7 Ways to Grow a TikTok Following Without Showing Your Face

In other articles I mention that you can’t really become an influencer without showing your face.

However, I emphasize in that article that you’ll need to show your personality in other ways.

In saying that, TikTok is in a league of its own when it comes to the different social media platforms.

Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, etc, these all require your audience to relate to you, and so showing your face is almost mandatory.

But TikTok is still fairly new, and the content is much different.

So Can You Grow a TikTok Following Without Showing Your Face?


I’m happy to say that this is one 100% possible.

In fact, not showing your face is not going to limit your success in any way.

There are thousands of TikTok creators who don’t show their face and they’ve become wildly successful.

However, there are some things that you should follow in order to become a hit.

And today I’m about to share those secrets with you. So enjoy.

The Easiest Way to Hide Your Face?

So before we get into all the different niches, let me start off by saying that you should do whatever TikTok videos you want to do, but hide or obscure your face in one way or another.

The most popular is not showing your face at all.

This means panning the camera away from your face and showing your hands, feet, body, or whatever it is you’re trying to show.

It could even be an item.

The second popular method is to use a mask. Either mix it up in each video or stick to the same mask style for a signature look.

Others wear cosplay makeup, meaning they make themselves look like a character from a video game or movie.

Anyway, lets get into some of the niches you could do.

1. Show Your Talent

Everyone has a talent. You can share yours and get massive views.

Before TikTok there wasn’t really a social media platform where you could share your talent and get thousands of views without a following.

TikTok has made this so much easier.

A talent can be anything from:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Drawing
  • Stylish writing
  • Dancing (With a mask)
  • Etc

The possibilities are endless.

If your talent requires you to show your face, simply wear a cool mask. It can be your signature look.

Otherwise if you’re not comfortable with wearing a mask, just pan the video down so no one can see your face.

Honestly pretty much anything goes on TikTok, so don’t feel weird if you feel different.

TikTok grew off of people being different, showing their talents and their humor to people.

2. Review Products

Of course this will require you to have the products in person, but if you are constantly purchasing stuff, this can be a lucrative business model.

Simply review a new product you purchase by providing an introduction, the facts, what you think about the product, and the verdict.

Laser target your audience by sticking to a specific product type (e.g. Iphone cases, ear buds, cameras, etc).

If you stick to a specific product type you’ll grow followers faster 🙂

3. Inspirational Quotes

Everyone can do with a daily motivation.

They need a sign to get up and keep moving forward. That random message from TikTok could be the positive message that changes their life.

This is as simple as putting up your favorite quote, attaching a cool background, and reading it out.

Or you could put it in front of a peaceful video and add some music.

Bonus points for doing it yourself!

4. Cooking Videos

Cooking is another way of growing a TikTok following without showing your face.

This niche is growing exponentially ever since people started streaming themselves cooking on Twitch.

Now more and more people are showing their skills via TikTok and even paid subscription services like OnlyFans.

Either way, if you’re handy in the kitchen, you could make viral TikTok videos of you whipping something AMAZING up.

5. Gaming Videos

Gaming is a massive industry and it’s not slowing down anytime soon.

In fact, it hasn’t even reached its peak. This is a good time for people to cash in on this by getting in the gaming niche.

In my last article I mentioned that you should show your face when streaming on Twitch.

However, TikTok is much different.

Doing a voice over of a gaming clip can attract a gaming audience (although they’ll probably be the younger generation).

The video clip can be something funny, entertaining, or just downright cool. Post what you think other gamers would love to see.

6. Singing

Singing is a great niche to get into on TikTok.

There are thousands of singers making it big, and not all of them show their face.

Simply cover your face with a mask.

Just look at how popular Sia is.

Of course we know what she looks like now, but she became successful WITH her mask.

You can also sing in the mirror with your phone covering your face, or simply hide out of view but with a cool background.

7. Cosplay

Ninja Cosplay

Cosplay, another growing industry, is a gold mine right now.

People love to see cool/cute/interesting outfits. You don’t even need to show your face, well, you can’t anyway if you’re wearing a cosplay mask.

Or if you’ve piled on lots of make up, you’ll be almost unnoticeable.

Of course this will require a bit of an investment up front unless you have a cosplay collection already.

What I Like About TikTok

There are literally hundreds and thousands of niches you can get into that don’t require your face.

These are just the tip of the iceberg.

What I like about TikTok is that anything goes.

What might seem weird for you might be legendary for someone else, and a viral video in the making.

Honestly the ones you least expect to grow are the ones that get the most views.

My Final Advice

My final advice for anyone that wants to start a TikTok but don’t want to show their face is to just do it and hide it.

Getting started is the biggest hurdle. Once you’re over that, you can adjust how you want to do things later on.

Ever heard the saying “Jump and grow wings on the way down”?

Well that’s how you should approach a TikTok channel. Simply get started and learn the ropes along the way.

No one started off as perfect.

And no one will EVER start off at something being the best.

Everyone starts from somewhere, and now is the time for you to start your journey.

Well that wraps up this article.

Please leave your thoughts and questions in the comments below and I’ll get back to you asap.

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