Hustlers University 2.0 Review – I Bought It So You Don’t Have To

Update (3rd of May, 2022): Andrew Tate has just passed 30,000 Hustlers University subscribers and has recently announced in his latest “Emergency Meeting” podcast that the price will go up to $99/month when he hits 40,000 subscribers, which he claims will be in another week.

Update (3rd of May, 2022): Having trouble signing up with debit card? Many report they can’t sign up with debit card, however, I bought HU through Gumroad back in November with my debit card. You can use this link instead (this is  an affiliate link so I get paid a commission).

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Andrew Tate is a multi-millionaire whom I respect tremendously. He is one of my biggest inspirations and the reason I bought Hustlers University 2.0.

Even though I bought his system, I am still going to stay fully unbiased.

As an internet marketer myself, and someone who has been making money online for years, I decided to buy HU 2.0 to see what all the hype was about.

And might I add that I wasn’t let down.

First and Foremost, Who is Andrew Tate?

Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate is a retired 4x World Champion Kickboxer who has turned to the world of lifestyle influencing to inspire men all over the world to become better version of themselves.

Unlike many online gurus who fake their lifestyle, Andrew is the real deal and proves every single day that he is living the life that he portrays.

Tate now boasts many supercars, a mansion, many girls, he travels the world with his brother who is also very successful, and even has a website full of courses.

He is a self-proclaimed real life James Bond.

After the many months I have been following Andrew Tate, you can’t help but thrive off the energy he puts out into the world.

Tate has many courses on perfecting body language, how to read people, fitness, mastering chess, networking, and even dating.

Cobratate Shop

Andrew Tate doesn’t price his courses cheaply, which is actually a good sign.

This shows that he believes in what he teaches and knows his knowledge of the world cannot come by so easily.

However, his most expensive course is The War Room, which currently sits at 4,147 GBP, or $5570 USD.

But today I want to talk about Hustlers University 2.0 because it’s one of Tate’s cheapest courses.

I decided to buy it to see if he was full of lies or the real deal.

What is Hustlers University 2.0?

Hustlers University 2.0 is one of Andrews creations dedicated to helping people make money online.

There are mini-courses inside the training but you can pick and choose which one you want to “specialize” in.

For example, there is training available for:

  • Copyrighting
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Personal Finance
  • Freelancing
  • And much more

Each training course has a “professor” that has been chosen by Andrew Tate.

These professors have made it in their specialized field and are now teaching other people their secrets.

What I like about this is that the professors are active in the community to update information, help out and answer questions.

This is invaluable in an internet marketing course.

A good online training platform needs a community of like-minded people and leaders who are actively helping out others.

So this is great to see from the get-go.

Lets dive a little deeper into the courses to see what you get.

Hustlers University 2.0 Training Material

Hustlers University 2.0 Members Area

#1 Copywriting

Copyrighting is the act of writing a piece of material and using it whichever way you please.

Well in this case, you’ll be getting some copyright training up your sleeve and coming to online businesses with your copyrighting skills.

There are millions of businesses that you can pitch to.

When you can find a business to work with, your copyrighting skills can make them more money, and they’ll pay you handsomely for your hard work.

#2 Freelancing

Freelancing is the act of convincing other people to hire you to complete a task.

There are many freelance websites out there that you can use, however, the competition is insane.

If you do it by yourself you can be spending years trying to make any traction.

Well HU 2.0 is dedicated to helping newbies come in and dominate their field faster than those that have been in it much longer.

#3 Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate is the act of selling other peoples products for a commission.

I love affiliate marketing, it’s how I make most of my money online, although I use blogs.

This business model is not easy and takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

So if you want to get into AF with Hustlers University, you’ll need to spend a little money for advertising.

However, not all of the courses require money.

#4 Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a huge money-maker right now.

Again, this requires money for you to invest before making any money back.

Because crypto is so volatile, the average newbie will almost always lose money.

Well in this case, there are literal experts inside HU 2.0 that will tell you when to invest in something and when to drop out.

Even if you don’t want to take the time to learn about all the different cryptos, stocks, forex, etc, you can just copy what the experts are doing.

My Experience With Hustlers University 2.0

I chose the copyrighting course as this was something new to me and I was skeptical when they said anyone without any experience can dive in and start making money quickly.

Hustlers University 2.0 Members Area 2

I am very skeptical when people say that anyone can make money fast.

However, to my surprise, the training is legit.

