Fashion Nova Ambassador Program – Is It Any Good?

Fashion Nova requires you to have a good social media following in order to become a partner and sell their products.

If you already have a following on Instagram and are dedicated to style and fashion, you could probably come a Fashion Nova ambassador faster than you think.

In this article I’m going to cover everything you need to know regarding FN influencers so you can make a more informed decision.

I hope you enjoy.

What is Fashion Nova?

Fashion Nova is the top online fashion store for women, although they have clothes for men as well.

Clothing pieces range from sexy dresses, jeans, shoes, bodysuits, skirts, and much more.

They mostly operate online but also have 5 brick-and-mortar businesses.

Because of their broad range of lifestyle clothing, they earned the title of the #1 Most Searched Fashion Brand in 2018, and those search requests aren’t slowing down anytime soon.

As you can see from this Google Trends screenshot, they a continuing to rise and I believe they will continue growing as one of the biggest online fashion stores due to the fact that they work with everyday influencers.


Fashion Nove Google Trends

Why does this matter?

Because if you’re going to be partnering with someone, you want to make sure that they are going to keep growing. As long as they grow, your business will grow as well.

How to Become a Fashion Nova Influencer

Step 1 – First and foremost you’re going to need a social media following that aligns with the FN brand. An Instagram account in the lifestyle niche works well, but a lot of other niches are good too.

Step 2 – Attain at least 10,000+ followers with good engagement. You could buy 10,000 followers but that won’t even get you in the door, as you need to grow your Instagram account organically, meaning posting quality content on the regular. They’ll look at your engagement rate to see if you qualify, that’s how they know if your followers are bought.

Step 3 – Once you hit 10,000 followers, apply to become a Fashion Nova influencer on their website. Simply enter a few details about your social media accounts and what they’re about.

Step 4 – If you’ve done everything right, a Fashion Nova representative will get back to you with some more steps. One of them will be creating a few posts for free to test the engagement rate on your posts. If all goes well, they will make an offer.

How Much Does Fashion Nova Pay Influencers?

Fashion Nova has an affiliate program that allows you to earn money based on how many sales you make.

They will also pay you per post but you will need more than 100,000 followers and a proven track record of making consistent sales.

Basically, consider having less than 100,000 followers as a qualifying process before they offer you the big guns, which will be hundreds of dollars per post.

Or if you have the influencer status of Cardi B or Kylie Jenner, you could earn up to $50,000 per post.

But until then, you will typically be offered free products and a discount code to place on your social media page to track sales and earn commissions.

However, don’t let that stop you from becoming a Fashion Nova influencer.

It isn’t too difficult as long as you’ve been growing your social media following organically and posting on a regular basis, you’re closer than you think.

Even influencers with as little as 10,000 can make good money as long as they have a good engagement rate.

Fashion Nova Is Extremely Smart

Fashion Nova used the power of influencer marketing to make most of their income and explode in popularity.

They have partnered with some of the biggest influencers in the world and found great success. They’ve even surpassed other companies that have been in it much longer.

The saying “work smarter not harder” couldn’t ring anymore true in this situation.

Fashion Nova also reaches out to small influencers, then sends them free products in exchange for a post.

Essentially this gives Fashion Nova more exposure, more sales, and shows whether or not you are good to work with.

If the promotional posts performed well, they will make an offer to continue working with you.

If you have thousands of followers already you may have been hit up by a FN representative already but turned them down.

Definitely consider them as they are a great company to work with, and extremely smart in their marketing techniques which is only going to help you in the long run.

They Don’t Budge

Something you should know is that Fashion Nova typically don’t budge when it comes to offers and contracts.

When they offer something, there is little-to-no leeway on getting more.

This has caused some influencers to cut their contract and stop working with them, as they feel like they are getting paid unfairly.

The Truth About Fashion Nova Clothing

Black Skirt

It’s no question that the Fashion Nova clothing makes great Instagram shots.

Buy a suit for less than $50, promote it to your social platforms and make a few hundred dollars is a great investment and high ROI.

However, some might argue that that’s all they are good for.

They release around 1000 new styles a week which says a lot about the quality.

It seems that they are continually keeping up with the current trends to make amazing Instagram shots.

This is great for your dating profile and social media accounts, but to actually wear out in public? Debatable, especially with the questionable quality.

Bottom line, Fashion Nova clothes are made to be worn a few times, to get some great new pictures, and then forever left in the wardrobe, discarded or sold.

Well that’s my opinion.

Should You Become a Fashion Nova Influencer?

I’m going to give that an easy yes.

This fashion company is extremely smart, constantly keeping up with the current trends, and they know how to market their products.

The pay is good and they are one of the most popular online clothing companies.

If you’re on the fence about working with them, I say go for it and if you don’t like their offer, simply decline and work with someone else.

I hear Bang Energy pays well 🙂

Who Should Partner With Fashion Nova?

If you’re a person that loves to showcase your outfit, or find yourself using the #fitcheck hashtag often, then you’re already halfway there.

Now you just need to turn your followers into a cash machine by partnering with a clothing company like Fashion Nova and earning commissions on your sales.

And that concludes this article.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about Fashion Nova and I’ll happily answer them in the comments below.

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