Cutie Garden Review: Nothing But Lies and False Promises

Red flags, red flags, and more red flags. If you think that you are going to withdraw $300 from a free app just for playing a game, you need to read this article.

In this review I’m going to expose Cutie Garden for what it really is, a downright scam that can’t be trusted.

The owners use the same tactics as other scam apps which include:

  • High minimum payout
  • Glitches that change your earnings
  • They kick you out and even ban you
  • Earnings slow down as you get closer to minimum payout
  • Earnings stop completely
  • And much more

Why Am I qualified to write this article?

Because I’ve been reviewing make money apps exactly like this one since 2017, so I know what the red flags are and how to spot the scams from the real ones.

Lets get right into it so you know what I’m talking about.

First and Foremost, What is Cutie Garden?

It is an app on the app store that you can download and earn “real money”.

Once you download the app and start playing, you will start off by merging small animals to make them bigger and better.

The more animals you merge, the more earnings and rewards you get as you move through the higher levels.

Although that is what’s supposed to happen.

However, I’m not here for the logistics of the game, I’m here to explain why you will not make any money from Cutie Garden.

As millions of people have found out first hand, earning the money they promise isn’t quite as straightforward.

I have yet to see someone provide proof that they have earned real money from Cutie Garden, and the reason for that is NO ONE is getting paid.

Cutie Garden Reviews

Cutie Garden Red Flags

High minimum payout

I’ve said it many times before, a high minimum payout means they don’t want you to cash out.

I literally reviewed a program yesterday that had no minimum withdraw requirement.

There’s absolutely no reason for there to be a minimum payout, other than the fact that they don’t want to pay anyone.

I thought $50 was high, but this is the first time I’ve seen $300 for a minimum withdrawal!

Earnings slow down and then stop

No surprises here, they use the same tactic as every other make money app.

They’ll make sure you earn a lot of money at the start to keep you playing for longer, but as you get closer and closer to minimum payout, they’ll slow right down.

Eventually earnings will stop completely, making it impossible to cash out.

Multiple glitches

These glitches aren’t an accident, they’ve been programmed to make it look like a bug.

These “glitches” will change your earnings so you have less than you earned.

Someone was almost at $296, so incredibly close to cashing out, got booted out, signed back in and was back at $216.

I can’t even imagine how frustrating that would be after spending days and weeks playing an app, only to be pushed back again.

How Do the Owners Make Money?

App owners earn money from advertisers, which is why users are always bombarded with ads.

The way these apps are supposed to work, is to provide you with a cut of the advertisement money.

But with most apps like this, they keep all revenue for themselves and have no plans of sharing their profits.

Why I Have a Massive Problem With Cutie Garden

It’s not the game I have a problem with, because it is actually really addictive and a great time killer.

I have a problem with the owners flat out LYING to people in their description, claiming that you will make real money and earn real rewards.

But they know they aren’t going to pay anyone a dime.

So they’re lying to everyone’s faces.

People that don’t know better download these apps thinking that they’re going to make real money, only to be scammed of their precious time and energy.

It’s wrong on so many levels.

You can say it’s Google and Apples fault for not screening these apps better, but as long as they disclose in the Terms of Service that “earnings are not guaranteed”, they get the all clear.

Will You Make Money With Cutie Garden?

The money will appear in your Cutie Garden balance but that’s about it.

That is just paper money because it’s not real and hasn’t gone into your bank account.

Some people think it’s legit and claim that they made real money just because they see hundreds of dollars in the app balance.

But seeing money in your account balance VS your real bank account is completely different.

So will you make money with Cutie Garden?

You will make fake money that will never ever go into your real bank account.

So technically, no you will not make any money.

That Makes Cutie Garden a Scam Then?

Yes, Cutie Garden is a scam with no intentions of paying their members.

The owners are liars who have no morals, because if they did, they wouldn’t make such false claims and flat out lie to people.

The only good thing about Cutie Garden is that it’s addictive and fun to play.

If you’re after something fun to do after a long day, Cutie Garden is for you.

And if you’re playing for the sole purpose of making $300, run away and never look back because you won’t earn a cent.

Verdict: SCAM!

Is There a Cutie Garden Alternative?

No, almost all apps like this have all been scams.

And the ones that are legit are a massive waste of time, as you’ll be spending days and weeks on your phone earning pennies.

I could point you to those types of apps, but I would rather you spend your time wisely on something that’s going to be beneficial to you.

I was in the same boat as you just 5 short years ago, searching for any way to make money online.

I’m going to tell you right now that 99% of the things out there are scams, or downright suck to the point that they’re a waste of time.

I finally escaped the never ending search and found something that finally allowed me to quit my job and pursue my dream of working from home.

This thing is called blogging.

And although it takes time, effort and work, it’s worth it in the end.

I make 4-figures per month and love every second of it.

If you’re interesting, here’s the same thing that I used.

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