How to Stop Instagram Spam Comments

Instagram spam comments can be incredibly annoying, but can be helpful in a way.

Today I want to talk about Instagram spam comments, why they’re happening, and how to get rid of them for good.

Well not forever, but you can certainly reduce the amount of spam comments you do get.

Here’s how.

1. Don’t Use Generic Hashtags


Relevant hashtags are definitely a good idea and I don’t recommend using anymore than 15 per post.

However, you should stick to tags with around 50,000 to 200,000 posts, so your content gets noticed.

Using generic tags with millions of posts does 3 things.

  • You won’t get noticed as you’ll be competing with people with millions of followers
  • Your posts will get pushed down too quickly, and you’ll never get the extra exposure you’re looking for
  • You’re exposing yourself to spam bots

Note: Spam bots target people using hashtags to find their relevant audience.

For example:

Someone using the hashtag #xbox will be exposed to bots selling xbox products. They’ll find your account and spam your comment section, or even send you a DM.

One of the more popular scams these days is called phishing, where they’ll steal your account information and use it to access your bank details and other online services.

2. Filter Your Comments

You can also ban these comments before they land on your page simply by filtering certain words and phrases.

Open up your Instagram app > settings > Privacy > Hidden words

From there you’ll see a menu called “Custom words and phrases”.

Here you will add certain words that popular spam bots use.

Add these and others that might come to mind:

DM, Hot, Grow, Follow, Bio, Promote, Send, Sale, YouTube, Money

Using these words will save you from at least 80% of spam bots on your page 🙂

3. Don’t Mass Follow People

Mass following is a very popular technique that can grow your Instagram account fairly quickly.

Basically you go to your competitions follower list and follow people following them.

Since your posting the same content, you’ll get a small percentage of them follow you back (usually about 10% – 20%).

You can increase your follow-back ratio by also commenting and liking one of their photos.

However, that Instagram page might have lots of bot accounts.

When you follow these bot accounts, they will usually comment on your latest post or even DM you with their latest and greatest crypto scam.

How Spam Comments Can Be Effective

Spam comments increase engagement, and we all know, engagement is one of the biggest factors the algorithm uses to see if people like your content or not.

On the contrary, it can also make your page look fake, or low quality.

So it’s a catch-22.

Get spam comments and increase engagement, get better rankings, but lower the quality of your page.

Or delete spam comments and increase the value of your page.

I recommend keeping a few of them on each post if you’re starting out just to get that engagement factor up.

But as you grow your account you’ll need to filter them out.

They’ll Follow You Through the Comments

Not putting hashtags in your posts does NOT mean you’re safe from spam bots.

If you’re active within the community, which you should be, bots will be finding your account through comments.

But why should you leave comments if you’re only going to be targeted by spammers?

Because Instagram is a social media platform at the end of the day, and rewards people that are active within the community.

You’ll get a spike in rankings, more followers, and suggested to more people.

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So again, you can’t completely remove spam comments from your Instagram posts, but you can definitely minimize them.

And that concludes this article.

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