Basically, I had to contact online businesses or influencers that were selling a course or product to their audience.

Most of these people are doing all of the work themselves, and their copyrighting skills are trash.

The motto is: “You don’t have to be a good copyrighter, you just have to be better than them”.

So basically, I was learning about copyrighting for a couple of days and then contacting online businesses.

Yes these business do have a lot of people contacting them trying to sell them something, so they have a very detailed process that you need to follow in order to get your email read and replied to.

Did I make money?

Yes, but just like any online money-making opportunity, it takes work.

I contacted about 60 YouTube channels in 2 days and got a few replies.

One of them resulted in a sale.

I gave him a couple of samples of my copyrighting skills, then he agreed to work with me.

That’s when I dug deeper into his business to see where it was lacking. I created a few pieces that he could use in place of his.

As long as you make them more money than they did from their own copyrighting skills, they will want to keep working with you.

Remember, most social media influencers are doing the work themselves, and their copyrighting skills are trash as they don’t take the time to learn about it.

They’re not skilled in sales, they’re skilled in creating content and growing a social media account. So that’s where you come in and help them make more money.

So how much did I make?

I made $200 for the first sale, and another $500 for the second sale, which was a longer piece of content.

That’s a pretty good amount of money as a newbie to the industry, so I was happy to see that the training works.

Even though I’m not part of HU anymore, I still work with this person because I’m making good money.

Why Did I Stop?

I only bought Hustlers University 2.0 to see if it was legit.

Simply put, I admire and respect Andrew Tate and always saw him talk about how great HU and The War Room is.

Basically, I was curious to see if one of my idols was a scammer or not.

It turns out that this man is 100% legit and he practices what he preaches.

I have my own business ventures going on (I own multiple blogs) so I do not need Andrews training, although I did learn a lot.

What I Didn’t Like

I didn’t like that they use a Discord channel for all the courses and tutorials.

I thought I was going to be viewing video tutorials and training material on a website, not on Discord.

That’s really the only negative I found on this training platform.

What I Liked

There are so many things I loved about Hustlers University.

For one, the fact that the training is the real deal. They have professors that are experts in their field and teaching others their knowledge.

These people are making upwards of $50,000 – $500,000 per month. That’s not per year, that’s every single month.

Secondly, I like that they have an active community.

This is mandatory in a very successful online training platform. An active community connects you with like-minded people who can help you and share their own experiences.

Thirdly, the fact that the methods are updated regularly. The professors are actively engaging with the members to update information and help them succeed.

Also, Andrew Tate himself comes on almost every single day to provide updates on current events and how we can use that to our advantage to profit.

My Final Thoughts on Andrew Tate and Hustlers University 2.0

Whether you love ’em or hate ’em, Andrew has your best interest at heart.

That’s not something I can say about many other online gurus. Most of them are fake and only have themselves in mind.

Andrew Tate is one of the few that has a legit website with great courses on making money, getting girls, networking, and more.

And finally, my final thoughts on HU 2.0 are nothing but positive.

Yes it requires hard work and dedication, but the training works.

The only thing that separates you from making nothing and making money, is your work ethic.

You need to stay consistent or you won’t make any money.

I recommend at LEAST 2 hours per day.

The Price and How to Get In

The price is $49 which will give you 1-month access to everything inside Hustlers University.

You don’t have to do all of the courses, you simply choose one based on your interests and needs, and hit the ground running.

Some require money but other methods are free.

Is There a Hustlers University Alternative?

I’m happy to say that there is an alternative to HU.

Like I mentioned earlier, I’m a blogger and use affiliate marketing to monetize my blogs.

There’s an even bigger community than Hustlers University, it’s where I learned how to make money online.

Thanks to their free trial, I dived in without paying anything and had my website up in a couple of minutes.

After my first article I was so happy that I had accomplished something I never thought I would.

And now I create different blogs for a living.

The good part about the program I use and Hustlers University is that mine has a free trial.

Which One Should You Use?

The program I use is called Wealthy Affiliate and that’s what I recommend as they have a free trial and you earn money passively.

However, both are good, both have your best interest at heart, and both of them can make you money.

And that finishes up my Hustlers University 2.0 review.

Final Verdict: Legit

What are your thoughts on this program or Andrew Tate in general? Let me know in the comments below.

My name is Brandon and this is my website. I'm just a normal guy that had dreams, dreams that would keep me up at night because I wanted them so badly. Now I'm living my dreams of being an influencer and making a good living doing so. Broke Influencers is another of my creations where I teach people how to get rich being an online influencer, or die trying. There is no in between.

