How to Sell in the DMs (7 Golden Rules for Selling on Instagram)

Looking to make some moolah in the Instagram DMs, but don’t know where to start, or wondering why you can never make a sale?

Fear not, these are my 7 golden rules for selling through Instagram DMs.

It baffles me how many people make these simple mistakes that completely destroys their reputation, and they’re oblivious to it.

Fortunately I have been in the game long enough to know what works and what doesn’t work.

Here’s how to sell through an Instagram DM.

Rule #1 – Greet Every New Follower With a Welcome Message


Every time I follow a business or person, and they ask me how I’m doing or if I’ve heard of their business before, I just ignore them straight away.

Most of the time I just unfollow them.

Reason being is that I know I’m about to be sold to.

I don’t care about your product, even if it is good, no one likes to be sold to.

Especially when they don’t know you or your business.

Instead, you should welcome them and thank them for giving them a follow.

This will make them feel special and shows that you’re not a desperate salesman.

Rule #2 – Provide Entertainment Value

You don’t have to be serious all of the time.

Many successful Instagram businesses are successful because they jump on trends.

They think outside the box.

And most importantly, they use every tool at their disposal.

Jump on a trend and add your own twist to make it unique for your business.

Make it entertaining, humorous, even if it’s cringe, but informative at the same time.

This is what sets you apart from the crowd that only care about selling.

Rule #3 – Build Awareness

You have to remember that your customers are constantly being bombarded with businesses trying to sell them something.

More times than not, they don’t even know what that brand is and what they’re selling!

It is your job as a company to raise awareness to your brand and products.

The best way to do that is by posting high quality, unique content on a consistent basis.

Rule #4 – Develop Relationships

Heard of the saying “sales are made in the DMs”?

Well it’s 10000% true.

Yes you might get some clicks and sales through to your website and service.

However, more sales come from building relationships…commenting on posts, liking content, and doing it genuinely.

That’s the keyword.

“Nice post”, or [fire emoji’s] is not genuine. You’re clearly doing it to bring awareness, but you’re not providing much value to the customer, therefore, they won’t care about your comment as much.

Rule #5 – Hype Up Launches

Launches do incredibly well, especially when you hype them up weeks prior.

This maximizes that awareness factor, and after weeks of hyping things up, your launch will do well.

Rule #6 – Let Them Come to You

One of the biggest takeaways that I want to drive home is that you should let your customers come to you in the DMs.

This will increase your conversion rate ten-fold.

Because now they don’t feel like they’re being taken advantage of, or used to make money.

They’re the ones that came to you, so they are genuinely interested in your products or services, and are closer to the sale than, lets say, someone you randomly DMed who doesn’t even follow you.

How to get them to come to you?

Tell them to DM you in your content!

Rule #7 – Follow Up on Leads

People are incredibly busy these days.

Just because they didn’t buy your product, or reply to your DM, doesn’t mean they’re not interested anymore.

Sometimes they forgot, they had to tend to kids, or had to get back to work.

There are hundreds of reasons why someone would look at a DM and not reply, which is why it’s so important to follow up with your leads.

I recommend following up about a week later just so you don’t come off as annoying and desperate.

In Conclusion: Selling Through DMs Takes Practice

Selling through Instagram DMs is no easy feat.

It takes lots of practice and a solid strategy to make it work.

There are many trials and tribulations that you will need to go through, however, use these golden rules and you’ll be well on your way to successfully selling on Instagram.

Now you know what annoys people the most and how to actually attract and engage with customers, it’s your turn to get out and make a name for yourself.

Well I hope you learned a thing or two in this article.

If you did, please tell us in the comments below. I’d love to hear your feedback!

Otherwise keep reading on another way to make money with your brand.

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