Click Wealth System: Another “Too Good To Be True” Scam?

One thing you’ll notice with most of these online programs that claim you can make hundreds of dollars with only minutes of work per day, is that it sounds too good to be true.

And you know what they say about “too good to be true” claims.

It usually is.

In this case, is it really possible to earn over $500 per day with 30 minutes of work?

Or are we simply looking at another hyped up, bogus program with little-to-no value to offer.

I set out to see what made this system so great, if at all.

Lets just say my findings were nothing short of surprising, but there is a lot to talk about, so lets get right into it.

Why Am I Reviewing Click Wealth System?

Back in 2014 I started looking for ways to make money online.

This was way back before it became the cool thing to do. Now every man, women, and their dog are trying to make an extra dime online.

However, back in those days, the internet was absolutely chock-full of scammy systems.

Nowadays, with most people having a mini PC in their pocket, people are more tech-savvy and can spot scams a mile away.

Being the young, naive, individual I was, someone that just wanted a way out of the rat race, I searched high and low to supplement my income.

I was only met with scam after scam.

You know, the type that makes outrageous claims such as the one you experienced with Click Wealth System.

Unfortunately I would fall for the hype and false claims, only because I was desperate.

It took me about two years to find a legitimate program, which I still use today. But more on that later.

I created this website to help people like you, who might have more questions about a typical system that sounds too good to be true.

It’s what I needed back in the day. I finally found an article like this that showed me “the path”…a REAL way to make money online.

But before we get into that, lets talk about Click Wealth System.

What is Click Wealth System, and What Do They Claim?

Click Wealth System Claims

Click Wealth System is a program created by a guy named Matthew Tang.

The person behind the sales video claims that you can make over $500 per day with 30 minutes of work, and all you have to do is pay $9.

However, after buying the program, you will be hit with upsells.

What are upsells? An extra part of the course that claims to earn you even more money.

99% of the time these are created to squeeze as much money as possible out of you, which is the case with CWS.

The three upsells are

  • $147 – Click Profit Activator
  • $148 – Click Profit Multiplier
  • $148 – 5x Profit Sites

Unfortunately these don’t offer anything special.

So lets see what you get inside the standard training course ($9).

Click Wealth Profit Training Material

The standard course costs $9 and includes a 60-day money-back guarantee.

I’ve checked out other reviews who have purchased the program and they have successfully received a refund (this is because the product is sold through the Clickbank Marketplace).

Moving on, once you’re inside, you will be hit with the three different upsells I mentioned above. Simply skip over these to access the main training.

Inside the course you will have access to some training videos

  • Getting started
  • Welcome message
  • Profit pages
  • 5x profit pages (upgrade)
  • Click tracker
  • Free 100 clicks
  • Profit activator (upgrade)
  • Traffic source
  • Click profit multiplier (upgrade)
  • Basic broadcast
  • Bonuses
  • Billing

So what does all this mean? What you actually be doing to make all of this money? Affiliate marketing.

What Will You Actually Be Doing?

The way you’ll be making money with Click Wealth System is with something called affiliate marketing.

The basic premise is this

You promote a product and earn a commission for the sale.

You are the middleman. When a car salesman sells a car, he earns a commission for the sale.

That’s exactly how affiliate marketing works, and what you’ll be doing to make money with Click Wealth System.

You will basically be given some DFY (Done-For-You) landing pages, connecting it to your email sequence, and promoting that landing page to a traffic source, in the hopes to make a sale.

However, as you’re about to find out, there is a lot they don’t tell you. But that’s where I come in and tell you the cold hard truth.

What They Don’t Tell You

You Need a Lot of Traffic


The thing is, you need a LOT of traffic to make money online. Not just any traffic, but highly targeted traffic.

You have more chance of making a sale on a vacuum cleaner when someone’s looking on Amazon to buy a vacuum cleaner, more so than someone scrolling Facebook for their daily dose of entertainment.

These are drastic differences but I wanted to get my point across.

The thing is, Click Wealth System doesn’t tell you that you will need to pay even more money for paid traffic.

You will be buying solo ads and using pre-made email swipes, hoping to get clicks to your landing page, and collecting leads, which will eventually turn into sales (well that’s the plan).

It’s Not For Newbies

This typical system is more for advanced marketers who know how to sell.

Most newbies don’t know how to provide value and stay consistent, let alone sell something to anyone.

Plus the learning curve is insane.

There is far too much to learn for the average newbie, and even after going through the training, you’re still not guaranteed any money.

You Need a Big Investment

The thing is, you’ll be paying for the system ($9), an email marketing and automation service provider ($19/month) and money for traffic ($500+).

The traffic they recommend is purchasing solo ads.

For those that don’t know, a solo ad is paying someone for an email blast that already has an established email list (usually thousands of leads).

However, a solo ad can cost upwards of $50 – $500, which will give you about 50 clicks, and you might only get a 10% – 15% conversion rate.

