How to Get OnlyFans Subscribers Using Tinder

Tinder is currently the biggest dating app on the planet, it makes complete sense to funnel the traffic from Tinder into another social media platform you want to grow.

Well in this case we’ll be talking about OnlyFans.

There is a right way and a wrong way to doing this.

The wrong way will get you banned before you get any leads or sales, and the right way will get many new paying subscribers.

In this article I will explain exactly how to promote OnlyFans on Tinder without getting banned.

Hint: You don’t.

No Nudity and No Mention of OnlyFans

The quickest way to get banned on Tinder is to post nudes or mention your OnlyFans account.

I mean, don’t even hint at the thought.

The fact of the matter is, you can and will get permanently banned.

Tinder will ban your phone and IP address so you can never use Tinder again unless you change your IP and phone number.

So does that mean there’s no hope with this social media platform?

There is hope.

Fortunately there is a way around this, and that is to promote your other social media accounts.

We’ll be promoting another popular social media platform, either Instagram or Snapchat, and then funneling the traffic into your OF.

Still with me?


Send People to Snapchat or Instagram

I say IG and SC because 99% of other guys will have either one of these channels (never use WhatsApp. Every scammer uses it because it’s untraceable).

So basically put your Snapchat or Instagram account in your Tinder description instead.

It’s the easiest way to get new followers on autopilot without doing anything, ESPECIALLY if you’re a hot/cute girl.

Make Your Profile Look “Normal”

You want to appear as a normal Tinder girl like everyone else.

That means NOT posting only half nude pictures.

You can have at least one half nude pic, but it should be innocent like a bikini on the beach, not a video of you twerking.

This just screams “look at me, I want you to sign up to my OnlyFans”.

Your profile picture needs to be attention grabbing, sexy, bright, and have good lighting.

Then there’s your bio. It should compliment your photos. Keep it casual, you want it to sound like you’re here to find a boyfriend.

Bios like these work well:

  • Where are the good guys at? IG: [username]
  • I’m over getting my heart broken, just want to find a good guy IG: [username]
  • Are there any real men out there? SC [username]

Guys like the thought of having a shot with you one day and hopefully meeting up.

That is their end goal, they’re not on there for attention, they want a girlfriend (with some exceptions).

So don’t say you’re just looking for friends.

Promoting OnlyFans From Snapchat

If you added your Snapchat account to your Tinder bio you should be getting new friends around the clock.

This is good news, it means you have successfully setup your profile and it doesn’t look spammy or promotional.

Once people add you from Tinder, that does NOT mean you can promote your OnlyFans account straight away.

The key is to be subtle.

You need to look like a normal girl. That means posting lots of selfies, interesting things you’re doing throughout the day, etc.

I’ve got a full article on promoting OnlyFans through Snapchat.

Pro tip: Don’t promote your OF link on Snapchat or Instagram, it’ll get you banned. Add your OnlyFans to your Linktree and promote that instead. Plus it looks less spammy.

Promoting OnlyFans on Instagram

Instagram is a little easier than Snapchat to be honest, simply because guys are attracted to hot girls.

This is the social platform that most OnlyFans girls have the most success with. If you aren’t on IG, you are leaving money on the table.

Even in 2021 it’s not as saturated as it could be, there’s still lots of room for growth.

I even explain why Instagram is the new unofficial dating app.

In order to become successful with Instagram you should be posting pictures of your body and attracting guy followers.

Put your Linktree into your bio to redirect new and existing followers into your OnlyFans account.

It’s really as simple as that.

That’s a Wrap

Well there you have it, the easiest and most effective way to funnel traffic from your Tinder account, to other social medias, and then to OnlyFans.

The key takeaway?

Don’t ever mention anything about OnlyFans in your Tinder bio or even DMs unless you want to get banned. Bring them to your other social platforms and promote from there.

Happy money-making!

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2 thoughts on “How to Get OnlyFans Subscribers Using Tinder”

  1. The key is to never promote OF on tinder. It’s against their terms or service and it hinders users’ experiences. I will continue to report those who advertise their OF on tinder. There are better platforms to promote, such as Reddit and Instagram.

    • I mentioned in the article that it goes against their ToS, but there are ways around it.

      While it might hinder users’ experiences, that’s another topic.

      It’s not like Tinders not on its last legs anyway. There are way better dating apps to use.


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