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  1. Hi, would it be possible to add more content from it?
    I’m starting my biz so this would def help till i can join😂
    Also, if you haven’t bought De Fi already, I’d give it away from some content from the Ho2.0

    • What else would you like to know? I’ve pretty much laid out what Hustlers University is all about. Although there are a lot more wealth creation methods (22 in total) that you can use. You’re bound to find one that you like and will work for you.

  2. I’m only 32 but I’m a bonafied caveman, from working in forests to competing in martial arts, i never really jumped into the online world (I don’t even have any social media). But even I have noticed that from crypto currencies to now NFT’s, the world’s economy is changing quickly and needed to adapt or die! So I recently joined Hustler’s University 2.0 and it’s been exactly what I was looking for. A step by step guide to making money online (even for a chimp like me), hell i spent almost an entire day just looking at youtube videos to learn how to use google drive. I’ve never been afraid of hard work, discipline or dedication. I just needed someone to point me to the right direction and tell me where to go, and so far that’s been Cobra Tate.

    • Hey Ed, it’s possible to make 10% in a day from crypto, sometimes 100%. But everything has risk. Hustlers University is a great place if you’re getting into crypto. They have experts that will tell you when to invest, what to invest in, and when to drop out.

    • So? The article still ranks and I still make money lol.

      What are you doing with your life other than pointing out other peoples mistakes?

        • This article alone I’ve made $514 USD so far since I created it in November (which probably only took me 3 hours to write), although $294 was in the last 30 days alone. The traffic for this article is growing fast as HU gains more popularity and I’m in the #1 position in Google for most keywords.

          Although that’s not what they teach in Hustlers University, they would rather you buy traffic as they’re all about “speed”.

          The training program I use takes the slow and steady route, and even though it takes a while to build up, I make money for months and years to come.

          • Oh for sure. Many of Tates haters come on here to voice their opinion which just shows how insecure they are.

            When I don’t like someone I don’t go spreading information about them everywhere, I simply move on with my life. Crazy

      • Hahahahahhaha touchez what a fuckin hater🤣 good read bro def signing up for hustlers university and the other one idgaf about your grammar mate good review👌

  3. Hello I am assuming you already have my email as it has asked me to type it down, there are some difficulties I am experiencing I do live in the UK and the best way i can speak to you about this is through email so if you do not mind popping an email to me so that I can explain my side of my story and try to figure out some problems and I am certain that you are a very nice guy so that makes it even more better
    email me whenever you can!
    Thank you

  4. Hey Brandon, have you got an email I could speak to you on as I have a few more questions about the HU 2.0 course.


  5. Is it possible to follow, and make money with his course as a 16 year old? I don’t really have any like specialties in any ‘money-making’ things and I was wanting to get into it and make some money but can I make money as a 16 year old?

    • Yes definitely. Starting early is going to help you immensely.

      With your dedication at such a young age I know you have big things waiting for you. Good luck mate!

      • Hey Brandon,

        Im 13 years old and i’ve heard a lot of great things about HU 2.0. I’m not sure if at my age it’s a good option since at my age everything moneywise is very limited. What is your advice.

        • Well HU 2.0 is 13+ and you can learn a great deal about building wealth inside this training program, even for a young guy like you.

          There are wealth creation methods that don’t require any investment, allowing literally anyone with a high work ethic to dive in and make money.

  6. Hi Brandon, I apologize if my English isn’t great. I’m 13 years old and I live in Norway, though I suppose I am too young to enter HU2 and other online courses. if my age is too young, what age would you recommend to enter?

    • 13 years is just fine and your English is good. If you buy HU I have no doubts you will still make money as long as you’re applying yourself. At the very least you will learn a lot about making money online from literal millionaires that you won’t find in many other places.

  7. I must admit I see a lot of “bloggers” publishing content then trying to encourage readers to try out wealthy affiliate as an alternative similar to what you are doing here with this blog.

    There are other bloggers confirming that most of wealthy affiliates, affiliates are only getting paid when they sign up new affiliates to their wealthy affiliates site.

    So there is a lot of bias material out here is what I am saying. Just to sell their product!

    • That’s not entirely true Sunny and I’ll tell you why.

      Are there people encouraging sign ups because they believe in the product/service? Yes, that is affiliate marketing.

      Is selling the training course the only way to make money with Wealthy Affiliate? Definitely not.

