Can You Stream Without Showing Your Face?

Streaming is one of the biggest things happening in the gaming industry.

If you’re an avid gamer, you are more than likely an avid Twitch user, whether that be watching other people stream or streaming yourself.

Either way, there comes a time in every gamers life where they think about becoming a streamer.

Diving into the unknown is scary, but what’s even more scary is getting in front of a camera with your face and entire room is exposed.

It makes complete sense that people don’t want to show their camera while they stream.

But is this a viable thing to do?

What are the pros and cons?

Can you still become successful while doing so?

Streaming Is Difficult Enough As It Is

Before I answer that question, lets talk a little more about streaming.

Streaming on any platform is a difficult task to begin with, especially now in 2021 and the lockdowns, more people are staying in their homes and playing video games.

But they need to pay rent, so they turn to things like OnlyFans, Twitch, YouTube, and various other methods to make money.

But today I’m going to talk about Twitch.

This platform has become incredibly saturated that if you want to even make a dent in the streaming industry, you’ll have to pull out all the stops.

Getting Big on Twitch Is Luck

Twitch is nothing like YouTube, Instagram or TikTok. Twitch is in another league of its own.

There are many variables that come into play that will determine whether you “make it” or not.

For example, you could have everything right:

  • Best camera
  • Best microphone
  • Best game
  • Being skilled at the game
  • Good schedule
  • Good game
  • Stay consistent
  • Etc

And you could still fail and fall flat on your face.

Unlike YouTube, if you have all of those, eventually the subscribers will start to rack up.

Can You Stream Without Showing Your Face?

Sure, you can, but is it in your best interest? Not really.

As you can see you can have all the odds in your favor and still not get anywhere.


Because it’s saturated as hell.

To better your chances of growing your follower base you need to have everything right, and that includes a webcam so that people can read your emotions and relate to you.

Showing your face adds character, people can read your emotions, they can relate with your personality, it increases your chance of landing a loyal follower.

You’re More Likely to Get Followers With a Webcam

Listen, it’s not that the new streamers don’t get the views, they do.

However, they get the views spread out over the day.

Most of them won’t follow, and especially if you don’t have a camera.

But if you use a webcam your chances of getting a new follow increases dramatically.

Simply put: Using a webcam will give you an unfair advantage over those that don’t have a webcam.

But Brandon, There are Successful Faceless Streamers

Yes of course there are.

But you have to realize that there are far more streamers with a webcam than those without.

They also came in much earlier when streaming wasn’t as big as it is today.

You need to put yourself in a position that gives you an unfair advantage over everyone else.

A webcam is your biggest weapon to achieve this. Just look at all the streamers that don’t read chat, don’t respond to anyone, don’t even have a mic, etc.

These people will never get anywhere because they’re not being engaging.

Showing your face and talking to your audiences puts engagement into overdrive.

And when you can keep your viewers glued to their phone as they chill out and watch you, you’ve got a great follower who will keep coming back for more.

Final Thoughts: At Least Give the Webcam a Try

Heck, at least give the webcam a try.

All streamers say that you eventually get use to it anyway and forget that it’s even there.

Just remember that it’s on, especially if your partner comes in to undress. That’s one of the biggest things, most people forget that it’s even there!

This is extreme circumstances but definitely not out of the realm of possibility.

Eventually if you start getting followers without a webcam, they’re going to want to see you anyway.

So you might as well get started with it now and get use to it.

To answer the question, can you become a successful streamer without showing your face?

Answer: Yes, you can still be successful without showing your face, but the chances of becoming successful lower tremendously. You’re better off using a webcam and giving yourself an unfair advantage over those that don’t use one.

And that’s a wrap.

Do you think you can become a successful streamer without using a webcam?

Put your thoughts down below.

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