A Crash Course on Selling Feet Pictures

You here it everywhere on the internet, so many girls making thousands of dollars per month selling feet pictures. But how profitable is it, really? And can any girl get into this venture?

I’m going to cut the bullshit and tell you how it is.

Yes, this is a highly profitable business model, but competition is fierce.

It’s a simple supply and demand issue. There are too many girls trying to sell feet pics, and not enough buyers.

Therefore trying to stand out takes some practice and consistency.

But it’s 100% possible for the dedicated, so lets get right into it.

Hopefully you’ll understand a little bit more after going through this little crash course.

Is Selling Feet Pictures Safe?

Yes, it’s safe and legal, as long as you take some precautions when selling your feet pics.

An example is not giving out your personal information, not agreeing to meet up, not disclosing your real name, etc, etc.

Most guys won’t ask for this type of information, but there will be a few bad ones in the bunch.

However, for the most part, it’s completely safe and the least that might happen is someone showing your feet pics to someone else.

Or leaking your pics with your face showing (which you don’t have to do).

Don’t Give Out Any Personal Information

You should be using a pen name when setting up your foot-model account, keeping your feet business and private accounts separate.

This is the easiest way to stay safe from weirdos that may try to stalk you or find out more information.

Again, worst case scenario but something to remember.

Don’t Agree to Meet Up

This is a huge no-no because you just don’t know who these people are and what they’re capable of.

I don’t recommend meeting up with any of your customers.

Even though they might offer a lot of money, might be the nicest guy and completely innocent, you just don’t know who you’re going to be dealing with.

Don’t Get Scammed

Some guys are out to steal your money, and will ask for you to pay the transaction fee before sending over their payment.

This is a scam. They’re just trying to get free money out of you.

Another way you might get scammed, which isn’t as bad, is someone getting your pictures for free.

They might ask for sneak peaks and offer to give money after.

However, this isn’t as bad as giving away money for free.

My Golden Rules for Selling Feet Pics

Golden Rule #1: Be Everywhere

Your customers are all over the place, as in, they might be on Reddit but not on Snapchat.

Or they might use Snapchat but not Instagram.

Remember that your competition is huge. You need to work harder than the others trying to do the same thing.

The easiest way is to be in more places.

You need to create brand accounts on all social platforms and post consistently.


It’s simple. More exposure = more sales.

1,000 followers on Instagram isn’t impressive and will get you some sales.

However, 1,000 followers on 10 different social platforms? Now that’s much better.

Now imagine 10,000 followers on 10 different social platforms. This is going to result in a full-time income.

I have separate guides on how to properly set up and sell feet pictures below.

Golden Rule #2: Stories Are Your Best Friend

Legs and Feet

Instagram and Snapchat stories are your best friend when it comes to baiting feet lovers.

You should be harnessing Instagram and Snapchat stories to keep your audience engaged with you.

If I want you to take anything from this article, it’s that you could use IG and Snapchat stories alone and make a decent income selling feet pics.

That’s how powerful this method is.

Snapchat is absolutely full of horny guys that like feet pics, while Instagram is easy to get followers, especially when you use relevant hashtags.

Thirst trap story ideas:

  • Posting POV shots throughout the day
  • Laying on the couch showing your feet
  • Showing your feet in flip-flops
  • Showing off a fresh your pedicure
  • Asking people if they like your feet
  • Etc

Golden Rule #3: Create Brand Accounts

You want to keep your private accounts separate from your feet account.

Although it’s going to take a bit of time to set up initially, it’s going to help in the long run, especially when it comes to safety.

Plus your friends and family don’t want to see your feet pics on your Facebook page.

Another benefit to this is that the algorithm can learn what your page is about and suggest you to your target audience.

When creating your brand accounts, show your feet in your profile photo so your audience knows that you’re a foot model and you’ll attract the right people.

Pro tip: Show feet only in your social accounts, and save your face/feet pics for paying members only.

Golden Rule #4: Sign Up to an Online Payment Service

There are many reasons why you should sign up to OnlyFans or FeetFinder.

For one, your identify and pictures are protected.

Secondly, everything is set in one place. All you need to do is share one link to your audience and they can sign up themselves.

Plus they can give you tips and ask for special requests (and make you even more money).

Thirdly, thing like PayPal and CashApp do not accept payments for adult-related services/content. Using these payment services for an extended period of time will only get you banned.

Golden Rule #5: Use Related Hashtags

Guys go to social platforms and search up hashtags like #footmodel, #sellingfeetpics, #sexyfootmodel, #feetpicsforsale, etc.

Using these types of hashtags within your content will get your pictures in front of more eyes, landing you more followers, exposure and sales.

Don’t skip this step, as you can get a lot of new followers with a brand new account .

Golden Rule #6: Last But Not Least, Experiment

I can’t stress this enough.

These golden rules are an outline and can get you started on your journey to creating a successful foot-model business.

But the best results come from you experimenting and finding what works for you.

For example

Some people make the majority of their income using Reddit alone, simply by creating a brand account and posting consistently to Sub-Reddits.

While others might prefer promoting their feet pics on Snapchat.

Reddit is actually one of my recommended methods.

This article of mine talks about promoting OnlyFans on Reddit, but the same rules apply to feet pictures.

In Conclusion

I hope this introduction answered all your questions about making money in this weird and whacky niche.

The biggest takeaway here is that consistency is key and everyone is different.

Some people might make money in their first week, while others might take a month to make money.

The secret is to stay consistent in your efforts and eventually you’ll be making money month after month.

Well that concludes this little crash course.

If you still have any questions about selling feet pics, ask me in the comments below and I’ll get back to you asap.

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2 thoughts on “A Crash Course on Selling Feet Pictures”

  1. Hello. Is it possible to sell feet pics as a guy, but remain anonymous? I have non-hairy small feet, so they could pass as female feet. I have an account in Instagram for this purpose for a couple of weeks, and I still have only 70-80 followers. I had some DMs from guys, asking for more feet pics, and I get this as a good sign, that my feet could pass as female feet. But I don’t want to reveal my face, or the rest of my body, because they’ll find out I am not a woman. So is it possible to be successful selling your “female feet” pics as a guy, yet remain anonymous?

    • Yes, it’s definitely possible. The only thing to keep in mind is that you’re scamming people because these buyers think they’re looking at a pretty girls feet. It can be good for fast money and getting easy cash through CashApp or PayPal.

      But if you start to gain traction, you might want to create an OnlyFans account to start getting recurring payments. Hope this helps.


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