      You’re actually encouraged to create a blog about a niche you’re interested in, you’re not told to sell Wealthy Affiliate at all. Actually that’s a last resort if you’re finding it hard to choose a niche that interests you.

      Most people tend to create their own blog with a niche they like and use Amazons affiliate program. Then they create a blog selling Wealthy Affiliate once they see the results.

      That’s exactly what I did.

    • Unfortunately Hustlers University doesn’t have a free trial, but Wealthy Affiliate does which goes indefinitely.

      You can create 2 websites and start putting content on your blog with the free trial.

      However, you’ll also gain some features that the premium members get for the first 7-days without paying anything, such as coaching, commenting, 10 free training videos, and much more.

      Wealthy Affiliate is what I recommend for newbies as it’s fool-proof and easy-to-follow.

  8. Is HU 2.0 good for Amazon FBA? If not do you know any useful information in regards to FBA that you could maybe forward on to me?


    • Hey Tyler, to my knowledge I don’t think HU has any training on Amazon FBA. I’ve mentioned in other articles that FBA is a risky business model that requires a serious investment with no guarantees or earning any money back.

      I do have an article where I explain how long it takes to make money with FBA and how much work is involved. You can check that out here.

      • i do not think debit cards are allowed ? i tried joining i am 16 years old but they said only credit cards are accepted and now i have to wait for 20 days to month to join his course

    • Hey Max, you do not have to be 18 to join and make money. You can do it at any age as long as you have the drive to succeed.

      And a debit card will do just fine.

  9. Hey Brandon, Im a 15 year old dude from Belgium. Me and my dad have been in into making money together, my dad started with crypto stacking and now i’m looking for something.
    This whole HU seems interesting but what do you think is the best option that a 15 year old guy with school still goin can take.
    Those past few months i’ve been scared to start, incase I lose money or motivation.
    So i wanted your personal opinion and what option i should start with in the HU perhaps knowing I don’t have all day.

    • The thing is, how bad do you want it? Everyone’s got spare time to work on an online business, it’s just that most people like to make excuses, and that’s what I’m hearing from you.

      It’s actually incredibly hard to lose money in HU as there’s so many methods of making money you can only fail if you don’t apply yourself. Apply yourself and you’ll definitely see results.

  10. I want to register this course for my son who is 15 as he has been quite eager to join. What i see is that you do not accept debit card. Please confirm if I can pay using a debit card. We tried but it did not work. I want him to join for few months and see if it helps him.

  11. I’m 17 is there ways I could be making money if I join I can’t have a account till I’m 18 for crypto and stuff so just asking before u buy and no mommy or daddy won’t put me on their account or whatever I don’t talk to them.

    • Sure thing. You can still learn copywriting skills, become an affiliate marketer, freelancing, ecommerce, and more. There are 21 wealth creation methods, you’re bound to find one that you like and works for you.

    • Hey Ivory, you’ll pretty much always need some sort of investment to make money. Think of it as an investment in yourself. Only you can make something worth if you’re willing to put in the work or not.

      In saying that, I will always recommend a blog to start out as it’s the foundation of an online business.

      The program I use has a free trial so you can get in and check it all out without paying anything, and you’ll even have 10-free video training lessons.

      Check it out here.

  12. Hello am a 18 year old from Italy with 0 experience in online money making. Does H.U Teach beginners like me in how do the ways of money making from a starters level, and if yes do i ned any requirements like any specific devices and such

    • Hey Danjel, a mobile device is all you need for the majority of training courses they offer.

      However, a PC would be helpful if you go the copyrighting, freelancing, or affiliate marketing route, but definitely not mandatory.

  13. Hey Brandon , I’m a 17 year old kid who never learned about this kinda stuff. I’m a hard worker and ready to learn and soak in copywriting and freelancing , since it looks easy but I’m scared that my lack of knowledge is gonna be a downside .
    My question is how long does it take to truly understand the material they teach . I’m willing to work hard and spend days learning.

    • Hey man, depends on what type of training you get into. Copyrighting is actually one of the hardest training methods in my opinion, however, there are 20 other wealth creation methods at your disposal!

      They have a detailed process that will match you with the right method so you don’t have to really worry about choosing the wrong thing.

      You’ll be asked these 2 questions:

      -How much money do you have to invest? (If $0 that’s okay)
      -How many hours per day do you want to work?

      Then they’ll provide you a list of things to choose from based on your current situation.

