Fresh and Fit – The #1 Podcast for Dating, Fitness & Making Money?

Fresh and Fit find themselves in the news every other week with the amount of controversy they spark up in the social media world.

But who are these people, and are they someone you should look up to?

Do their “arguments” have any truth to them?

Or are we dealing with a couple of huge frauds that take money from those who don’t know better.

If you know me, you know I’m fully unbiased when it comes to gurus, especially finance gurus who claim to have all the answers.

But today I’ll be covering all there is to know about the Fresh and Fit podcast so you know if they deserve your money or not.


What is the Fresh and Fit Podcast?

The Fresh and Fit hosts include Myron Gaines and Walter Weekes.

These two men have come from literally nothing, to living it up large in a matter of a few years.

Consider Myron the minimalist and Walter the materialist, the flashy guy who buys expensive things and posts them on social media.

However, lets talk about them soon.

I want to discuss what the podcast is about before we move forward.


Fresh and Fit claim to be dating gurus, where they help other men navigate the sexual marketplace to date more girls.

In a world where everything happens on social media, if you’re not using dating apps to your advantage, you’re going to be struggling.

However, that also means that you are competing with a wide range of people, so you need to make sure your profile stands out.

You also need to learn “game”.

Contrary to popular belief, “game” does not mean manipulation tactics, it’s about having experience with women so you know how to act and not act to get the girl you want.


They also teach people about making money on their podcast, which is usually on Monday (Money Mondays).

They’ll invite a “special guest” onto the platform who has made it big in an industry. This person will share their insights on how they made their wealth and how their audience can do the same.

One of my favorite podcasts was with Andrew Tate.


Fit is the fitness guy who is actually pretty fit for an originally tall and lanky guy.

He has learnt how to stay lean and fit, and quickly learnt that this is one of the biggest secrets to getting good looking girls.

That is key, as most 10/10 girls will not go for teddy bears.

And if they do, they usually have fat stacks, status, and game.

But Myron understands that not everyone has this, so you have to do everything in your power to stand out in a competitive marketplace.

So getting your fitness up and getting some lean muscle mass is one of the biggest priorities.

Fresh and Fit Hosts

Who is Fit? (Myron Gaines)

Myron Gaines

Myron Gaines is the fit guy who was a federal agent for many years and fitness YouTuber until he started the Fresh and Fit podcast.

Myrons real name is Amrou Fudi, who was born and bred in the USA, although his nationality is unknown.

He was quickly asked to stop creating controversial YouTube videos to continue his career as a federal agent, or otherwise resign.

So he made the decision of quitting his job and pursuing his YouTube career head on, and it paid off immensely due to his incredible work ethic.

Fresh and Myron are also massive fans of real estate multi-millionaire Grant Cardone.

They own many real estate properties and sometimes talk about real estate on their podcast.

Who is Fresh? (Walter Weekes)


Fresh, AKA FreshPrinceCEO, is the co-host who also teaches people about making money and getting girls.

His real name is Walter Weekes.

Unlike Myron, Walter immigrated to the USA from Barbados some 5 years ago, with a massive dream and high work ethic.

He went from working at Chick-Fil-A to now making 5-figures per month, possibly more, with the Fresh and Fit podcast and other business ventures.

How Does Fresh and Fit Make All Their Money?

I don’t usually trust people that make money by telling other people how to make money.

And in this case Myron and Fresh are safe, as they have made a lot of money from businesses, properties, cryptocurrencies, and other investment opportunities BEFORE they started their podcast.

Since they launched the Fresh and Fit podcast, they have probably 10x’d their income.

They make around 10 – 20k per episode just from donations.

They also sell courses and subscription packages on Patreon, earning tens of thousands of dollars in additional income.

So whether you love them or hate them, Myron and Fresh definitely know a thing or two about wealth creation.

Fresh and Fit Controversy

Why Fresh and Fit became so popular so fast was because they were and still are creating controversial content.

Their financial and fitness advice is okay, but their dating advice gets the uproar from the community.

