Clickbank Mastery Review – Can You Trust Quadrell Jones?

If you’re wondering whether or not Clickbank Mastery is legit and can make you money, then I have got you covered.

The Clickbank Mastery Course will teach you how to make money selling Clickbank products.

They have free and paid methods available, but whichever one you choose, they will both work.

I am not affiliated with Clickbank Mastery and don’t know much about Quadrell, so rest assured that this review is completely unbiased.

I don’t even have affiliate links so you know I’m not here to make any money.

However, there’s a lot to cover so lets get straight into it.

First and Foremost, Who is Quadrell Jones?

Quadrell Jones

I think it’s important to see who’s behind make-money online opportunities, as it can say a lot about a program just from who the owner is.

A sketchy guy will always release something that’s not what it’s made out to be.

While a well-known, reputable, trustworthy guy never fails to deliver a great product.

That’s why I always find out who the owner is before I deep dive into any review.

Quadrell Jones is a pretty successful young internet marketer who has grown his social media accounts from 0 – 800,000 combined followers.

At the time of writing this article, his business Instagram page has 500,000, another one has over 150,000 followers and YouTube an astounding 176,000 subscribers.

These numbers are nothing short of impressive, especially for a guy as young as 21 years old, but Quadrell became incredibly successful at 19 years old.

I’m telling you, these youngsters know social media inside and out.

However, I don’t know much about Quadrell but I have watched a couple of his YouTube videos and I am impressed at his transparency and honesty.

He doesn’t hype anything up, he’s honest about what he’s doing, doesn’t mislead people and he has good intentions.

I know a good guru when I see one as I’ve been in this industry for 7 years, but didn’t start making decent money until 5 years ago

So that’s enough about Quadrell, it’s time to look closer at the course.

What is Clickbank Mastery?

Clickbank Mastery is a course that teaches people how to sell Clickbank products and earn money.

For those that don’t know, Clickbank is a global affiliate marketplace where you can sell other peoples products for a commission.

It’s one of the most popular of them all, but seeing as internet marketing has a bad name, selling digital products has become harder and harder (you can thank the bad gurus and scammers for that).

I don’t sell Clickbank products but there is plenty of money to be made. I do affiliate marketing but I sell Amazon products instead.

Quadrell claims that he has made $20,000 in the last year through selling Clickbank products.

Not groundbreaking numbers but it goes back to that transparency thing again, at least he’s being honest and that means I am more likely to trust other things he says.

Clickbank Mastery Training Material

Clickbank Mastery - What You Will Learn

The training includes 10 modules with videos no more than 20 minutes long.

Some videos only go for 3 – 10 minutes which is good to see, as it’s not going to take up your whole day.

The Modules:

  • Landing Pages
  • Email Marketing
  • Spirituality Niche
  • Fitness Niche
  • Make Money Online Niche
  • Relationship Niche
  • Additional Traffic Methods
  • Blogging
  • Helpful Tools
  • Case Studies

It seems that Quadrell focuses on the big 4 niches, these are the most profitable but also the most competitive.

You don’t need to do all 4 niches, simply choose one, consume the videos in that module and then move on to the next part of the training.

You do NOT need to watch the videos on the other niches as this is only going to overwhelm you and make it harder to move forward.

It seems that the training is decent and pretty straightforward which is what I like to see.

Straightforward is good as it makes it easier for newbies to follow without getting confused.

However, there are some things that I don’t like about this training course which I’ll talk about soon.

Lets talk about my own experience with Clickbank as I think it’s worth mentioning.

My Experience With Clickbank

As I said before, I have been in the “make money online” industry for 7 years.

Back then this space was less saturated and far easier to make money.

Unfortunately the scammers took advantage of this and started taking peoples money while promoting false promises and lies.

Nowadays Clickbank has a bad reputation due to people chucking up scams and selling them.

Although that’s not to say that Clickbank is a scam because they are 100% legit and they always pay their members.

The products on their marketplace go through a better screening process these days to make sure scams don’t fall through the cracks.

Well anyway, back in 2014 was when I first ventured into this industry. It was a system called Google Sniper and lo and behold, it was a Clickbank product.

