How to Make a Premium Snapchat and Earn Money

Making money on Snapchat is not an easy task. I’ve helped many girls promote their Snapchat and get more paid subscribers.

And even that takes a lot of work.

It’s not easy but it is simple.

Simple meaning the process is easy to understand.

Because getting followers to give you money is another ball game.

Fortunately I’ve had experience in this field, specifically promoting girls premium Snapchat accounts.

That’s likely why you’re trying to get more people to buy your premium Snapchat account, and if so, I can help.

Lets get started.

What is a Premium Snapchat?

There’s a little confusion around premium Snapchat accounts, so I’m here to clear that up.

The term “Premium Snapchat” is not an official thing.

Basically it’s a regular Snapchat with the settings set to private, and you only add people that have paid to enter.

Therefore we will need to utilize two Snapchat accounts – one free and one paid.

The free account is used to promote your premium account, and your premium account is for content that users pay for. They’re paying for exclusivity that they won’t get anywhere else.

That’s the gist of a premium Snapchat.

I’ll go in more detail on how to up set both accounts correctly so you maximize followers, new customers and monthly income.

Step 1: Setup a Paid Subscription Using One of the Following Websites

There are many places that accept payments for premium Snapchat accounts, but you only need to know the most popular.

These are:

  1. OnlyFans
  2. FanCentro
  3. ManyVids
  4. Justforfans
  5. Ismygirl
  6. Loyalfans

Any of these websites are good go but I highly recommend OnlyFans for the simple fact that they are the most popular and most trusted.

Note: This is where you’ll be sending to people to subscribe to you. Once they have subscribed, you can add them to your “Premium” Snapchat. Stay away from Paypal because they don’t accept payments for this type of service.

Step 2: Create a Non-Spammy Free Account

Your free account is where you’ll be promoting your premium account.

However, I have some golden rules that you need to follow in order to become successful with this.

Golden Rule Book

Keep in mind that there are millions of bots on Snapchat who add random guys for the sake of sending them scripted messages.

As soon as you add a guy, his guard is up until you prove you’re a real person and he knows your intentions.

Automatically he’s going to assume you’re either a bot or someone just trying to promote their premium.

So here are my golden rules for a free account:

Golden Rule #1: Account name matters – If your Snapchat name is SexyHaley123 you’ll look like a bot or a girl just trying to promote their premium. However, names like itsmehaley, justhaley, haleythatsme is far better because you look like a real person.

Golden Rule #2: Don’t tell them your intentions – When you add someone new and they ask why you added them, just say you’re making new friends, they always fall for this. If you say you’re selling a premium account they’ll remove you straight away.

Golden Rule #3: Freebie seekers will always be freebie seekers – What I’ve found after a couple of years doing this is that people that have no intention of paying will never pay. Things like “give me a teaser” and “show me what I’m missing out on” is a person just trying to get free stuff. Tell them you’ll give them lots of sign up bonuses instead. Send them maybe one mirror selfie with clothes on. But no more or they’ll feel like they won and got what they wanted.

Golden Rule #4: You have to engage – Engagement matters, but you don’t need to overdo it. When you get replies on your story, simply reply back to them. This makes them feel like they have a connection with you and they’ll be more likely to reply to your stories in the future.

Golden Rule #5: Post daily – Promote your premium account once a day on your freemium account, and include a link to your Linktree (where you will have a link to your paid subscription website). I recommend posting panties or bikini pics along with your link because they perform incredibly well. However, post selfies and stuff throughout the day as well so people know you’re real.

Golden Rule #6: Make Your Account Public – This is pretty much mandatory for your free Snapchat account. Make it so everyone can contact you and everyone can view your story. This is so those that don’t even have you as a friend can still see your content. This little trick is going to get you thousands more views on your stories and more subscribers.

Step 3: Create Your Premium Account

A premium account is simply a regular Snapchat account with the settings set to private.

So instead of opening up your account to anyone, keep your story and contact settings set to “friends only”.

Snapchat should already have these on by default, but check it first to make sure.

Your premium account does not have as many rules as a free account.

For example: your name can be as simple as haley_private.

However, do stay really active on this account. Once per day is not enough. You’ll need to post at least a couple times a day to keep your subscribers happy and paying.

I tried doing one post a day on a premium Snap and the subscribers were dropping off daily.

The key to holding valuable subscribers is to provide lots of content throughout the day. At least 2-3x per day is a good rule of thumb.

Nudes with your face showing is an easy win. People love to see your face when seeing nudes, it’s the whole reason they signed up to you in the first place.

They’ve seen you with clothes on, now they want the nude version.

Posting nudes everyday is a simple strategy to holding paid subscribers.

It’s possible to do it without showing your face, but subscribers will drop of quickly when they realize they’re not getting face pics.

