The Daily Cash App is 100% a Scam

Daily Cash is an app that promises to pay you real money for completing small daily tasks. But as you’re about to find out, this is far from the truth.

I like to call things for what they are because I’m tired of app developers taking advantage of people who don’t know better.

The Daily Cash app is nothing more than a way for app creators to make a lot of money at the expense of unsuspecting users.

You will not make money and you will never get paid from Daily Cash, ever.

If you really want to make money, learn about starting a blog and getting ranked in the search engines, it’s FAR better use of your time.

What is Daily Cash?

The Daily Cash app is a popular mobile app on the Playstore that promises to pay users real money for performing little tasks such as:

  • Spin the wheel
  • Scratch cards
  • Watching ads
  • Inviting friends
  • Etc

Basically it’s supposed to be a fun and easy way to make money from your mobile phone, all while you’re just sitting down and chilling.

But as I’ve reviewed hundreds of these types of apps, I can tell you with 100% confidence that most of them are scams.

And Daily Cash has not just proven that with this new app, they’ve fallen flat on their face in the past.

How do I know?

Because they’ve been exposed as a scam, with their older version now being named “Daily Cash – Old”.

Daily Cash - Old

They’ve just rehashed the same old system into a new one with a different name and interface.

But lets take a deep dive into the red flags so you know I’m not just making things up.

Daily Cash App Red Flags

Poor Grammar With No Clear Direction

The description is full of spelling mistakes and nothing makes sense.

In the description they can’t even explain in detail what you’ll be doing to make money, which is a huge red flag that they’re just trying to reel people in to make money off them.

The only way to know what you’ll be doing is to look at the screenshots, which showcases watching ads, digital scratch-off cards, spin the wheel, etc.

Previous Version Already Exposed

Most of the time product creators will scrap the old one and create a new one with a different name to make it brand new.

Well in this case they have just edited the older version and put “old” behind it, while creating a newer version to make it look brand new.

Fake Reviews

In addition to scrapping the older version, they’ve skewed the ratings by adding hundreds of 5-star reviews that are clearly fake.

Some of the reviews aren’t even in English, they don’t make sense, or they’re just very poorly written, as in, there’s no thought put into them.

Offers Nothing New

They use the same tactics as every other scammy app on the market.

They promise real money by spinning a wheel, scratching a few cards, or winning a bogus lottery draw.

And the majority of these apps are scams with no intentions of paying their members.

Daily Cash is one of them.

Can You Make Real Money With Daily Cash?

The money might appear in your app account, yes, but it will never make its way to your bank account or gift card of your choice.

That’s because the owners don’t want to pay their members.

Once this new version gets exposed (when enough people complain about it), they will create a new app and the cycle continues.

So no, you can not and will not make real money with Daily Cash.

You’ll be using your time to make the app creators more money.

How Does the Owners Make Money?

The owners make money through people watching ads, it’s as simple as that.

That’s why a lot of free apps have a ton of ads on them, so the creators can get paid.

A large majority of apps on the app store make their money through ads only, as it’s the easiest income method.

However, some apps provide extra features or tools to help you get ahead for a small fee. This is another way for app creators to make money.

But for the most part, especially those that promise free money, they’ll always be free so that anyone can download and use them.

Therefore a small portion of money they earn from ad revenue is supposed to be paid out to their users.

But most of the time they don’t do that, and that’s how they scam people.

Is Daily Cash a Scam?

Daily Cash is 100% a scam that has never paid its members and has no intentions of paying their members in the future.

I will always try me best to expose these types of scams because they are some of the worst.

Just because they are free does not mean that you aren’t losing anything.

You’re still losing your time, energy and effort that you put into the app.

Sometimes people spend weeks and months building up their income only to be let down when they never receive their earnings.

All that time and energy wasted for nothing.

Is There a Daily Cash Alternative?

Yes, as I mentioned earlier in this article, you’re better off creating something you own that’s going to build up overtime.

Downloading apps and trying to make a few cents here and there is not going to help you achieve financial freedom, or at least a regular monthly income.

There are hundreds of far better ways to make money and spend your time and energy.

So what I recommend is a program called Wealthy Affiliate, which has a 100% free trial, so put your wallet away.

This system showed me how to start a blog from scratch, get ranked in Google, and make a consistent income online.

So if you’re tired of scams and want to make REAL money with a website that’s 100% yours and can not be taken away from you, you should definitely check out that link and see for yourself.

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