Influencers: How to Promote Bang Energy and Get Paid

Should you become an ambassador/affiliate for Bang Energy? Is it worth it? What are the pros and cons? These are all the things that I will be talking about in this article.

Seeing as Bang Energy is one of the most popular sponsorship deals among low, medium, and high-level creators, it makes sense to discuss this brand further.

After this article you might want to reconsider joining them in the first place.

However, it’s not all bad.

One of the biggest positives is that the pay is good, but you might end up looking like a sell out as they have strict contracts.

But I’ll talk more about that soon, lets look at how to get in first.

How to Become a Bang Energy Ambassador

Bang Influencer Requirements

First you’ll need to apply on the affiliate application page.

You will be required to fill out your name, address, and other details such as:

  • Why you want to become a Bang affiliate
  • How much you know about their products
  • If you’ve been part of a team
  • If you’ve worked as a promoter before
  • How someone would describe you at a party
  • How many times a week you exercise
  • Your socials
  • And more

I thought it was a little weird that they ask all of these personal questions, but I guess you have to align with their brand and their marketing efforts.

Once you’ve done all that and if you qualify, they will get back to you.

The second step is to create a video explaining why your brand should be used to promote the energy drink company. That video will also need to be posted on YouTube.

The third step is to add MORE posts on your Instagram page: 2 consumption shots and 3 close ups while you tag the Bang Energy CEO and use 3 hashtags.

At this point you have given the owner free clout, Bang Energy free advertising on both Instagram and YouTube, and you haven’t made any money yet.

Now it’s time to send them an email and wait.

If you qualify (high likelihood you will) you will be offered an opportunity, some are different than others.

If you’re a small creator, they are more likely to take advantage of you as most small creators don’t know better.

If you’re on the larger scale, you would be offered a decent amount of money.

Either way, Bang Energy does pay everyone handsomely, but if you’re not careful you will look like a walking billboard for Bang Energy and that can damage your brand.

Are You Guaranteed a Partnership?

No, your social media will be vetted to see if you qualify.

However, if you’re outgoing, enthusiastic and fit, it’s almost an automatic entry.

You will be offered a contract based on your social media following, your influencer status, and other things.

If your on the larger scale, for example, hundreds of thousands of follower, you’ll probably be offered monthly payments.

Again, this all depends on how many followers you have.

Some of the top Instagram models have been offered 1 – 2 million dollars to promote bang Energy for less than a year.

However, if you’re a micro influencer, you’ll be offered a smaller deal such as;

Free product every month, a discount code for your audience, and commissions on your sales.

These do come at a cost, which is usually heavy promotion and a set number of posts per month, or your contract will be terminated.

I done extensive research on Bang Energy before writing this article, and there are some pros and cons.

I will list them below so you know what you’re getting yourself into.

The Downsides to Joining Bang Energy


You’ll Look Like a Sell Out

The income potential is actually pretty good depending on what type of contract they offer you.

However, you might look like a sell out as you are required to make lots of Bang Energy promotions per month.

If you don’t reach your monthly quota, your contract will be terminated.

This can be a big problem for someone that doesn’t post that much, so the content they do make will all have Bang in them.

Promotions Look Unnatural

No matter how you look at it or how you promote Bang Energy, they ALL look unnatural and not genuine.

There are some weird as hell promotions out there, but I get it, they’re trying to get paid.

Just know that none of your promotions will look natural especially when you have to create so many close ups and consumption shots.

Questionable Recruitment

Not really a con, but could be something to consider if you’re all about morals.

It seems that Bang Energy, and especially the CEO, likes to take advantage of young women creators who have a large follower-base.

They don’t know better so they put them on strict contracts, using their influencers status to heavily promote their brand.

You just need to look at the most popular hot influencer girls, they’re all promoting Bang Energy.

Yes it’s good marketing and yes the girls get paid generously…well remarkably actually.

So it’s not really a con but definitely something to consider.

The Upsides to Promoting Bang Energy


Paid Generously

It goes without saying that they pay their affiliates very nicely.

Even as a new creator with a few thousands followers, you can make a good income, but that comes at a cost.

You might look like a sell out because it’s hard to find a balance.

Just remember to read your contract properly or you might lose too many followers, as most of your posts will have close ups of Bang Energy drinks and too much unnatural B-roll footage.

It Gets You in the Influencer Door Early On

Bang Energy is easier to get become an affiliate than other brands, so you’ll become an influencer sooner rather than later.

Doing this will give you a history of successfully promoting a product which you can use as “proof” later on when you try to work with bigger sponsors.

What Do I Think About Bang Energy and Their Affiliate Program?

Bang Energy is one of the most popular sponsorship deals out there, and it’s easy to become a partner and get paid handsomely.

On the other hand, you will be forced to promote their brand way too much which can damage your entire account if you’re not careful.

I highly recommend that you read the contract properly, and if you don’t like something, ask to change it.

I’m sure they’ll be open to it if it’s not too drastic.

For example:

If they require 4 promotional posts per week, ask to change it to 3 as you only post 5x a week. You don’t want all of your posts to be promotional.

And if you’re a female creator, triple check the fine print.

Yes they will pay amazingly but you need to check how much promotional posts they require and how long the contract goes for.

You don’t want to accept something and regret it a couple of weeks later.

Young women are more likely to get taken advantage of as they are seen as more naive – most of them just accept anything.

Should You Partner With Bang Energy?

This all depends on you and your brand.

If it makes sense for your brand, then definitely.

If you’re a fitness influencer, then you’ll need an energy drink to power through your workouts.

Therefore you’ll look more natural when promoting it.

But if you review children’s toys, then it won’t match your brand and just look weird. Plus they won’t accept you anyway.

Bang is so popular (especially because influencers promote it like crazy now), so any promotion is not going to look natural anyway.

However, as long as it aligns with your brand and you know it won’t annoy your audience too much, then I say go for it.

And on that note, that concludes this article.

I hope you learned a lot about Bang Energy and what really goes on behind the scenes.

Are you partnered with Bang or are you thinking about joining their affiliate program? Let me know in the comments below.


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