How to Promote Your Music on Snapchat

Today I want to talk about getting your music out there and getting some recognition.

These days there’s a lot of noise.

This noise makes it difficult to stand out from the crowd because we now have an attention span less than a goldfish.

The good news is that Snapchat is a very engaging platform that we can use to our advantage.

I never use to be an avid Snap user, I was actually late to the party (I started in 2018).

And now it’s one of my favorite platforms, both for business and personal.

Are musicians having success with this platform?

Yes, much success and I’m going to show you how.

How Snapchat Works and The Whole Point of It

Snapchat is a platform best described as “living in the moment”.

Snapchat users love the simplicity of watching other peoples lives, as if they are there experiencing their journey with them.

You can share pictures for 1 – 10 seconds and videos for 1 – 10 seconds.

Videos longer than 10 seconds will simply roll over to the next Snap.

What I love about Snapchat is that it’s super engaging…one of the most engaging next to Instagram.

People love watching stories.

If you can be the one that appears at the top of other peoples feed, you can share that moment much quicker.

Snapchat was created for individuals but now businesses and have jumped on the wagon.

Some are super creative, others not so much.

Today I’m going to share some of the secrets that I use, businesses use, and other successful people use to get proper results they need.

Do I Need a Snapchat Public Profile?

Public Profile


Before we do anything, we need to create a Snapchat public profile.

This public profile allows you to be discovered in the app and have better features.

You can also save your favorite Snaps to your public profile where it acts as a “teaser”, so potential subscribers know what to look forward to by subscribing.

You also have a chance to show up on other peoples “For You Page” and get more recognition.

Share Previews of Your Music

Don’t be ashamed in plugging your music.

Be shameless about it. Share what you’ve been working on in the last couple hours.

Sharing previews will get people aware and pique curiosity.

Curiosity turns to interest, interest leads to questions, questions leads to trust and sales.

Snap yourself listening to your new song, just jamming out and vibing with it.

Build hype by sharing a preview of something that hasn’t even finished yet.

The person that gets the most attention on Snap is the one that has the most success. That’s a fact.

Bring as much attention to you and you’ll quickly start to reap the rewards.

Share Behind-the-Scenes

If you perform live music you can share what goes on behind-the-scenes.

Share you and your team setting up the stage, share your team having fun, show them the hard work you have to do to make sure everything’s in good working order.

Basically give them the VIP treatment to make them feel special.

Share you and your team just sitting at home and practicing or coming up with new lyrics.

There are hundreds of ways you can share the hard work that musicians go through.

Let them into your world, share the good and the bad, share the struggles, your fans will thank you for it.

Show that You’re a Normal Person

What does a typical work day look like to you?

Do you make living making music or are you still in a job?

Snap things that make you look like a normal person.

Showing what you do for your job is a great way to build trust and insight.

I use to work a carpet laying job and would Snap before and after pictures, before ripping old carpet up, to halfway point and then finished product.

People would appreciate these little pics into my world.

They start to realize you’re a normal person with real struggles, and they can resonate with you more.

Getting Followers and Daily Viewers

Of course none of this is possible without anyone viewing your Snaps.

Getting people to view your Snaps is actually more difficult than Snapping itself, which is why you need to be promoting your Snapchat as much as your music.

Here are some time-tested ways to get more Snapchat followers.

Sync your contacts

These people know who you are already. They are your first fans.

They’ll be the first to watch your stories and be interested in your work.

Syncing your contacts will also open up “quick add”.

Quick add

Quick add is a feature that allows you to add mutual friends.

What I like about mutual friends is that if you’re ever recommended by your friends, they already know you and trust you even more.

Cross-promote from other social platforms

Share your Snapchat from other social media platforms.

A good trick is to change your profile picture to your Snapcode.

Your Snapcode is an image that others can scan and add your Snap.

Add your Snapchat name to your bio on all your social media platforms, and mention it every couple of days.

Hint: You cannot do this on Instagram as their profile pictures are circular, scanning the Snapcode doesn’t work.

So How Often Should You Post?

You don’t have to post everything you do throughout your day, in fact, I don’t recommend that.

I recommend sharing things that are interesting and add value to your followers.

Posting once or a couple times a day is more than enough to keep them in the loop and on top of their Snap feed.

Remember that if you’re constantly getting friends and followers on a daily basis you need to share interesting content so they’ll continue to open it.


Posting daily content might seem like a drag at the start, but after awhile it just becomes an everyday thing (second-nature essentially).

I hated it at the start but after seeing the results it is now one of the few social media platforms that I use on the reg.

I wouldn’t even be on Snapchat if I didn’t need it for my business but I know how important it is.

That’s how you know how valuable Snapchat is for businesses, entrepreneurs, and the up-and-coming.

Oh and before you leave be sure to read the dos and don’ts of Snapchat.

It’s all too easy to become an annoying Snapper rather than one that adds value and entertains people.

So that concludes this article.

If you have any questions regarding Snapchat I would love to answer them.

Leave them in the comments below.


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