Is Funnel Franchise Legit or a Scam?

I just stumbled across Funnel Franchise and something stood out to me…everyone reviewing this product were all biased.

I’m coming with an unbiased approach.

I am not affiliated with Funnel Franchise in anyway, so I do not make money even if you buy FF or not.

So rest assured, you’re reading a review from someone on the outside looking in, looking at the facts, and then giving my final opinion.

Lets not waste anymore time, lets get right into it.

Funnel Franchise Review

Name: Funnel Franchise
Owner: Mark Whitely
Price: Free trial or $47 per month
Type: Internet marketing training
Overall Rating: 50/100 Legit

What Is Funnel Franchise All About?

Funnel Franchise is an all-in-one system designed to teach the basics about email marketing, affiliate marketing, blogging, etc.

Basically, it shows some of the most common ways of making money online.

These include:

  • Building an email list
  • Generating traffic, free and paid
  • Creating a blog
  • Making videos
  • And more

To be honest, these are all viable money making options.

Personally I make money from my blogs and earn affiliate commissions.

I’ve also built an email list in the past and that worked as well.

So far I like what I see, but as I’ve been in this industry for more than a minute, I know things aren’t always what they seem.

But more on that shortly. I want to talk about the affiliate program.

The Affiliate Program

Funnel Franchise offers a variety of ways to make money.

First and foremost you can use the training they offer, generate the traffic and earn affiliate commissions.


You can market Funnel Franchise itself and earn 10% commissions for every sale you make.

If you decide to upgrade to the Elite membership, you’ll see 25% commissions.

Although to upgrade you’ll need to pay $47 per month which is an okay investment if you can actually generate traffic and make sales.

The biggest downside is exactly that, making sales is not easy.

Even novice internet marketers can’t get this important factor right. It often requires years of being in the industry to be able to generate buyer-ready traffic.

That’s why I’m always skeptical when gurus say newbies can be making money today, or making $2000 a day with a few hours work.

The internet is full of people scamming others just to make a quick buck, so they will say anything to make a sale.

Is Funnel Franchise Special in Any Way?

To be honest, Funnel Franchise is an okay training program that teaches newbies the basics about making money online and the various different opportunities.

However, it is definitely on the pricier side.

Basically you’re paying for convenience, but convenience should be a one-time price, not a monthly recurring payment.

There are thousands of these little packaged programs all over the internet, and some of them are much cheaper.

So no, Funnel Franchise offers nothing new and does come overpriced.

Will You Make Money With Funnel Franchise?

Lets put the price aside for a second.

If you decide to buy it, is there possibilities that you will make money?

I’m going to have to say yes, there’s a possibility that money can be made. I would be lying if I said you won’t make money.

It all depends on your work ethic and how much you immerse yourself into the training provided.

The Problems With Funnel Franchise

Now that we have the chunk of what Funnel Franchise is about, I want to talk about some of the problems and why there’s a higher chance of not making money than making money.

The Training is Too Basic

The training is nothing to boast about. In fact, you can get the exact same training on YouTube and pay nothing.

Just search up how email marketing works and you’ll get the lowdown.

You can also search up how to get traffic to build your email list, and you’ll get it completely free without paying for the elite membership.

That’s the first problem, the second problem lies in the traffic generation methods.

Poor Traffic Generation Techniques

In the online world, traffic is people.

Basically we need as much traffic we can get to make more money.

Funnel Franchise teaches you free and paid methods, but the free traffic generation techniques aren’t the best, especially not in the “make money online” niche.

They want you to post videos on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

You’ll be creating videos and hooking people in with your “make money” opportunity.

The problem is that these are all over the internet, so you’ll be just another person trying to make money online by telling others how to make money online.

Do you see the problem here.

The Paid Traffic Strategy is Shady

The other method Mark teaches to get traffic is to pay Mark and he’ll send you the traffic.

What I don’t like about this is that he could be sending you cheap, untargeted traffic, then keeping the rest of the money for himself.

Paid traffic is okay when it’s done properly. It HAS to be targeted traffic though.

I’ve made this massive mistake before.

Back when I was new to internet marketing, I thought I was going to make bank with email marketing.

I created my sales funnel, got my landing page set up, set up my auto responder, then bought traffic.

I used AdFly, which is general traffic. I chose US traffic only, paid $100 and got 100,000 visitors to my landing page.

Guess how much email leads I got?

A whopping zero.

I’m not even joking. This was a huge wake up call that making money online isn’t as easy as the “gurus” make it out to be.

Since then I realized that targeted traffic is the staple of any online business. You need people that are looking for your product, or you’ll only be wasting your time and money.

The Good Things About Funnel Franchise

It’s not all bad, there are a couple of things that I like about Funnel Franchise.

Mark Is a Good Coach and Supporter

I like that Mark has your best interest at heart and wants everyone to succeed.

He’s doing his best to put a decent system together to introduce newbies to internet marketing and make a little money online.

That’s not something I can say about many other gurus.

It’s Free to Join and Check Out

It says a lot about Mark if he’s willing to get people in completely free.

This shows that he believes in the system and wants people to get in and enjoy the free training.

You can even earn 10% commissions on all upgrades without paying anything.

So is Funnel Franchise a Scam?

I actually think it’s an okay training platform that introduces newbies to internet marketing.

If you know me, you’ll know I rip these types of systems to shreds, but I don’t need to with Funnel Franchise.

Funnel Franchise was created by a good person, the training is decent, and it works.

So no, Funnel Franchise is not a scam.

It’s a legit work from home opportunity that teaches people how to make money online with a variety of different strategies.



Is There an Alternative?

Even though Funnel Franchise is a legit opportunity, it has its flaws.

I’m not a big fan simply because the training can be found for free and the traffic techniques aren’t the best.

It’s hard enough as it is to generate traffic from social media, let alone selling anything.

Instead I get traffic from Google, it’s the best traffic you can get.

It’s free, it’s laser targeted, and they are buyer-ready.

You don’t really have to qualify them as they already have their wallet out to buy, they’re just looking for confirmation.

That’s where I come in with my review on a product. When they click my affiliate links, I earn a commission.

I mostly sell Amazon products but I like digital products as well for the recurring commissions.

If you’re interested in joining my alternative, you can check it out here. They’ve also got free entry for anyone that’s skeptical about joining.

Well that sums up my Funnel Franchise review.

Please leave your thoughts and comments down below and I’ll get back to you asap 🙂

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