Cash4Minutes Review – Scam or Legit Money Maker?

Cash4Minutes claims that you can earn money simply by using your unused mobile minutes.

I think more research is needed in order to see if this is a legit opportunity or just another scam.

The concept sounds really simple and they claim over 11 million dollars have been paid out to their members.

I mean, getting paid to do nothing but sit there and listen to a radio station?

That sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me.

However, I personally don’t believe anything until I know how it really works and what the owners intentions are.

So without further ado, lets get right into it.

Cash4Minutes Review

Name: Cash4Minutes
Owner: Unknown
Price: Free
Type: Make money making phone calls
Overall Rating: 10/100

What is Cash4Minutes?


Cash4Minutes is a website located at in Europe.

They promise people money by using their unused phone minutes to listen to internet radio broadcasts.

Upon registering you will need to give them a lot of your personal details as well as your phone numbers that you will be using to call from (up to 10 numbers are allowed).

After that, you will be given a bunch of different numbers to call in your country.

Different numbers offer different rates.

For example, some pay $0.05 per minute, and some pay $0.01 per minute.

That’s not a typo, that is in fact half a cent and even less for every minute you’re on the phone.

The idea is to use your unused phone minutes and turn them into cash.

But before we get into the legitimacy of this website and this model, lets talk about the other ways to make money with Cash4Minutes.

Ways to Make Money with Cash4Minutes

Make phone calls – Using your unused phone minutes, you can call different numbers and listen to the internet radio station. After a few minutes your call will stop and you will get paid for your efforts

Send SMS messages – You can also send out SMS messages to different phone numbers and get paid for it. They will generate a bunch of different numbers for you per day. However, if you don’t copy the template that they provide exactly, you will not get credited

Refer-a-friend – The other option is to refer a friend and earn 5% of their earnings, along with 1% of their referrals earnings.

Cash4Minutes Referral System

I can’t tell you how many red flags popped up as I was reviewing this website, but I’m going to mention them below and let you decide for yourself if this is a good “opportunity” to get into or not.

The Red Flags

As with all make money opportunities, not all of them will be perfect.

Some are better than others, and some are downright bad.

Well in the case of Cash4Minutes I’m going to call this little money-making strategy incredibly bad.


Lets look at all the red flags.

Low Earning Potential

Earning potential is so bad it’s not even funny.

On average you will earn half a cent to 1 cent per minute you’re on the line.

However, these are the high prices, most of the time you will earn even less than that.

Spending an hour on the phone likely won’t even earn you $1.

Wire Transfer Costs Way too Much

Cash4Minutes is based in Europe, so if you’re from the US, wire transfer fees are going to eat up all your earnings.

The price of an international wire transfer is €15, or €5 for national bank transfer.

There are other ways to receive your earnings such as Amazon gift card, Bitcoin, Charity donation, and PayPal.

However, if you just want it in cold-hard cash, it’s going to be a bit of a problem for US residents or anyone else outside of Europe.

No Guarantee of Earnings

Okay, so this was the biggest red flag as I was doing my research on Cash4Minutes.

Whenever they state that there are no guarantee of earnings, turn around and never look back.

This is to save their ass if they get into legal trouble.

If they get sued for not paying their members, they can simply show them that they agreed to the terms and conditions before signing up.

Considering the owner doesn’t want to be identified, I would be questioning this statement entirely, or simply running away from the website and never giving it the time of day.

Owner Doesn’t Want to be Identified

Another huge red flag is when people don’t want to be known.

This shows that they don’t have good intentions, and that if they get caught, their real name won’t be damaged.

They don’t guarantee earnings and the owner doesn’t want to be ID’d, put two and two together and you’ll see that something isn’t right.

So What Does All This Mean?

It means that the owner does not have good intentions if he doesn’t want himself to be known.

Also just because they say they’ve paid out over 11 million dollars to their members on their website, that doesn’t make it true.

I can say pigs fly, doesn’t make it fact.

They also say they have a total of 124,803 members since 2014 when they first started.

I’m a numbers guy, so lets crunch the numbers and see if it makes sense.

11,000,000 divided by 124,803 equals $88.13 per person.

So going by their numbers, they’re saying that the average person makes $88.13.

Considering that you could be working for weeks and months just to earn $10, I see that as highly unlikely.

I call this a LIE and the numbers are much less than they claim.

Is Cash4Minutes a Scam?

I can’t say for sure that Cash4Minutes is a scam because I have no proof, but all the red flags are there.

I would say that if you decide to try out Cash4Minutes to make a little dough, don’t expect to receive your earnings.

But then that defeats the purpose of joining in the first place.

So it’s basically a lose-lose situation.

If you join, you may have a chance of getting your money, but you also might get scammed.

Proceed with caution, but Cash4Minutes is definitely NOT recommended from me.

An Alternative Way of Making Money

I just don’t see the point in working for 80+ hours just to earn roughly $10.

That is an incredibly bad ROI (return on investment).

You could work an extra hour at your job and earn more than a measly $10.

If you’re interested in earning the big money, such as, over 4-figures per month, you might want to keep reading.

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Some sell courses, some place ads on their website, some sell their own products.

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Once you’re getting the traffic, you’re going to make money on autopilot.

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Well that concludes my Cash4Minutes review.

Do you have anything you would like to add? Let me know in the comments below.


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