Therefore $50 will usually only get you around 5 – 10 new leads. This is very bad and why I don’t bother with purchasing solo ads.

To get 50 new leads, you will have to splash out $500. Then you’ll have to try and make that $500 back with those 50 leads.

See how unrealistic that is?

Definitely possible, but only for the experienced marketer!

What I Don’t Like


It’s All Hype

You will NOT be making $500 with 30 minutes of work per day, on your first day.

That is a complete lie, designed to get you excited and pull out your wallet and credit card.

Is it possible to earn $500 per day with affiliate marketing?

Of course it is, but those numbers are on the higher end of the spectrum, when you’ve been in the industry for years and worked hours on it every single day.

Affiliate marketing is a huge hustle, requires a consistent effort every single day, and not giving up when you don’t see results.

False Promises

Remember when I said; “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”?

Well that’s Click Wealth System in a nutshell.

It is one of those programs that uses hype and false promises to reel in newbies that are desperate and looking for a way out.

I know because I’ve been there, I’ve been roped in, and I’ve paid hundreds of dollars on a system only to be let down, and more broke than when I started.

That’s all these programs are designed to do, take money from those that don’t know better, promise them exactly what they want to hear, but fail to deliver in all areas.

All to make the owners richer.

Fake Testimonials

The testimonials you see on the official product page are absolutely fake.

No one is making thousands of dollars in their first 40 days.

These are EASILY fabricated. I can write an email, send it to myself, and it’ll appear to be legit.

The reason gurus use fake testimonials is for the social proof emotional trigger.

When we see other people winning, we don’t want to miss out (this is called FOMO). So we usually give in and hope to see the same results.

Fake Scarcity Tactics

The landing page claims that there is only 100 spots left.

However, you probably already know that this is BS, designed to spark urgency triggers, causing you to get out your wallet and pay.

This is what most of these programs do.

They’re all the same at the end of the day, designed to squeeze as much money out of the average Joe for a bogus system that can NOT change your life, even though they claim they do.

What I Do Like


Proven DFY Landing Pages

Something I do like about CWS is the fact that the landing pages are proven to work, created by someone that sells online programs for a living.

So you can expect a proven and highly converting landing page if you purchase the standard version.

However, that’s all I like about this system.

Before we get onto the all-important final question (if it’s a scam or not), lets talk about the price and how you can get in.

The Price and How to Get In

The price is $9 which doesn’t seem that bad from outside looking in.

But when you’re inside, you will have access to some generic videos on affiliate marketing.

Since you’ve invested a little money, you think all you need is the upsells to “make it work”, and probably give in to one of the upsells.

These aren’t any better than the original training. Just designed to squeeze more money out of every person that signs up.

Nothing more, nothing less.

In saying that, if you still think it’s right for you, you can get the standard course for $9 from the official website.

And Finally, Is Click Wealth System a Scam?

Scam Alert

Some people might say that it’s not a scam because they offer some training.

However, this one definitely is a scam.

The definition of a scam is a dishonest scheme, and that has Click Wealth System written all over it.

Matthew Tang, the person who owns CWS is dishonest in every single way.

  • You won’t make thousands of dollars in your first month
  • You won’t earn $500 per day
  • You will have to spend WAY longer than 30 minutes per day
  • There’s a huge learning curve. Newbies will not make a dime
  • There’s unlimited spots available. They won’t be closing it soon
  • The testimonials are fake
  • It’s a pipe dream
  • And the list just goes on

After reviewing Click Wealth System, acknowledging the pros and cons, and the requirements you will have to do to make money, I have come to a conclusion that CWS is nothing but a scam designed to sell a pipe dream that 99% of people will not reach.

Verdict: Scam, not worth your time or money

How I Make Money Online

Like I said in this review, it’s possible to make hundreds of dollars per day with affiliate marketing.

But there is far more work required than these people claim.

Take this blog for example

I started about 12 months ago and just started earning about $1500 per month from it.

I have 205 articles. So that’s an article every other day, plus more.

Any online business requires WORK. You won’t get there giving in to every hyped up system you see.

If you want to reach your dreams of living life on your own terms, you will be required to roll up your sleeves and work.

That’s the only way. Anyone that promises you rags to riches overnight is lying to you and only wants your money.

The system I found in 2016 is called Wealthy Affiliate, which if you haven’t heard of yet, is one of the best affiliate marketing training courses in the world.

And they even have a free trial to get your started with today!

I even done a full review on it so you can see exactly how it works in this article.

Otherwise thanks for reading my Click Wealth System review.

I hope you learned a lot and found everything you were looking for.

Have a great day.

My name is Brandon and this is my website. I'm just a normal guy that had dreams, dreams that would keep me up at night because I wanted them so badly. Now I'm living my dreams of being an influencer and making a good living doing so. Broke Influencers is another of my creations where I teach people how to get rich being an online influencer, or die trying. There is no in between.

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