Can You Really Make $1000 With Daily Raffle?

I just stumbled across Daily Raffle in the app store and something caught my attention.

They say that you can win up to $1000 in their daily lottery.

First let me start off by saying I have been in the make money online industry for at least 5 years.

Apps are a new way for scammers to make money and not give anything to their users.

I’ve seen this happen time and time again.

They create apps that claim to earn you money, but when it’s time to pay up, nothing. They go cold on their users and magically disappear.

Are we seeing the exact same scenario with Daily Raffle?

I always like to give things the benefit of the doubt, so lets see what we are really dealing with before coming to any conclusions.

Daily Raffle Review – Product Overview

Name: Daily Raffle


Price: Free

Type: Make money app

Overall Rating: 10/100 high chance of being a scam

Daily Raffle is an app that promises high chances of winning up to $1000 every day. However, after some investigation there’s no shortage of red flags inside this app. I’ll discuss them all in this article and why you might not want to join in the first place.

What Is the Daily Raffle App?

Daily Raffle is an app on the Google Playstore that pays daily based on a raffle/lottery system.

To get tickets you have to watch ads or refer friends because the app is fully sponsored by advertisers.

There’s a 300 ticket limit on how many tickets you can get per day.

The easiest way to get tickets is to watch ads. After you watch an ad you can choose your numbers for the ticket or simply let the app choose.

Choose Numbers

The best way to up your chances is to choose the numbers yourself. Daily Raffle sends out notifications hinting at what the winning numbers are.

It is drawn in the morning but the numbers aren’t announced until later that night, allowing people to choose their numbers based on the hints.

Daily Raffle Notifications

Sounds like a pretty done deal, right?

Not quite. It does sound like a great little earner since it’s free to join, but there are some things I need to talk about first.

How Much Can You Earn?

You have to remember that this is a lottery-based system, so you earn based on how many numbers you get in a row.

There are 3 chances to win.

  • 4 numbers in a row = $125
  • 5 numbers in a row = $250
  • 6 numbers in a row = $500 – $1000

Most of the time the top prize is $500 but sometimes they up this to a whopping $1000.

That is the only way to earn money with the Daily Raffle app.

However, as you already know, Lottery is a gamble.

But in this case you aren’t gambling money, you’re gambling your time. Time is limited and our time on this planet ticks every single day.

I don’t like wasting my time on things that MIGHT give me something in return. I don’t operate on hope, I operate on probabilities.

The probability of me earning $125 is very slim, and next to none when we talk about the $1000.

However, that’s only one of the problems. Lets talk about the minimum payout.

The Minimum Payout (Huge Problem)

As with the real life lottery system, you have to split your earnings if there are more than one winner.

This is a huge problem because the minimum payout is $100.

Now if you do finally beat the odds and at least get the first prize of $125, then you better hope that no one else also won.

Even if one other person splits that $125 with you, you’re left with $62.5. Great, right?

Not quite. Because the minimum payout is $100.

Now you have to try and win one more time just so you can earn enough to cash out.

Let me ask you, how many people win the lottery twice? Your chances are like 0.0001%, probably even less.

So that is why the $100 minimum payout is a huge problem, and it begs the question, why so high?

If the owners truly want to make sure people get their earnings, why not lower it to $10 or something.

It just smells fishy and reeks of taking advantage of people.

Because you have to remember that the money in your balance is only paper money until you withdraw.

If you can’t withdraw then they keep the money and don’t have to pay you.

A high minimum payout is a huge red flag when it comes to any make-money app.

It simply means that they don’t really want to pay you, and they know if it takes a long time to reach minimum payout you will keep trying and make them money.

The Problems With Daily Raffle

Misleading description

So they say on their official description that there’s a very high chance of winning, which we all know that the chances of winning the lottery is the complete opposite.

Your chances of winning

  • 4 numbers in a row is 1/10,000
  • 6 numbers is 1/3,800,000

I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound like a very high possibility to me.

Reports of not crediting winnings

There are also many reports of people winning money and it doesn’t show up in their balance.

One person even took a screenshot when she won because she knows things like these aren’t always legit, attached the screenshot to the email, and still haven’t received a response after a month.

She said she will update the review once she got a response. That was November 2020. At the time of writing this article it is September 2021.

Could be rigged

I’m not saying that it’s a rigged system, but the possibility is there, and it’s a very high one.

When you take into consideration the misleading description, high minimum payout, and the fact that there are no shortage of scam apps out there, this one doesn’t seem too convincing.

They also draw the numbers in the morning, then wait all day to reveal them.

They could be waiting for everyone to put in their numbers and change them accordingly so no one gets it.

Watching ads is too time consuming

They have ads of 10 seconds, 20 seconds, and 30 seconds.

If you watch all 300 in one day it’s going to take AT LEAST 2 hours without any breaks.

2 hours+ of watching ads with a 1 in 10,000 chance of something in return does not fly with me.

Not to mention that if the money is split you can’t even get it because of the high minimum payout.

The Good

Free with no in-app purchases

This app is completely free and never asks for any money, you basically pay with your time by watching ads.

How Do You Get Paid?

There are 2 ways to receive earnings – PayPal and Bitcoin.

However, you will need a Bitcoin wallet to receive your earnings. Coinbase is a good one.

Otherwise you can get paid via PayPal by entering your PayPal email.

What I Really Think of Daily Raffle

This app is just a huge waste of time in my opinion.

I’ve personally reviewed at least 50 make money apps and at least 99% have dodgy owners that have no intentions of paying out earnings.

After finding all the red flags, there’s a very high chance that Daily Raffle has the same type of owner.

But I’m all ears if you think otherwise. Please let me know in the comments below, I’m open to listening 🙂

Is Daily Raffle a Scam?

Statistically speaking, there’s a very high chance that they are scamming people by not paying out earnings.

Just because someone says that they won and the money is in their app balance, that is only paper money until it’s in their bank account.

So far I have yet to see someone earn real money from this app. For now I say proceed with caution if you’re thinking of trying it out for yourself.

Final Opinion: Not Recommended

Instead of hoping and praying that you might win $125 you could do much more with your time.

Invest Your Time Properly

If you really want to make money, don’t rely on hopes and prayers while throwing away your time.

There are far better things to do.

But you also need the right system, not a dodgy app with an owner that can’t even respond to emails.

It’s possible to earn thousands of dollars a month simply by creating a blog and monetizing it with affiliate marketing.

There’s no recruiting, no customer service, no inventory.

You basically build your own virtual real estate from scratch, wait for it to rank in the search engines and make money.


With affiliate marketing, People like my content, click an affiliate link, and I make money when they buy a product.

The process is simple but it’s not easy. Be prepared to put in the work, but in the end it’s all worth it.

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