How to Promote OnlyFans on TikTok

Looking to promote OnlyFans on TikTok but worried about getting banned? You’ll be happy to know that even though it’s not allowed, there’s still ways around it.

In this article I will explain exactly how you can promote OnlyFans on TikTok and harness the millions of active daily users for your own financial gain.

Keep reading for my tried and true methods.


Why Use TikTok to Promote OnlyFans?

Lots of Traffic

There is literally millions of active users on TikTok everyday.

You can get thousands of views to your videos in a few days without much effort, especially if you’re a hot girl.

TikTok is absolutely filled with women doing dances, talking, or doing anything to look cute, and they’re getting hundreds of thousands of followers.

Compare that to something like Facebook, and you have a FAR better chance of getting subscribers to your OF account.

Easy to Grow

Another reason you should use TikTok to promote OnlyFans is because it’s incredibly easy to grow.

Pair a cute girl with a dance trend, and you have a potentially viral video.

Stay consistent in your posting efforts, and gaining hundreds of new followers daily is inevitable.

Many, Many Simps

Lets face it, the ones signing up to your OF are all going to be simps.

Thankfully TikTok is riddled with people that are willing to see more of you, and don’t mind paying a pretty penny.

It’s one of the reasons why I uninstalled TikTok and refuse to use it, the fact that I was sick of seeing girls dancing with every swipe.

How incredibly annoying.

However, for girls wanting to make bank, it’s a goldmine if you know how to monetize your account and online presence.

Can You Promote OnlyFans on TikTok?

No, you are not allowed to directly promote your OnlyFans anywhere on TikTok…not even your bio, description, captions, or hashtags.

However, you are definitely allowed to post alternative links in your bio, which is exactly how we’ll be promoting our OnlyFans page.

You’ve probably heard of Linktree by now.

Basically, it’s a one-page website with links to all your social media accounts.

This means you can promote anything you want on this page, as it’s completely yours.

Plus all social media platforms allow you to promote your Linktree page.

So instead of promoting your OF link directly, just add your Linktree in your bio.

Pro tip: Switch your TikTok page to a professional account and your link becomes clickable.

What Should You Post?


Unfortunately, for adult content creators, TikTok is family-friendly.

Therefore any nudity is not permitted and never will be. Posting any nude videos will get you banned immediately.

“So how do we promote our OF page if we can’t post sexy videos?”.

The thing is, simps simp over any cute girl. All you have to do is post any type of video of you dancing, performing a trend, doing something cringe, funny, etc, and you’ll get followers.

Honestly, just post things that you’re comfortable with.

You’ll look more natural on camera, and people will follow you for you, not someone you’re trying to be.

How Many Followers Will Become Paid Subscribers?

Honestly, everyone is different, and every creator is different.

OnlyFans says that about 1 – 1.5% of your followers will become paying OF subscribers.

And that would seem correct to me.

If you can get more than that, you’re doing incredibly well.

Use that 1% as a general rule of thumb and a benchmark for how well your promotional efforts are doing.

Lets say if you can get 10,000 followers on TikTok, and turn 1% of them into paying subscribers, that is $1000 per month (if you charge $10 per month).

Get 25,000 followers and you’re looking at $2,500 per month.

Is It Hard to Make Money On OnlyFans?

Unfortunately we can’t se the exact numbers that the average person is making on OnlyFans, as OF does not disclose these numbers.

However, in my experience making money online, learning the ins and outs, learning all about digital marketing, conversions, etc, I can confidently say that the average creator probably makes a couple of hundred bucks per month.

Keep in mind that this is easy money compared to other online ventures, which is why it has become so lucrative to many girls around the world.

Some girls don’t have to work a day in their lives, just harnessing their social media following to make bank.

And that’s what you can do if you stick to it and never give up.

When can you expect to make money?

There are too many variables to say exactly when you will start making money.

But again, with my knowledge and experience in digital marketing, if you create content on TikTok every single day, jump on trends, and engage with your audience, you’ll definitely be making money in your first month.

Remember that most girls that try OF are average people, and the average person is lazy.

So if the average person can make a couple of hundred bucks with minimal effort, then you posting every single day will earn you a much higher income in a faster time frame.

How Much Should You Charge?

As the old adage goes, it’s easier to get 1 person to pay $1,000 than it is to get 1000 people to pay $1.

You can use that same concept for your OnlyFans page.

Of course you don’t want to price too high or you’ll struggle to get subscribers, let alone retain them.

You also don’t want to price too low, as you’ll feel like you’re not making enough money for the work you’re putting in.

The minimum you can charge on OnlyFans is $4.99, and the maximum is $49.99.

I have said in other articles that you should start with $10 per month, as that is what most girls start with.

It’s also going to get you earning money much more quickly.

So if you’re want to start making money asap, you should start with $10 – $15 per month.

Anymore and you might find that it’s too difficult to get paying subscribers, let alone retain them.

Are There Any Other Social Media Platforms I Recommend?

Yes, another social media platform you SHOULD be using is Snapchat.

It’s an absolute goldmine for promoting OnlyFans.


It’s incredibly engaging, and again, there are many many simps.

One thing I like about Snapchat is that you can be more sexy and reckless without fear of being banned.

Post your more raunchier content and watch the subscribers roll in.

Of course you will need to engage with your audience, respond to DMs, etc, just to show that you’re not a bot, and a nice person.

You can also use the “Quick Add” feature to add new followers on the daily.

I have made a full article on Snapchat here.

Conclusion: TikTok Is Well Worth It!

TikTok is definitely one of the better ways to promote OnlyFans, as mentioned earlier, there are millions of simps with their wallet out ready to watch a more sexier version of you.

Here are some final tips for you take advantage of:

  • Stay consistent
  • Jump on trends
  • Engage with your audience (extremely important)
  • Thirst trap as much as possible, but within reason to avoid getting banned
  • Post during the busiest time of the day. More eye balls = more followers and likes
  • Ban people that might say you’re content is inappropriate, as they’ll be the ones to report your account
  • Use TikTok Live if you get banned from posting for a period of time

Final takeaway: It’s possible that you’ll get banned a few times, as many OF creators have found out. However, the traffic and subscribers you get definitely make up for the constant headache. You can simply keep creating new accounts and gaining even more subscribers (in addition to subs from previous accounts).

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