How to Promote Your MLM Business on Facebook

It’s become a popular thing to promote MLM opportunities on Facebook.

Unfortunately most of them do it the wrong way.

Many will go live where they can engage with their audience as they talk about the product or business model.

Some shamelessly plug their new business venture.

Others spam their feed until the cows come home.

Unfortunately getting new leads and customers is not easy. Most of the techniques they use do not work because frankly, most people on Facebook aren’t there to buy.

Common Marketing Mistakes

Using a Personal Profile Page

A personal page is not for business and should never be used as such.

You can use your personal page to promote your business page, but not directly.

Keep it subtle, share pictures and entertaining content from your business page. If they’re interested they’ll follow you.

Pestering Friends and Family


No one likes to be sold to.

A huge mistake new marketers do is become aggressive with their promotions.

They usually private message their aunt, uncle, cousin they have talked to in 20 years, long-lost uncles, second granddads, the list goes on.

This is just annoying. It does the complete opposite of piquing someone’s interest.

Just Focusing on Promoting

Another HUGE mistake I see is people focusing on just promotion and trying to get exposure to their business.

This brings down engagement and results in less people seeing your content.

You have to provide value which I’ll talk more about soon.

You Need to Realize How Facebook Works

Facebook is a for personal connections first, business second.

The algorithm will always put interaction amongst friends and family before anything else, because that’s what Facebook was created for in the first place.

A few years ago Facebook was the king for social media businesses.

Everything they post would go to the top of everyone’s news feed and get the exposure they needed.

Now it’s not quite the same.

Business content gets less exposure and views as a result of the algorithm shift.

People that use it for what it is gets views, comments, likes, shares.

Those that use it for business have a more difficult time.

So how do we play by the rules and use it to our advantage?

Business or Personal Page?

I recommend a business page but brand yourself.

Use your real name with your business page, it’ll help with building relationships since they can put a face to the name.

Keep your personal page personal so you don’t sabotage any current relationships (usually MLM marketers are aggressive with their promotion).

With your business page you can add lots of new people.

You can also add current friends and family to get your business off the ground. They can simply unfollow if they aren’t interested.

Relevant Content is King

Posting things that your followers love is a surefire way to get comments, likes and shares.

That really is the only way to blow up any type of social media.

If you’re followers don’t like what you’re posting, you won’t get the engagement that you need to stay in Facebook’s good books.

The algorithm will favor you over anyone else if you get more engagement than others.

Is the content informative? Entertaining? Funny? Interesting?

Boring content doesn’t get shares, that’s why those that only care about posting their business gets low engagement, low exposure and low views.

How to Get More Engagement

Ask questions in your posts, reply to comments, share stories.

People love a good story.

I wrote a story about an experience I had in a random McDonalds in a foreign country.

You’d think a long novel makes people want to keep scrolling, but it doesn’t.

That post was 250 words long and I got some of the best engagement I’ve ever had.

Lots of curious comments and questions boosted me up to the top of their feed.

Use Facebook Stories

Facebook stories is not as popular as Snapchat or Instagram, which is actually a good thing.

Most people watch Facebook stories all the way to the end because, well, they don’t have much stories to watch.

But again, relevant content is king. You need to share things that people actually like to get the engagement that’ll boost you up.

The person with the most engagement shows up at the top of their feed when they upload.

Check Insights

Insights is a great way to see how many people see your posts, what gets the most engagement, peak time your fans are online, and more.

Basically it shoes how well your page is doing as a whole.

A personal page doesn’t have these insights which is another reason you should use a business page.

Here’s a valuable tip.

Do more of what’s working and less that’s not.

If a post gets more likes and shares than others, figure out why.

Post more of the same content to see if it continues to do better. If it does, you know which direction to take your business.

Often times you have to adapt to your audience and switch up your business to cater to them.

At the end of the day they are the one with your money. Posting stuff that no one cares about is not how to grow a thriving business.

Go Live

Welcome - Starting Soon Sign

Live streaming is growing every year and continues to do well.

It’s a great way of connecting with your audience and building trust.

Have an outline of what you want to talk about before you turn the camera on and give people time to enter before you start talking.

Always welcome people for joining and thank them for liking your live stream.

The live stream is about bringing awareness to your brand and product, you do not necessarily need to sell anything.

Of course if someone wants to learn more you can send them to the appropriate place, but don’t force anything down anyone’s throat.

Consider Facebook Ads

What is Facebook ads?

Facebook ads is a way to get targeted traffic to your business page in the hopes to get some type of action.

The easiest action is to get a follow.

This is what you should be aiming for with your Facebook ads.

All you need is the follow, it is now your job to provide good content to keep them around, and eventually a paying customer.

Facebook ads does cost money but it’s one of the best ways to get targeted traffic (easiest and fastest).

Fortunately you can start with a low budget and invest a few dollars a day.

Hootsuite has a whole guide on Facebook ads.

On a Final Note

On a final note, I want to leave you with a few tips that’ll take your marketing game to the next level.

  • Focus on the product. Everyone’s busy telling people how great their MLM opportunity is, but there’s nothing about the products
  • Show, don’t tell. Showing your audience is 100x more effective than telling them. Don’t tell them about their $10 discount because that does nothing for them. Show them what the product is, the benefits it offers, the value it’ll bring to their life
  • Don’t pester friends and family. People go to Facebook for entertainment, not to buy things. There’s nothing worse than friends trying to sell you stuff on social media
  • Don’t use your personal page. I know I keep saying it but it needs to engrain in your brain. Business pages get pushed higher in the algorithm than a personal page spamming their latest and greatest “business opportunity”
  • Don’t spam on groups. Everyone’s doing it, it’s just annoying, and doesn’t work whatsoever


Create a strong enough presence online that people ask what you do for a living.

Make people chase you, don’t chase them.

This is what differentiates the successors from the failures.

Building one-on-one relationships is way more effective than posting 20 posts a day about your discounted candles or fake eye lashes, or the business opportunity that’ll earn them $5000 a month.

There’s a time and place when to do the sales pitch (after others private message you asking about it).

Establish yourself as a professional, an expert in your field, someone in the know, not another spammer trying to make a quick buck.

Only then you will start to see the success you desire.

Make Money Without Selling or Recruiting

One reason I don’t like MLM is the simple fact that I don’t like recruiting.

In fact I hate it.

I hate annoying friends and family to try and get them to sign up under me.

I tried it about 7 years ago before it became saturated, and even then it was difficult to get anyone interested.

Of course I was a newbie and had no idea what I was doing. I was basically copy + pasting scripts and sending them to private messages.

Nothing worked, and everything I tried thereafter failed miserably.

Now I create websites, rank them in the search engines and make money that way.

I don’t do any selling, recruiting, or convincing…just review products and give my honest opinion.

Wealthy Affiliate is the training program that I used and still recommend to this day.

They also have a free trial for those that don’t want to put anymore money into another system.

Well that concludes this article on Facebook MLM marketing and how to get the most out of it.

I’m open for discussion so please leave all your comments and concerns in the comments below.


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