How to Invite Influencers to an Event

Inviting influencers to an event is much easier than you think. In this article I’ll discuss the step-by-step plan to get you hundreds of influencers to your Friday night gathering.

Whether you want to showcase a new product, have a party, or to simply create an atmosphere of highly successful people for networking purposes, you need the right tactic.

Most highly influential people are way too busy, they hardly ever read DMs, and they are always have stuff going on.

This is a tried and true method that you can do to invite highly successful influencers and have an outstanding event.

Keep reading for the lowdown.

Step #1 – Contact them via email, not DM

Influencers don’t check every DM that they get, especially influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers.

However, most people still check their email address no matter how successful they are or how much followers they have.

If you can find their email address, especially their business email, then you should definitely use that rather than direct message.

An email is almost a guaranteed read.

This is the one fundamental tricks that will get your email read faster than a direct message and even a reply.

Step #2 – Open With a Compliment

Lets face it, using a template is not going to land you many successful guest invites.

I can’t even imagine how many events, parties, business deals, and everything else that influencers get offered.

Using a template will not make you stand out.

You need to do a little research, but don’t worry, it only takes 5 minutes.

Basically you can check their content and see what you would like to compliment them on.

Maybe it’s their new leg workout, maybe it’s the way they cooked something, or maybe it’s the name of their pet. The possibilities are endless.

Make sure the compliment is something specific and not generic.

Saying “I like your new vlog, it was well done, keep up the good work” is by no means a compliment that was thought out.

I recently contacted someone with 500,000 YouTube followers, opened with a compliment and wrote the rest of the email by hand (not using a template) and landed myself a business deal.

This is how you stand out from the hundreds of other offers in their email inbox.

Email Preview

Step #3 – Write by Hand (Don’t Use a Template)

Like I said, influencers get way too many invites and offers on a daily basis.

But two things are for sure, even big business owners read their emails, and opening up with a compliment shows them that you have done your research.

You’re not like everybody else using the same template and sounding like a bot.

You can take this a step even further by writing the rest of the email by hand.

Make it more specific to them and you’re far more likely to get a reply and even a successful guest invite.

Step #4 – What to Add Into Your Email

Your email needs to include 3 of the main criteria points.

  • The reason for the event
  • What they should expect
  • What’s in it for them (the benefit)

Your reason for the event and what they’ll expect needs to be congruent all the way through. From the start of the event right til’ the end.

You don’t want to invite someone to an influencer boat party, and when they get there they are being pitched a new product.

This just makes you look really bad. Your chances of making any sales go down dramatically, and you’ll create a bad name for yourself.

People thought they were going to get lit and network with a bunch of great people, and now they’re being sold to.

No one will want to do business with you in the future.

You also need to tell them what’s in it for them. Why should they go?

Incentivize is the keyword here. You want to make them feel like they’re missing out if they don’t go.

Make the venue photo-worthy for IG influencers, create an awesome backdrop, swag bags, etc.

When you’ve established the reason for the event, what they should expect, and the benefit, simply ask them to respond and you will provide the the date and time.

Step #5 – Consider Creating a Webpage

You can take this a step further by creating a webpage dedicated to the event.

I recommend sending the webpage link after they have responded to the first email, you don’t want to seem pushy.

The web page can include even more details about the event.

For example:

  • Who, what, when, where, why
  • Guest speakers
  • Who will be attending
  • Parking info
  • Logistics
  • And any other important details

Step #6 – Give Plenty of Notice and Send Out Reminders

You should give at least 3 weeks notice. You don’t want to send out a bunch of invites when the event only starts next weekend.

This is nowhere near enough time when people have their schedule filled up already.

The more notice, the better, but don’t invite people to something that’s 2 months away. That is far too much notice.

You also need to send out reminder emails;

One week before the event and 48 hours before it starts is a good rule of thumb.

To Recap:

How to message influencers on social media or email

Open with a compliment, explain what your event is about, what they’ll expect, the benefits, and to reply if they’re interesting in joining.

Why you shouldn’t use templates

Everyone’s using them. Creating something personal is going to make them feel welcome and that you really care.

Influencers get far more offers and invites than you think, so you can stand out by being more personal rather than generic.

Webpage or no webpage?

A webpage is not mandatory, but it’s not a bad idea either.

It’ll make you look more professional and you’ll be able to provide more detailed information for the influencers.


Well that wraps up this article on inviting influencers to an event, party, or other social gathering.

This is a tried and true strategy that will get your invitation read, and a high response rate.

Regarding email subjects, keep it light and friendly.

Something like “I like your post” or “I like your leg workout” is going to be more friendly and personal than “An Invitation for All Influencers”.

If you would like to know more about contacting influencers, please leave a comment down below and I’ll be happy to help 🙂

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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