Cyber Money Review: High-Ticket Scam or Legit Online Training?

Cyber Money is a course on Gumroad from a well-known and very respected internet marketer Chris Johnson, and it’s been the #1 best seller for awhile, but is it really that good?

Internet marketing gurus have a bad name for the simple reason that there are so many scammers out there.

I do not call myself an internet marketing guru, because I’m just a guy that writes content, exposes scam artists, and points people to alternative programs.

I have not created a single product, I actually use a business model called affiliate marketing, which is selling other peoples products for a commission.

However, more about that later.

Today I want to talk about this all-in-one bundle called Cyber Money.

I’m going to talk about what’s inside this system, who it’s for, if it’s worth it, and then provide my final opinion.

I hope you enjoy my unbiased Cyber Money review.

What is Cyber Money?

Cyber Money is an all-in-one course from an internet marketing guru called Chris Johnson.

The motto is:

  • Make money by selling a product, invest that money for long-term growth

Basically, you’ll make money from selling products and then investing that money into the stock market to make even more money.

I like the idea, it’s all about wealth creation so you’re not blowing all your earnings and never seeing it again.

It’s a good tactic, but what are you actually getting for such a hefty price tag?

Lets take a deep dive into the training modules.

Business and Social Media Courses (4 Programs)

Cyber Money Courses

6-Figure Side Hustle (1 of 4)

6-Figure Side Hustle is an ecommerce course that showcases exactly what Chris Johnson done to build his successful ecommerce brand.

Chris built up his ecommerce shop in 2 years, and now teaches others how he did it.

He’ll teach you how to choose a product, how to price your products properly, effective branding, email marketing, store setup, and more.

Twitter Money (2 of 4)

Anyone can build an ecommerce store, but not everyone can get traffic to make money.

This is where a lot of courses fall flat on their face, as most “traffic secrets” never work as promised.

However, seeing as Chris has walked the walk, I can only assume that his Twitter Money course lives up to the claims (especially after seeing such high ratings).

Basically Chris Johnson claims that he can get you traffic with zero paid ads that will buy from your ecommerce store over and over again.

He made almost $300,000 without paying a dime using Twitter, simply by sending traffic to his ecommerce store, and he’ll show you how to do the same.

Profit King (3 of 4)

Profit King is a course that will teach you how to find products that are in demand, that will sell like hotcakes.

You’ll learn how to maximize your profits, cut down on unnecessary fees and make transactions/shipping as smooth as possible.

You’ll also be given a list of products that are proven to sell so you can start making money as quickly as possible.

B.O.B IG Course (4 of 4)

The B.O.B IG Course is only available by purchasing Cyber Money and cannot be bought separately.

Similar to Twitter Money, it’s a system that will teach you how to grow an Instagram account account where you can send traffic to your online store.

I’m usually wary of people making such claims, until I see their own Instagram accounts, then I can make a definitive conclusion.

Chris has amassed hundreds of thousands of followers (organically, not bought) in a short amount of time, making this course more creditable.

Stock Market Gems (3 Programs)

Stock Market Gems (1 of 3)

Next up is stock market investing, where you can start earning a return on the money you’ve made.

First let me start off by saying that there’s always going to be risk when it comes to investing.

Some are low-risk, where you’ll earn less money on your investment.

And some are high-risk, earning you a much better return on your investment.

I’ve been investing in stocks for about 3 years so I know a thing or 2 about successful investing.

In this course Chris Johnson gives you an overview of stock market investing, a crash course, if you will, so that newbies know what they’re doing and why they’re doing it.

One thing I like about this course is that Chris makes it fun to learn.

Even if you consider yourself a pro stock investor, it’s good to sharpen your skills or learn something new you didn’t know before.

One thing I should mention is that stock market investing is best recommended for long-term growth (preferably 5 – 10 years).

If you cash out on a regular basis, for example, every couple of weeks or months, you’re going to slow down your returns.

Keep your money invested for many years and you’ll maximize yourprofits.

The Dividend Empire (2 of 3)

Some companies pay dividends to their shareholders, which is you. A dividend is a percentage of your total investment amount.

