Your Guide to Becoming a Bikini Influencer

Nowadays it’s getting much easier for women to use their body to make money online. However, becoming a bikini influencer is a different ball game.

As a bikini influencer, your audience has to consist of lots of women or you’re not going to make the company much money.

Guys aren’t going to buy the bikini products you showcase, but most of your followers will inevitably become guys.

So how do you become a successful bikini influencer if you’re attracting the wrong gender?

Well that’s what I’ll be covering in this article.

#1 Focus on Building Your Audience

Your #1 priority is building an audience first and foremost.

You’re not going to become a successful influencer by having 1000 followers, but everyone starts somewhere.

Fortunately it’s easier to build an audience for women than it is for men.

Simply put, men love following hot/pretty girls, especially those that show off their bodies.

You’re inevitably going to grow your audience as long as you’re being consistent and posting pictures.

Posting at least 4-5x a week is good, but once per day is recommended.

Heck, even accounts with millions of followers still post about 4x per week and they’ve already “made it”.

You need to be working harder than everyone else, especially when starting out.

#2 Don’t Worry About Gender

It’s true that most people who follow you will be guys, and those people aren’t interested in buying your bikini products.

But you can’t control who follows you.

However, the more you build your audience, the more people that will follow you.

Eventually you would have built up a large following, and a large portion of those followers will be women anyway.

Those are the ones that will buy your swimwear products.

As long as you’re constantly growing your follow-count, more and more “potential buyers” will end up following you.

#3 Post Quality Content

If you’re a bikini model, your money maker is likely going to be your body.

Posting pictures of your body is a surefire way to grow a fast following.

You don’t need to only post bikini pics or pictures of your body, but a large portion of them should be if you want to become a bikini influencer as fast as possible.

Also regarding picture quality, your mobile phone is good enough for now.

However, you should invest in a quality camera as soon as possible.

#4 Invest in a Good Camera, Tripod, Swimwear and Lingerie

If you’re serious about becoming a successful bikini model, I highly recommend investing in a good camera and tripod since you won’t always have someone around to take pictures.

You should also invest in some swimwear products to get the ball rolling and establish yourself as a bikini influencer.

You don’t have to get lingerie, but it’s a great way to mix up your content and not just stick to the same thing.

For example: Devin Brugman is a bikini influencer but mixes up her content so her audience doesn’t get bored.

Devin Brugman

#5 Focus on the 80/20 Rule

As long as you’re only promoting your products 20% of the time, you are going to succeed in both making money, making the company money, and not pissing off your audience.

The 80/20 rule means 80% normal content, and 20% promotional.

So How Do You Become a Bikini Influencer Once You Have Enough Followers?

I recommend that you start promoting products when you hit 5000+ followers, because this is when you’re considered a micro influencer.

When you gain micro influencer status, brands are more likely to work with you.

And you’ll also have an account that they can measure engagement, post consistency, follower count, etc (because all of these matter).

Anything less than that and it’ll be harder to partner with anyone, and even if you do, you probably won’t see much sales.

So wait before you start promoting and focus on building a good audience first.

Also before you can become a bikini influencer, you first have to purchase a bikini from the company, and most of the time apply to become an influencer.

After that you will be given a unique code that you can share with your audience.

The unique code should be placed in the description of your bikini posts to give your audience a discount, make you money, and make the company money.

Already have over 5000 followers? Here’s 8 Swimwear brands ready to start working with you!

And That’s a Wrap

Well this concludes this article on becoming a bikini influencer.

As long as you use these tips, you can’t go wrong.

To summarize everything we talked about today:

  • Focus on growing your audience with consistent content
  • Your mobile phone is good enough for now, but invest in a tripod and camera asap
  • Mix up your content every now and then. Don’t just post bikini pics, post selfies of your outfit, gym selfies, or anything else interesting you’re doing
  • Don’t promote your brand in every post. Follow the 80/20 rule
  • Wait til’ you hit 5,000 followers before you apply to become a bikini influencer

So do you have any questions or concerns?

Ask me anything down below and I’ll get back to you asap!


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