s many good reasons why.

Facebook has a strict “no nudity” policy. In fact anything sexual-related is going to get you banned.

They even announced that using sexually suggestive emojis is enough to remove you.

As you can see, it might seem impossible to find any success with Facebook due to the strict restrictions.

And yes it is, but I’ll explain some ways around it.

Tip #1 – Create a business page

Don’t use your personal account to promote OnlyFans.

A business page gets more leniency as that is exactly what they are designed for, advertising!

Also when you create a business page you can add people from your current friends and leave out the ones you don’t want seeing your content (close friends, aunts, uncles, etc).

Tip #2 – Don’t Advertise In Your Posts

Do not and I repeat do not advertise any links in your posts.

Use your business page to post selfies, cute pictures, and anything non-sexual related. Basically things you post on Instagram will be allowed on Facebook.

But don’t overdo it with the bikini pictures.

If Facebook finds your page and sees you’re constantly posting semi-nude pictures they will ban you without warning because they know exactly what you’re doing.

Also don’t name your business page “Amy69 OnlyFans Page”. You could do something like “Amy’s World”, Amy’s Life, or simply your name (what I recommend).

Pro tip: Post at least one pic a day and get people interested. When people message you, reply as a real person, don’t sound like a bot. If they start to ask about any nudes or anything sexual-related, send them a link to your OnlyFans.

Remember, a quick way of getting banned is to be reported. You need to look like a real person and not a bot. You only need to get reported once to get banned, so be a real person, reply to comments, and don’t spam.

Tip #3 – Post On Stories

Stories is a great way to connect with your fans directly.

Fans will see your story more than your posts, so it makes complete sense to post at least once to two times a day on your stories as well.

Don’t add the same picture as your posts, simply create POV shots of you having a bath, taking selfies, booty pics, mirror pics, etc.

Your chances of getting caught with stories are slimmer, especially if you add your linktree instead.

Tip #4 – Join OnlyFans Groups

Most OnlyFans groups are private but you can also find some on Facebook just by searching up “OnlyFans”.

Find ones that are made specifically for advertising OF pages, that way you can promote your own and get extra sales.

The majority of these groups are private but you can find them on Reddit.

Just know that these groups don’t have a large following so making money will be difficult.

Chances of Getting Banned are High


Remember that Facebook is against posting anything sexual-related.

There’s a very high chance that you will get banned even if you use these tips and tricks.

It may not be now, tomorrow, or next month, but eventually they’ll find and ban your account.

So now you have to ask yourself, is it really worth going through all of that to only get banned?

Is Facebook Worth It?

As you can see, there are few ways to get passed the guidelines, and chances are you will get banned before you make any money.

In my honest opinion it’s simply not worth it.

Making money on OnlyFans is hard enough as it is. People think it’s easy money but it requires consistency and dedication just like any online business.

Statistically speaking you will not make money before getting banned. It’s literally a waste of time and energy.

You’re far better off advertising your OnlyFans on other places where it’s widely acceptable (Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter) because they have more leniency.

Everyone’s doing it in these platforms, and the owners know it.

Although you can’t advertise your OF link directly, you can create a linktree and put it in your bio instead.

Instagram knows that’s what all the bikini models are doing, but they don’t care. They’re making a ton of money in advertising.

Best Places to Advertise OnlyFans

There are 3 main places that will make you far more successful than Facebook.

Instagram and Twitter are the two best ones.

I highly recommend starting on those two first, then branching out to Snapchat when you can keep up with all three platforms.

Just remember to advertise your linktree and NOT your OnlyFans page to avoid getting banned.

Well that concludes this article.

I’d love to know if you’ve found success with Facebook and OnlyFans.

Leave them down in the comments below and I’ll get back to you asap 🙂

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