FanCentro Review – Good or Bad OnlyFans Alternative?

FanCentro is a website offered to content creators to make money posting explicit content, and for fans to access influencers explicit images and videos.

It’s basically another OnlyFans alternative, but with a different set of rules and policies.

In this article I will provide my fully unbiased opinion on FanCentro, and why I think it’s a good alternative to OnlyFans content creators.

There’s a lot to cover so lets get right into it.

What is FanCentro?

Think of FanCentro as just another OnlyFans, although not as popular and not with the same amount of traffic and features.

FanCentro provides a safe and secure place for influencers to sell their explicit content, in exchange for money and without fear of their content being found elsewhere.

This website has its pros and cons, and fortunately, if you’re thinking about joining FC, the upsides outweigh the downsides.

Although there are some unhappy customers, we’re going to talk about that in this article.

There are complaints about buyers purchasing content and applying for refunds…essentially accessing all of their content for free.

There are also unhappy customers buying content and not getting access to the content they were promised.

When talking to customer service, they’re told that they are not authorized to provide access to that content, as that is up to the influencer.

FanCentro is the middleman that tries to keep both parties happy, and of course, that never has a 100% success rate.

There’s always going to be unhappy buyers and sellers.

Next we’ll talk about some of the differences between OnlyFans and FanCentro, as some of you might be wondering if you should choose OnlyFans or FanCentro to partner with.

What Makes FanCentro Different From OnlyFans?

Some of the extra features that FC has that OF doesn’t, is a built-in feature that allows new people to find you.

They claim that they’ve done this so you don’t have to do any promotional work outside of FanCentro.

However, this feature is completely and utterly useless. The likelihood of somebody finding you and subscribing to you is next-to-none.

You’re still better off promoting your FanCentro link through your social media accounts.

Secondly, FC makes it easy to choose your own domain name. You can choose your own domain name on the FC profile page, and have all your content redirected to your custom URL.

With OnlyFans, you have to do it manually, which takes a bit of Googling around to research (if you’re not that tech savvy).

Thirdly, something else interesting OF doesn’t do, is subscription tiers.

Lets say you offer access to your FC and premium Snapchat account for $10 per month, but someone just wants access to your premium snapchat.

Then all you have to do is create a different tier for your premium snap account for $5 per month.

This makes it easier for people to choose exactly what they want, since they know what they’re signing up for, helping increasing sales and keeping both parties happy.

Next, the free trial option in FanCentro automatically adds someone into a subscription tier once the free trial period is over.

On OnlyFans, they simply stay on your free trial account (if you have one), until they decide to pay for your premium account.

I believe this is where someone of the unhappy customers are coming from. They’ve probably used OF as a free member, and never expected money to come out of their account.

However, because FC is a little different, the free trial only goes for a set period of time before they have to start paying.

Also, you can migrate all of your content from OnlyFans to FanCentro with a few steps if you decide to sign up and don’t want to spend hours adding content from other platforms.

Something that OnlyFans doesn’t offer.

So these are some of the main distinctions between the two platforms.

Whether you want to join or not will likely depend on the downsides and upsides that I’m about to talk about.

FanCentro Downsides

Customer Support Lacks

Whether you’re a buyer or content creator, customer service just tries to say they can’t do anything about it.

I think they do this because it takes too much work and they would rather so they can’t do something, hoping the person will go away and leave them alone.

Either way, a lack of customer compassion brings this site down a couple of points, in my opinion.

Buyers Applying for Refunds

Buyers can continuously purchase content, have full access to it, and then apply for a refund later on, saying that their card was stolen.

Then they’ll come back later on with a new subscription, and apply for another refund, while again, saying their card was stolen.

It’s obvious that they are actively purchasing content on the website that it is NOT stolen, and they are in fact just getting free content.

Many Buyers Not Getting Access to Things They’re Promised

Review sites are filled with people buying content and not given the access that they paid for.

They contact support and all they say is they have to contact the influencers.

However, influencers are busy enough as it is, so getting their content read let alone responded to, is incredibly difficult.

When and IF they read their complaint, they’ll tell them to contact customer support.

And they’ll just keep passing the buck to each other.

FanCentro Upsides

Legit and Pay

Regardless of the negatives I mentioned above, there’s still the fact that FanCentro pays out to its members.

How much you get paid depends on your payout method, as all methods have their own minimum withdrawal amount.

Minimum payouts range from $50 to $1250 depending on your payout method.

They pay weekly, every Tuesday.

Easy User Interface

Their interface is easy to use for newbies, much better than OnlyFans.

This means anyone new to selling content online can come in and learn the ropes pretty easily.

Centro University

FanCentro University

Now there’s also the fact that they have their own online course!

They claim that they’ve helped hundreds of thousands of online influencers monetize their following and maximize earning potential.

This course not only teaches you how to master FanCentro and make money, but also monetize your following on other platforms.

Centro University is absolutely free! (at

Do I Recommend FanCentro Over Other Platforms?

The simple answer to this question is yes, it’s a good alternative to OnlyFans.

Although there are some negatives and downsides, the bottom line is that you can’t please everyone.

Even if you look at the ratings of OnlyFans on TrustPilot, they have a solid 1.5/5 stars, which is incredibly poor.

In comparison to FanCentro on the same website, they boast 2.7/5 stars.

Although they only have 76 reviews compared to thousands of OF reviews, it still shows that it’s worth joining and using.

It also shows that some of the most legit websites (such as OnlyFans), can’t hold a decent rating, even when they’ve proven to be legit and have one of the most trusted reputations on the internet.

Therefore due to the reasons mentioned in this article, I would have to say that FanCentro is highly recommended.

Should You Choose OnlyFans or FanCentro?

This is all personal preference.

But if I had to recommend one over the other, it would have to be FanCentro.

They have better features, and the subscription tiers allow people to CHOOSE packages based on their needs.

That way you can make money from people only wanting access to your premium snapchat, but don’t want any of your other content.

It’s a win-win.

Even though OnlyFans might have a bigger reputation, it’s still worth considering FanCentro as your go-to, especially with the Centro University course.

In my opinion, FanCentro wins this one.

How to Sign Up

You can sign up to FanCentro and start creating an account here.

First and foremost you will see their official signup page, which shows that you earn 80% on all your earnings, which is the industry standard.

Up until August 2021, this was 75%, and anyone that signed up before that continues to get 75% of earnings.

So consider yourself fortunate enough to sign up now and receive 80%!

Keep in mind that this is an affiliate link to FanCentro.

If you decide to use my link, I receive a commission on money you earn, which is at no expense to you 🙂

This allows me to get paid for the content as I don’t run ads. All content is funded by sign ups and services I recommend.

In saying that, give me a bell when you sign up and I can help you get started on your journey.


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