How to Create an Instagram Art Account

Creating a new Instagram page is always an exciting feeling. Posting new pictures, getting new followers, growing a community, it’s all positive vibes.

Until you realize that it’s going to require much more work than you initially thought.

So it only grows a couple of hundred followers before you abandon it forever.

However, I am here to show you how to grow that Instagram account from non-existent to smashing goals, reaching targets, and growing a thriving page.

Here’s how.

Start With the Basics: Name, IG Handle, Bio, Picture

When it comes to Instagram, basics works best.


Because it’s what has worked since the beginning of all social media platforms.

When the algorithm knows what your page is about, it can start recommending you to more people that are interested in your content.

In your new art page you will need a name, IG handle, picture, and bio.

Name and IG Handle

Your Instagram handle is your @username.

Keep this short and easy-to-remember, so others can recommend you easily and recognize you when they see you.

The name can be your artist name, real name or pen name, this is completely up to you based on personal preference.


Your bio should include 4-lines maximum, and something people will benefit from for following you.

Something like “Daily stories showcasing my anime sketches” is better than “anime sketcher”.

Of course you don’t have to be a daily content creator, but if you are, definitely put it in your bio so others know what to expect from you.


Your picture can either be you or an art piece.

Again, this is completely personal preference.

But as a recommendation I say use your face.

That way people know who they’re talking to, can connect with you better, and are more likely to buy from you in the future.

Content Creation (The Lowdown)

Paint Brush

I’m going to give it to you straight, and the easiest ways to grow on Instagram in 2022.

Here’s the basic formula that has worked for man

y years and will continue to work for years to come.

High quality relevant content + consistency + engagement will get you followers and a thriving Instagram page.

You can’t post high quality content once a month and expect to grow.

You also can’t post bad quality everyday (consistency) and grow your page.

And you can’t do both of those things without a good engagement rate, and still expect to grow.

You need all 3.

Sprinkle some consistency in your life with high quality content targeting a niche (relevance), and engage with others in your niche, and results will inevitably come.

Of course there are some tips and techniques that can use to speed up the process.

Some work and some are really bad, but most of them will only hurt your page.

For example

The follow-for-follow technique will only make the algorithm dislike you, as it makes you look like a spammer more than anything.

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Buying followers will absolutely destroy your engagement, which is one of the best factors that will boost organic traffic and increase followers.

Tips and Techniques to Getting Followers

In addition to posting high quality content on a consistent basis, and making sure your engagement rate is good, you should also be doing other things to help you get noticed.

Things like

  • Using hashtags (with less than 100,000 posts)
  • Replying to comments
  • Pinning comments
  • Commenting on other peoples content with more than just one word
  • Using all available features (pictures, videos, reels, stories, IGTV, live, etc)

You don’t want to stick to posting pictures.

Instagram is forever-changing and adding new features. You want to use everything to your disposal to reach new people.

Plus Instagram rewards those that use all of their features and doesn’t stick to one or two things.

Getting Legit Followers Is 1000x Better Than Fake Followers

The high follower-count is garbage and doesn’t determine what a high quality Instagram account is.

If you have 5000 followers and they’re from people participating in follow-for-follow, bots, or others that don’t really care about your niche, engagement is going to be sloppy.

And your organic reach will hit rock bottom.

From there it’s a downward spiral.

Your content will be shown to less and less people until engagement rate is non-existent.

All your work building up the page has gone to waste, which is why it’s so important to do everything correctly and not try to “game” the system.

The New “Smart Feed” Destroys Low Quality Instagram Accounts

The new smart feed feature on Instagram has made it incredibly difficult for people to grow their pages.

Before the change, your posts would show to everyone online at the time, but now they are only shown to those who might be interested in your content.

Your posts now get shown to about 10% of your audience, a significant drop from before.

That’s one of the biggest reasons why engagement rate has dropped over the last year.

People were seeing a decent 5% engagement rate, which has now dropped to about 1%.

So What Should You Do With All This Information?

Well you should learn from everyone’s mistakes, copy what’s working, and ignore everything else.

That’s the biggest takeaway to this article when you’re creating your Instagram art account.

You want to focus on your page, provide the best content you can, stay consistent, maximize reach, keep engagement high, and you WILL see results.

This is what all successful creators are doing, while those participating in “gaming” techniques barely see any growth in their page (if at all).

So do the right thing and your art account will grow faster than you could ever imagine.

Something Else to Consider

As an artist you have a LOT of knowledge that others do not know.

You can profit from this through other means, such as creating a blog.

You can create content in the form of writing, get ranked in Google, and make money via ads or affiliate marketing.

That’s what I do to make most of my money online, and also what I recommend to others that are looking to share their knowledge and grow an audience.

Definitely consider this affiliate marketing training platform and see if you like it or not (they have a free trial).

Whatever you do, I wish you nothing but success and I hope you have a great day 🙂

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