DollarHuge Is a Scam? (Red Flags, Fake Reviews, Unjustified Bans, And More)

DollarHuge is a website that allows people to take part in surveys in exchange for real cash. However, I have found too many red flags and it’s safe to say that this website is a scam.

Furthermore, I would like to lay out all the facts and some of my findings, then you can make your own final decision about joining this website.

Being a scam exposer, I have seen them all.

And I don’t like people signing up to things that might waste their time.

So that is why I’m reviewing this GPT website today and seeing what I can dig up.

Lets get right into it.

What is DollarHuge?

DollarHuge is an Indian-based company that you can join, complete offers and earn money for your efforts.

They are the middleman to third-party websites, so these websites pay DollarHuge for sending them traffic/people, and you get a small cut of that fee for participating in the tasks.

Offers range from surveys, polls, watching videos, clicking ads, installing apps, and more.

There are no shortage of GPT websites on the internet (AKA Get-Paid-To), and after doing my research on DollarHuge, this might be one of the worst ones out there.

But let me explain why in a second.

Lets talk about how this website works.

How DollarHuge Works

DollarHuge How it Works

First and foremost you will need to create an account which only takes about 2 minutes.

Next you’ll be required to fill out a few details about yourself so they can match you with the right surveys, polls, etc.

Then you will be taken to the Offer Wall where you can complete tasks for money.

The longer the task/survey, or the more difficult it is to complete, the more money you make.

When you reach the minimum payout of $5 you will be able to cash out (if only it was as easy as it sounds).

But that’s the basic gist of DollarHuge, and although it sounds good in theory, there are many red flags that I want to bring to light.

And they will make or break your choice of joining this program or not.

DollarHuge Red Flags

Red Flag

Members getting banned for no reason

People are getting banned minutes after they sign up, when trying to cash out, when providing personal documents, and more.

However, I’ve been reviewing GTP websites for a very long time and this is the first time I’ve seen one that asks for personal documentation.

When any website bans you without reason and all they can say is “you were cheating”, or “we couldn’t verify your documents”, it’s all just a red flag that they have NO intentions of paying.

They require personal documentation

You do NOT need to provide personal documentation to earn money through any GPT website.

This is a big red flag that they could be selling your personal information.

No other GPT website requires any of this information.

All they want from you is basic information like age, gender, country, interests, etc, so they can match you with the right surveys.

However, DollarHuge wants your whole life story and more, and if your documents don’t match with your PayPal information, they’ll ban your account instantly.

But the big question is

Why do they want this information after you’ve put in all the work? And not before? It’s because they want you to give up so they don’t have to give your earnings.

May be selling your personal information

Again, they do not need documents to verify who you are to receive your earnings.

All you need to provide is your name, email address, PayPal email, and that’s it.

Asking for documents for verification purposes (when no one else is doing this) only tells me that

1. They want to reject your documents so they don’t have to pay you

2. They want to sell your personal information to third-party websites

Either way, both are incredibly huge red flags that you should not join this website.

Limited FAQs Section

DollarHuge has one of the worst FAQ sections I have ever seen.

They answer some of the basic questions and leave out the most important things, like what they’re doing with your documents, how their referral system works, how much you can realistically earn, etc.DollarHuge FAQs

It’s like they don’t really care about answering the most common questions and only care about making money.

But What About the Positive Reviews?

It’s true that the majority of reviews out there are positive.

But it’s also true that you shouldn’t need to hand over documents for verification purposes.

However, all of the reviews are really basic, as if they’re coming from people that have just joined.

Such as

  • Very good application
  • I like DollarHuge
  • Nice very trusted website
  • This is a great app
  • It is wonderful

These do not look like reviews from someone that’s used DollarHuge and earned any money.

In fact they reek of being as fake as a three dollar bill.

So yes there are some 5-star reviews out there, but very untrustworthy and basic.

On the other hand, those that have had bad experiences are writing full paragraphs explaining why they don’t like DollarHuge and don’t recommend it.

Here are just a few of the many

DollarHuge Bad Reviews

DollarHuge Can’t Be Trusted

I have yet to see anyone say that they’ve received their earnings from DollarHuge.

The sad truth is that all the red flags are there and there’s barely any trustworthy positive reviews to sway me otherwise.

After years of reviewing programs such as this one, here is my final conclusion

If you join DollarHuge, you have a very, very low chance of receiving your earnings.

There are too many red flags that make up a scam and I can’t recommend it to anyone.

Furthermore, if they were legit and paying, it’s still not worth the time and effort you put in.

Either way, DollarHuge is a low-earning website that has no proof of paying their members, but a lot of red flags of scamming people.

DollarHuge cannot be trusted and I say stay as far away as you possibly can.

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