Cpabone Review – It’s Likely a Scam

I’m going to keep this article short and sweet because I believe Cpabone is likely a scam and I’ll tell you why in this review.

I typically search up ways to make money online to see what the latest shiny objects are, and that’s when I came across Cpabone.

What caught my eye was the professional design of the website, and after further investiagtion, there were many unfinished menus, titles, descriptions, and more.

So even though it looks professional upon first glance, it’s far from it and this is what lead me down the research path.

Lets get right into it so I can expose them.

But First and Foremost, What is Cpabone?

Cpabone is a website dedicated to helping people make money through CPA (Cost-Per-Action).

Cost-Per-Action simply means you get paid for getting someone to take an action through your link.

An action can be anything from:

  • Filling out their email address (Growing leads)
  • Signing up to a website
  • Signing up to a trial
  • And more

The amount you get paid per action varies depending on the type of CPA offer and how much the merchant is willing to pay for that lead.

For example:

Getting a lead to a dating offer might earn you $1 – $2 per sign up.

While getting someone to get out their credit card out and sign up to a free trial will earn you much more ($10 or more).

The downside to CPA is that you can be booted off if your leads aren’t generating income for the merchant.

That’s why promoting the offers to targeted audience is mandatory so your leads can make the merchant money and you can continue getting paid for each sign up.

Cpabone is a Network of CPA Offers

Now that you understand what a CPA offer is, all you need to know now is that Cpabone is a network of CPA offers.

On their website they claim to have

  • Dating offers
  • Sweepstakes
  • Nutra
  • Gambling

And yes, it’s true that they have these types of offers on their website.

They have about 300+ offers related to the topics mentioned above.

So if you have a website or social media page in these niches, you can get them to sign up with these services and make money per action.

Well that’s how it’s supposed to work, but as you’re about to find out, this might not be the case as some users discovered the hard way.

First I will mention the red flags and then explain how it works.

Cpabone Red Flags

Red Flag #1 – Unfinished Website

The blog page is completely empty, quick links don’t point to anything, and even their social media links aren’t connected to any business pages.

Just completely unfinished and unprofessional in all areas.

Red Flag #2 – Lies

They say they’ve got 5+ years experience, but after further investigation into their domain name, they were actually registered in 2021.

The Claim

Cpabone claims

The Truth

Cpabone domain name expiry

Red Flag #3 – Fake Testimonials

Below you will see “testimonials” pulled straight from the Cpabone website.

However, as you can see they are not even in English and they all say the same thing.

Almost like they grabbed a couple of stock photos and slapped some testimonials next to them, thinking no one will notice.

As long as it looks professional, right?

Cpabone fake testimonials

How the Scam Works

I’m an experienced internet marketer and can spot scams a mile away.

And I’m 99% certain that Cpabone is a scam, and they’re using their audience to make themselves money through OTHER CPA websites.

It’s hard to explain, but the way it works is that they will use your traffic/leads (the people that sign up through your links), and redirect them to their own links.

Therefore they’ll be making from other networks with your traffic.

How do I know this?

Multiple bad reviews from people saying their links are being redirected to other websites and they are not getting paid for the sign up.

Is Cpabone Legit or a Scam?

I can’t say with 100% certainty that they’re a scam, but all signs point to yes.

And I can’t say that they’re legit either. I think they’re far from it actually.

These types of systems only last a couple of years before they’re fully exposed.

Then they’ll ditch the website and create a new one under a different name.

Verdict: Likely a scam, untrustworthy, best to stay as far away as possible

My Final Opinion on Cpabone

In all honesty, after reviewing sties like these for the past 6 years, this was an easy one to expose.

The website isn’t even completely finished.

Blatant lies.

The grammar completely sucks.

And they certainly have not put in the time to cover their tracks and look as legit as possible.

They exposed themselves with this one and that’s my final opinion on Cpabone.

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