They continuously get banned off TikTok for giving dating advice deemed “misogynistic and sexist”.

Although that’s what it seems upon first glance if you don’t really know who they are and what they’re about.

I’ve watched many of their videos and learnt a lot from them.

I started watching F&F early in 2021 when they only had 32,000 subscribers, and now they boast 561,000 subscribers.

I personally think their dating advice is good. They like to give advice as bluntly as possible which is how men accept the truth better.

Although this tends to trigger the women.

Controversial or not, they have been getting women for years and know a thing or two about dating.

So you can’t really knock their approach if it seems to be working for thousands of other guys as well.

Are Fresh and Fit Frauds?

Calling them a fraud would imply that they take peoples money in exchange for garbage products that don’t work.

AKA, no one is finding success with the methods they teach.

However, as it turns out, they are growing at a tremendous rate and their courses sell out like hotcakes.

This shows me that what they teach works, because if they didn’t, there would be an outrage of people asking for their money back.

But there isn’t.

People are actually using their techniques and having success, whether it be with women, making money, or getting fit and healthy.

Some people blatantly call out Fresh and Fit as frauds when they’ve only seen a snippet of their content, usually something that has been put on the mainstream media to spark controversy.

DMs on Demand: Does it Work?

DMs on Demand

Again, I would like to reiterate with my statements above that DMs on Demand would not sell and NOT be in demand if it didn’t work.

Fresh and Fit usually sell the course for a limited time before yanking it away, resulting in huge demand the next time they release the product again.

This is a great marketing tactic which further proves that DMs on Demand works.

What is it exactly?

It’s a training course with 10 modules that teach you how to use Instagram as a dating app and get as many girls as possible.

The modules include:

  • Mindset to attract women on social media
  • How to take the right photos
  • Network
  • How to rate and edit photos
  • How to make your profile stand out
  • How to create stories that get views, shares, and follows
  • How to grow your IG without any followers to begin with
  • How to bring girls from other platforms to your Instagram
  • How to get girls anywhere in the world
  • How to set up a date
  • Bonus: 10 live Zoom calls for the first 2 weeks

As you can see, they provide many basic ideas plus advanced tactics to help you get women.

Again, if their course didn’t sell like hotcakes, people would be on social media fuming for their money back.

But this isn’t the case, leading to the conclusion that this course is legit and works even for the average Joe Shmo.

Are Fresh and Fit Scammers?

Fresh and Fit are not scammers or fraudsters, unfortunately to all the haters out there.

They are marketing experts and know how to make money, get girls, and get fit (well one of them does).

There are no red flags when it comes to any of their programs as I have been reviewing systems like these since 2017 and know what to look out for.

Luckily Fresh and Fit are on the good list for now and show no obvious signs of scamming people.

Should You Listen to Them When It Comes to Making Money?

Here’s the thing;

They preach making money and tell you that you need to make a lot of money for you to live a better life.

But unfortunately the vast majority of their viewers watch their “Money Monday” episodes and never take any action.

Sure, they bring high-status people who tell their audience how they became rich.

They’ll usually sell them a course or offer some type of free training.

However, most of the time their viewers have no plan or intention of following these people (their financial advice gets 10x less viewers than dating shows).

Yes, you could listen to the guests that come onto the show, but just know that the success rate of making money is incredibly low.

A Better Way of Making Money?

Most of the methods that Fresh and Fit teach require a lot of money, or they want you to invest in things that are high risk.

Sure, they can make you a lot of money, but there’s also massive risk involved.

I prefer less risk and have a higher chance of earning me big bucks later on.

That’s the downside to my approach.

You gain less in the short-term, but pays off better in the long run.

What I’m talking about is a blog.

I create Amazon affiliate websites that make me 4-figures per month which is now my full-time job.

Why you should try my method is because there is a free trial and 10 free training videos.

Well that finishes up this article on Fresh and Fit.

I hope you learned a lot about these two men and their techniques.

If you don’t agree with anything I said, please let me know in the comments below.

Cheers and have a great day.

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