Other Things That’ll Help Tremendously

Have a Nice Body

There’s lots of reasons why social media influencers with a nice body have far more success than those that don’t.

People are attracted to good looking things.

Now a nice body isn’t mandatory, but it will help a lot when getting new subscribers and holding them.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it has to be decent.

Get New Followers Daily

You need to constantly be getting new followers everyday.

There are plenty of ways to do this. Use the “quick add” feature, it’s a super simple way that doesn’t require much effort.

Use it at least once a day, which will give you around 50 new followers.

You should also add your free account on Simply add your age and Snapchat name and you’ll get at least 20 – 30 new followers per day.

Keep in mind that the guys on Addmesnaps are horny, so expect some weird messages.

What I like about Addmesnaps is that most girl accounts are bots, so you’ll easily stand out by being a real girl.

Clean Up Your Free Account

Your free account will eventually hit the 5,000 follow limit but there are people that still watch your free stories that don’t have any intention of paying.

These are the ones you need to get rid of, and those that have already removed you from their friends list.

Take 30 minutes out of your day to “clean up” unwanted people.

A cool trick is to Snap a pic to everyone, those that show a grey arrow next to their name means they’ve removed you from their friends list.

Doing maintenance a few times a week is going to keep make way for fresh followers.

Make Your Prices Affordable

When you set up your paid subscription account (with any of the websites I mentioned at the start of this article), you can set your price to whatever you want.

The average is $10 and that’s what I recommend when starting out.

These websites take at least a 20% cut, leaving you with $8 for the monthly payment.

However, if you put it down to $5 you’ll only get $4.

What I’ve found after a couple years doing this is that $10 is a good price. Anything under that and you’re losing money.

People that are going to pay will pay regardless of whether it’s $5 or $10 anyway, so you might as well make it $10 and get a better payday.

However, anymore than that and it’s more difficult to get subscribers.

You could up the price later once you’re earning a consistent monthly income, but for now you need some subs to keep you motivated.

Create a Public Profile & Attract Subscribers

Public Profile

I highly recommend creating a public profile for your free Snapchat account.

This allows people to subscribe to you and don’t have to add you as a friend, bypassing the 5,000 friend limit entirely.

Note: Subscribing to your free account is different than subscribing to a premium account. When you create a public profile, people can subscribe to you completely free.

Those that aren’t your friend can view your stories too.

Getting lots of free subscribers is simple.

The two best ways are by posting to SnapMaps with your Snapcode, and adding high-quality videos to Spotlight.

If you’re in a large city, add your Snapcode to your story, then post to SnapMaps. You’ll get hundreds of views and followers everyday.

The second best way is to add videos to Spotlight.

Spotlight requires a little more work though. Snapchat Spotlight is similar to TikTok, it requires a little bit of creativity to get the viewers.

Spotlight is still fairly new, so there’s lots of potential to become successful with this.

Learn more about Snapchat Spotlight here.

Should I Promote Premium Snapchat Via Other Social Media Channels?

No, simply promote your premium account with your free Snapchat.

However, you can promote your Linktree which is connected to your paid subscription account from other social media platforms.

If they join your OnlyFans (or whatever subscription-based service you use), send them your premium account as a bonuses.

Do I Have to Add and Remove Accounts Myself?

For OnlyFans, no. OnlyFans removes people as soon as they unsubscribe.

However, adding and removing people from your premium Snapchat is manually done by you.

It sucks I know, but for now it’s the only way to do it.

When you gain a new sub, message them and ask for their Snapchat name so you can add them.

Same goes when they leave. You’ll have to remove them manually.

Should You Remove People From Your Premium Snap?

Personally I don’t think it’s worth the hassle trying to remember who’s who.

It’s way too much work, and who cares if they’re still getting the content for free when you’re earning lots of money anyway.

When you’re earning thousands of dollars per month, you hardly have any time or even care about people getting free content.

So maybe in the early days, sure, you can remove those that leave.

But when it gets difficult to keep up with all of them, I say don’t worry about it.

All in All

All in all, Snapchat premium is a great way of earning a consistent income from the comfort of your own home.

It’s 1010% possible to make it your full-time job, but that requires consistency and discipline.

You need to constantly get new followers, new subs and post every single day (on both accounts).

The strategies that I’ve shown in this article is a starting point, they’re not set in stone.

It’s a blueprint to help you get the ball going.

Once the ball is moving you can continue doing what you’re doing, or pivot a little by adding your own twists.

Make your Snap unique, post whatever you want, it’s your page and people are subscribing to see you.

That’s the final takeaway on this whole article.

I hope you learned a lot and I’ll be happy to answer any questions in the comments below.

Cheers and have a wonderful day.


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