For example:

If a company pays 12% dividends on a yearly basis, and your investment is $50,000, you’ll receive $6,000 per year, AKA $500 per month.

Some companies pay quarterly, every 6 months, or yearly.

Well this course teaches you about dividends, compounding interest, reinvesting, mistakes to avoid, which companies to invest in, and more.

Intro to Options (3 of 3)

Options trading is another stock market investing opportunity, however, with a MUCH higher risk.

Even higher risk than a high-risk investment.

Basically you’re gambling on a stock to go up or down.

But of course even though there’s higher risk, there’s much better reward.

I only recommend this for someone that has money they don’t need, or don’t care if they lose it. Because it’s certainly more of a gamble rather than fundamentals.

Is Cyber Money for Beginners or Experts?

In my opinion Cyber Money is for beginners, novice, and even expert internet marketers.

This is rare for me to say as I’m difficult to please when it comes to these programs.

Most of them are mediocre at best, so it’s good to see that there’s something for everyone in the Cyber Money course bundle.

Basically, beginners will learn a lot about how money is made online with some wealth creation methods, and intermediate/experts can learn a thing or two they didn’t know before.

Verdict: Good for all levels

The Pros and Cons


Good for All Levels

It’s made for everyone to learn something about wealth creation.

Even complete newbies can dive in and learn how to build a successful ecommerce store, and then how to invest that money into the stock market for even more money.

Lots of Money Can Be Made

There’s a lot of money to be made in the online world, and selling products through an ecommerce store is one of them.

This strategy can earn people up to 6 – 7 figures with the right dedication and patience.

So if you’re wondering how much money you can make, you can expect to earn around 3 – 5 figures per month on average.

Work hard enough and it’s possible to hit the 6-figure mark.


No-Refund Policy

There is a strict no-refund policy, no ifs, no buts.

This is because of the nature of the program. Basically when you learn the tricks inside, you can use it to make lots of money.

This is to stop someone from buying the course, consuming or downloading the information, and then getting a refund.

Hefty Price Tag

This course also has a pretty steep price for those that aren’t in a good financial position.

Cyber Money costs $497.

With a strict no-refund policy, this might turn some of you off.

If so, head over here for my alternative recommendation.

Hidden Costs

They don’t tell you about the hidden costs, which can range from $20 up to $100 or more.

Even though it’s not a huge amount, they don’t tell you this before you buy the course.

So just keep that in mind.

The hidden costs are an ecommerce store, an email list auto responder, and possibly more.

Expect to pay a little more than the course itself.

Time Is Still a Factor

Not really a con, but something you need to be aware of.

Time is still a factor, even when it comes to ANY online business.

Don’t join and expect to make thousands of dollars in your first month.

Remember, Johnson took 2 years to build up his first successful ecommerce store.

At the end of the day you are building something that grows with time and nurture.

One thing I’ve found out after years of making money online is this:

  • Making money takes time, lots of time and patience. Otherwise lots of money on paid advertising. You’re either going the slow and steady route, which is free. Or fast and risk-heavy, which is lots of money on paid traffic, which is a hit or miss 95% of the time.

Chris Johnson teaches the slow and steady route, which is using Twitter and Instagram to build a brand.

This usually takes months and sometimes years to build up to 6-figures per month.

Is Cyber Money Legit or a Scam?

The good news is that we’re looking at a legit system from a reputable internet marketer who has walked the walk and doesn’t talk the talk.

Chris Johnson has actually done what he teaches which is something I can’t say about many others in the same space.

There’s pretty good training for people at all levels and even good stock market training for long-term wealth creation.

Overall Verdict: Legit, a bit pricey, can make lots of money

Is There a Cyber Money Alternative?

As I mentioned earlier in this article, I do not class myself as an online guru.

I am simply someone that makes money from selling other peoples products, something called affiliate marketing.

I write content on my blog, wait for it to rank in the search engines, and then make money.

The same system I used has a free trial with a $47 monthly fee, so MUCH cheaper then Cyber Money’s cost of $497.

So here’s the alternative that I recommend.

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