Freshandfit VS Aba & Preach FIGHT – What I Really Think

There’s a huge beef going on right now in the good ol YouTube’s.

2 guys called Fresh (Walter) and Fit (Myron) own the Freshandfit YouTube channel.


2 guys called Aba & Preach whom I do not know from a bar of soap.

I have watched Freshandfit since they were at 34k subscribers, which was at the start of this year if I remember correctly.

They’re now at 403k after losing almost 50k subs in 48 hours.

Freshandfit are 2 guys that offer financial advice, lifestyle advice, gym advice, and everything else related to becoming a better man.

This is called the manosphere.

The beef

A few days ago Aba & Preach were on the Freshandfit podcast talking about transactional sex.

This basically means you offer something in exchange for sex from a woman.

This can be anything from being in a marriage (because obviously it’s a give and take contract), taking a girl on a date and paying for it, to straight up prostitution.

Aba & Preach are saying that there is ONLY transactional sex and that general desire doesn’t matter and that guys don’t care about general desire from a woman.

Freshandfit’s counter argument was that guys really do want general desire from a woman rather than paying for it all the time.

Aba & Preach do not believe that they do.

This is where the whole argument just spiraled out of control.

Everyone handled it poorly

First and foremost both parties handled the whole debate poorly.

Both parties are set in their beliefs and both do not want to budge.

Freshandfit let their emotions take over and Walter (Fresh) started attacking one of their wives, which is a huge no no.

Freshandfit have made an apology video because, well, they are men and want to defend their reputation they have built over the last year (450k subscribers in one year is a huge accomplishment).

Who was wrong?

Both parties were in the wrong about how they handled the situation, but Aba & Preach were wrong about their argument.

Guys definitely want general desire from women.

Anyone can pay for sex but not everyone can get a girl that wants to rip his clothes off because they genuinely want him so bad.

Just ask the millions of OnlyFans subscribers who are only there for a genuine connection from a girl.

OnlyFans gives them the ability to have one-on-one connection (well they think it’s a genuine connection). It makes guys feel special, because it feels like the girls actually want them.

I’ve talked about this in one of my articles.

Guys will literally pay money for a genuine connection from a girl.

This niche is called the “girlfriend experience”.

You can read more about that here.

Will there be a boxing match?

So here’s something interesting.

Freshandfit called them out and said they wanted to fight (jokingly).

Again, this is a bad way of handling it.

Aba & Preach responded and accepted the match, which has completely backfired on Walter, the guy that called them out.

Will the boxing match happen?

Most probably not but it’ll certainly be a great match if it does.

I’m rooting for Freshandfit of course, not because I’ve known them the longest and have the same beliefs, but because they are consistent in what they say.

Aba & Preach literally flip-flopped in their response video saying that respect did matter to women, then saying it doesn’t matter, then it does, and then it doesn’t again.

He’s inconsistent in his argument which tells me this beef is personal and it’s all about taking these guys down because they’re growing so quickly and it goes against their beliefs.

Think of Aba & Preach as the white knight to defend women, and think of Freshnfit as the rebels who do what they want, when they want, and get as many girls as they want.

That’s the best way to describe the differences. They’ll never agree on anything and honestly I hope the boxing match does happen.

My Final Opinion

Freshandfit are the bigger men in this scenario because they have apologized just so they can move on from this whole thing.

On the other hand, Aba & Preach CONTINUE to make videos about them and won’t accept their apology.

This is what school kids do, not fully grown adults.

So in my opinion both parties handled it all wrong, Freshandfit won all the battles and they’re going to win the war.

What do you think of this whole situation?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below. Lets have a discussion.

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