      Regarding your lack of knowledge, it’s designed completely for newbies, that’s the whole reason Andrew created it in the first place so no one has any excuse not to get rich.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  14. i’m a 16 year old student living in New Zealand, and i just want to say thanks. I purchased HU with about 900$ in my bank with an indescribable lust for money and put in 4 hours of study everyday in the copywriting section after a week of learning the ropes i messaged 200 youtubers and in the 3 remaining weeks of the month I had got 17 replies and from that 11 sales. (your right they are trash at copywriting) I am now sitting at 5k in my bank and have inspired a few of my friends who have just recently purchased HU.

    • It’s a fellow kiwi, how’s it going mate.

      That’s very inspirational. So 11 sales out of 200 messages gives you a 5.5% conversion rate, that is really good man.

      It just goes to show that if you put in the work you will see results. I’m happy for you.

    • Hi Jayden
      I was just wondering how much you charge and how much work you have to put in to gain that amount of money?

      • Hey Nathan.

        Jayden done the copyrighting course at Hustlers University which is one of the free methods to make money (after you buy the program, of course).

        Once you’re inside there are methods that require money and others that are free. The copyrighting method requires a bit of work though so don’t think it’ll be easy money, but definitely worth it once you start making money.

  15. hi brandon,

    I like that you are actively responding to comments. I have a question for you. I just recently came across HU. I’m really only interested in Stocks/Options/cryptos. (I get that I would be limiting myself but I’m ok with that). Every comments or articles I seen seem to be around copywriting/freelancing and haven’t heard reviews about stocks/options/cryptos.

    Have you tried stocks/options/crypto yet? or do you need to do lessons in specific order like copywriting first?

    thank you

    • Hey eyob, how’s it going?

      No you do not need to learn about freelancing or copyrighting first, you can jump straight into crypto/stocks, etc.

      You’ll have a choice of about 21 wealth creation methods, determined by how quickly you want to make money, how many hours per day do you want to work per day, your investment amount, and things like that.

      When you answer those questions you will be matched with a method that suits you. If you do not want to do that, you can jump straight into the crypto trading lessons.

  16. Hi Brandon
    I understand you are making money from traffic to your web site, but I don’t really understand how, as there are no ads or anything similar on the website.
    Is it a sponsorship??

    Please contact me as I have begun looking into ways of working online.

    • So I don’t place ads on my sites because I make money through affiliate marketing, which is basically selling products for a commission.

      I get traffic from Google and add links throughout my articles, and when people click and buy something, I get a commission for the sale.

      Now when you have thousands of visitors to your website per day, it can result in a full-time income. I explain it better in my Wealthy Affiliate review.

  17. Hello. I wrote an article on Hustlers University Review which I’m ranking very well on google. I will love to insert an affiliate link into the article and I will love to know how much you make and how profitable it is getting people to signup through your link.

    • Hey Dave, you will need to buy the program and then contact them manually to become an affiliate unfortunately.

  18. Hi. Im 15 years old and i wanna ask you if the university’s worth it if I’m high school freshman and I’m doing a sport which I don’t want stop with ?

  19. Hello, Brandon, I’m an affiliate marketer, I would really love to know how much you are making in affiliate on the hustler’s university review. I plan on joining the affiliate program but I was told to pay first. I will really love to know so it will help me to make the right decisions. You can give me a figure just to know how profitable the hustler’s university affiliate system is. Thanks, Brandon.

    • If you have that mentality in business, where you’re sitting and wondering what you should do, then I already know you’re not going to get far.

      How about just doing it, taking a risk and seeing if it’s worth it or not. I paid $50 for the course and I’ve made almost $3,000 from the affiliate program.

  20. Good job on your article. It’s becoming very rare to see comments under a blog post. But these 86 “comments” I’m seeing here proves that when you write with your guts and positive energy, it touches the heart of those reading your content.

  21. Hi Brandon thank you for your blog, very insightful.

    Wanted to ask you if Hustlers University is actually a one time payment, you mention above it is but you mention after that “Some require money but other methods are free.”

    Does this mean once you pay to access HU there is content available to you but other content cost more money? Or do you have access to everything after the payment of $50.


    • Hey, so the system costs $50 per month which gives you access to the training where you will find various methods to make money for free and paid.

      All of the content is available to you once you’re inside, but some of the “wealth creation” methods cost money, such as paying for advertising, trading, etc.

      But no, you do not have to pay for additional training once you’re inside. It’s just that some methods cost money to make money.


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