How to Sell Nudes on Snapchat [Complete Guide]

You might’ve heard of people make an absolute killing by selling nudes on Snapchat, but wondered where to start or how to do it. I’m going to clear that up in this article

Snapchat is an absolute gold mine for making money.

There are girls all around the world making 5 – 6 figures per year, all from the comfort of their own home, just posting about their day and providing nude snaps every now and then.

This is the reality of the world we live in.

You can make a full-time income just from using Snapchat alone.

If that sounds like something you’re interested in and would like to get started, keep reading this article.

You Will Need a Public and Premium Account

Public Account

First and foremost you will need two Snapchat accounts.

One public (free) account, and one premium version.

Your free Snapchat account is where you will be posting your everyday activities, and just acting like a normal girl.

The trick is to use your free account is to do a lot of chatting. You want to gain trust with your followers.

They want to feel like they know you on a personal level. When you can do that, you will have paying customers for life.

Remember, people buy from people they know, not from strangers. Use your free account to warm up your audience, build familiarity, and gain their trust before selling them nudes.

I’ll explain more about posting content soon, but before that, lets talk about your premium account.

Premium Account

Your premium account is a just a normal Snapchat account with privacy settings ON (set to friends only).

This means people have to pay to be added into your premium version.

From here you can post to your hearts content.

You can post whatever you want here since these people are paying members, they are going to absolutely love your raunchy content.

Of course the raunchier the better .

It’s what they’re paying for at the end of the day. If they don’t feel like they’re getting their moneys worth, they’ll cancel their subscription.

Keep in mind

Something to note is that nudes are frowned upon by Snapchat, but that does not stop people from doing it.

In fact Snapchat knows this is happening but doesn’t do anything about it. Probably because they will lose a LOT of customers.

However, if your premium account does get the almighty ban hammer, you can just create another one.

The only inconvenience is having to let your subscribers know of the new account.

How to Get Paid

The very best way to get paid from your content is through a paid subscription service.

There are many you can use, and you’ve no doubt heard of OnlyFans by now, but I actually recommend something else.

What I recommend is going through OkFans, as they allow you to send out an email blast to all of your subscribers in the event your premium account gets banned.

Once you’ve signed up and set up your account, all you have to do is send your link to those that want to access your premium.

When they’ve signed up, simply add them to your premium Snap.

OkFans will handle all the payment process, refunds, and also protect your content.

The downside is they take a 20% – 25% cut, but it’s no different than OnlyFans, which takes 20%.

Sign up with OkFans Here

How Much Should You Charge For Your Premium Snap?

The general amount that most people charge is around $10 per month, which gives your fans access to OkFans and your premium Snap.

Pro tip: Charge $10 per month until you have a couple hundred subscribers (so you can start earning immediately), and then up the price to about $12 – $20 per month.

Something else to note is that PayPal, CashApp, and Venmo are popular online payment services that does not accept payments for adult services.

Usually this is okay if someone just wants to do a one-off, but can get you banned instantly if someone puts “nude pics” in the description or something.

Type of Content to Post

Woman Black Dress

The type of content I recommend is generally 80% on your public account and 20% premium account.

This is because it’s easier to retain paying customers than it is to attract new ones.

Therefore most of your efforts will be on your main account to keep getting new subscribers, while the rest will be on your premium account.

Public Account

Sexy Tease

With your public (free) account, you generally want to post normal activities with a combination of sexy tease.

This does two things

Shows you’re a real person and not a bot, and makes your followers excited to want to see more.

Guys are curious creatures and want to know what’s underneath. This is how you easily win them over and get that all-important sign up.

You will also need to do a lot of chatting, both on your public and premium account.

When they want to see more, simply mention that you have a premium account if they want to see the rest.

Premium Account

As mentioned above, this is for all your dirtiest stuff…anything goes.

One of the best-kept secrets to this old Snapchat game is not always in the nudes itself.

The very best way to keep your paying customers happy is a steady stream of dirty content and chatting to them.

You can spend an hour in the morning talking to your paying customers, and another hour at night, or whatever schedule suits you.

You have to remember that guys that pay for content are lonely men and they want someone that will talk to them on a consistent basis.

This makes them feel like they know you personally, and they’ll be more likely to keep paying.

How to Get Followers

Now you’re probably wondering how the hell are you getting all of these new followers to actually make this money.

Well that’s the power of social media. There’s so many avenues at your disposal, but I’m going to mention some of the very best below.


Now hear me out. I’m not telling you to be an xxx cam model.

In fact all you need to do is sit in front of a camera and talk to people.

Make sure your Snapchat account is in your description and bring it up frequently.

Guys love free Snapchat accounts of cute girls.

Doing 1 – 2 hours of this per day you can get hundreds of new followers each session. It’s a literal Snapchat hack.

Sign up with Chaturbate Here


Instagram is the second best way to drive traffic to your free Snapchat account.

For one, it’s much easier to get new followers on Instagram than it is on Snapchat. Therefore you can siphon the traffic you get from Insta to your Snap account.

Simply post cute pictures, reels and stories, and add new people on the daily.

Put your Snapchat name in your bio to get new followers.

Post on “Add Me” Directories

There are free websites where you can post your Snapchat name and get real, free Snapchat followers.

Of course they are mostly guys trying to get nasty, so keep that in mind.

You won’t convert them into customers straight away, but after a few days they will warm up to you and hopefully make a sale.

You might be thinking that these people are freebie seekers and don’t plan on paying.

I manage Snapchat premium accounts for some girls and this traffic does convert, sometimes hundreds of dollars from one person. is one of the biggest free Snapchat directories, but there are hundreds out there. Just add your name and watch the new fans roll in.

These 3 traffic avenues will help you get started on your journey to making bank by selling nudes on Snapchat.

There are other ways to get followers, but these are the best and I recommend owning all of them before trying others.

In a Nutshell

So that concludes this article on selling nudes on Snap.

I hope you learned a lot in this article, and you can put what you learnt into purpose and some some money.

Before you get started, sign up with Okfans and Chaturbate here.

They’re affiliate links so I earn a commission if you make sales. Don’t worry, you don’t pay a thing.

Also if you sign up with my links I can help you manage your accounts and make your first 100 sales.

Otherwise thanks for reading 😇

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