I got scammed hundreds of dollars from that system as the owner did not follow through on his coaching promises (I think it was about $200), plus $47 for the course and another $150 for the Ultimatum upsell.

The system worked long ago before I bought it, but I got in too late and Google had updated its algorithm.

All websites made with the Gsniper method was wiped off the face of the earth.

The owner should have removed his program knowing very well that it didn’t work anymore, but he didn’t mind taking free money for something that was never going to work ever again.

The Good News

I have sold a few products through Clickbank after I got scammed. One of them was a high-ticket $1500 product with a 50% commission, so I earned $750 for that sale.

All I did was write a review for it, and when someone found my review on Google, someone bought the product and I earned a commission.

That review probably only took me 2 hours to write. $750 for 2 hours work is a pretty good ROI if you ask me.

You can see a screenshot of my review below.


Why am I telling you this?

Because affiliate marketing works, and making money on Clickbank is 100% possible and legit.

I have not used the Clickbank Mastery Course but after considering Quadrell Jones’ expertise, his full transparency, and my own experience with Clickbank products, I know for a fact that if you implement the training, you will make money.

What I Don’t Like

Remember how I said that there are some things I don’t like.

For one, the blogging module is as basic as it gets.

There’s no training on SEO, which is Search Engine Optimization (how to rank in Google).

Google traffic is the best traffic as it’s laser targeted.

Sales are much easier to get, you get free traffic around the clock, and it’s free traffic so all money made is profits.

Secondly, I don’t like the price. In my opinion it’s not worth the $297 price tag.

However, there is still a lot to love about the Clickbank Mastery Course.

What I Like

What I like the most is that Quadrell Jones doesn’t hype anything up.

He’s incredibly transparent with how much money he’s made with Clickbank, how much money his members have made, and what you will get.

Most online gurus love to post fake screenshots and testimonials, but you won’t see anything fake from Quadrell.

I highly believe that a large chunk of his success is due to not scamming people and being honest.

I also like that there is training for FREE and PAID traffic.

This means someone that wants to make money faster can pay for advertising.

Of course paying for advertising doesn’t mean guaranteed results, nor does it mean profits.

Most of the time you won’t even break even, which is why paying for advertising is risky business.

Some people will have to invest hundreds of dollars before they find a winning traffic source.

But if you just want to play the safe route, which is much slower and less risky, you can go with the free traffic methods.

I also like that the training is not too confusing.

You simply choose one of the niches and hit the ground running.

Training programs with too much going on can lead to confusion and hesitancy.

My Final Thoughts on Quadrell Jones and Clickbank Mastery

I really like Quadrell compared to most internet marketing gurus.

He doesn’t appear to scam anyone or post fake income screenshots and testimonials.

Everything seems legit and no red flags have popped up so far.

I watched some of his YouTube videos are they are really entertaining. He does live challenges and posts them on his YT channel for our entertainment.

For example, one of recent videos was spending $50 to see how much money he can make in 1 hour.

Another one was a 3-day challenge to try and make money from scratch, with no investment, to see if he could make money as a complete beginner.

This is good to see as it shows that he practices what he preaches.

One guru that I recently reviewed would post ways to make money online but never showed proof that he was doing it himself

It was simply clickbait material to get more sales to his course.

After reviewing Clickbank Mastery and learning more about Quadrell Jones, I can only say that this man is one of the good ones.

If you buy CM, you can certainly make money as long as you’re willing to put in the work.

Just like any strategy that works, it requires effort on your part.

Anyone that promises a turn-key system is out to take your money and you should run for the hills.

Verdict: Legit but overpriced

Is There a Clickbank Mastery Alternative?

Remember how I said I make money selling Amazon products?

Well I create blogs and review Amazon products, get traffic via Google and earn commissions.

I learnt SEO through this program.

They taught me how to start from scratch to now earning 4-figures every month.

They also have a free trial so you can dive in and check it all out without pulling out your wallet (they’ll even host your new blog).

Well that concludes my Clickbank Mastery Course review.

As always, all of your comments, questions and concerns are welcome below.


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