Is Social Media Here to Stay?

Answer: Social media is here to stay but not in the same fashion as we see it now. Big tech companies are silencing people that spread misinformation and conspiracies. These people will move to smaller apps where they’re allowed the freedom of speech.

That’s how I see the future of social media.

Social media companies will not be as big as they are now.

People will simply move to apps and websites where they can share whatever they want without fear of being banned or silenced.

When Will The Big Change Happen?

It’s happening in real time, right now.

There are more social media platforms than ever before.

Those who are booted off move to smaller social apps where they are welcomed with open arms.

This doesn’t mean that big companies will die off.

I personally think the big 5 are here to stay for a very long time (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube).

The likes of Snapchat and TikTok have the ability to be a juggernaut.

I mean, Zuckerberg continues to steal all new features that Snapchat releases.

Stories, camera effects, filters, these are all clear rip-offs to try and take Snapchat down. Most likely because they are a threat to the social giant.

A Major Concern for Future Users

Big tech companies are partnering with, where they will share a database that can flag you across ALL social media platforms.

Even though the aim is to target extremists, they will have the power to ban users across all social media platforms…essentially wiping you off the face of the internet (well, the big platforms).

This is where social media is heading and we are seeing more and more people leave them everyday to find smaller platforms.

Just look at the rise of, once a chat room mainly for gamers, has turned into a chat room for all.

Users create a channel where others can join and talk in real time.

Current Trends to Have a Major Impact of Future Social Media

Handheld Devices Will Continue to Grow


Handheld devices such as mobiles, tablets and Ipads are increasing in popularity every single year, surpassing desktop computers by a long shot (91% of social media users are from mobile device).

Advertisers target their campaigns for handheld devices because that’s what the majority of these users are on.

Face-to-Face Communication Will Continue to Grow

Skype was the face of the video chatting industry. However, Covid-19 change all of that forever.

Skype required a premium membership before you could video chat with multiple people at a time.

Zoom provided this feature completely free, allowing teachers to teach online, conferences to continue without being in the same room, and businesses to go full digital.

Live Streaming Will Continue to Grow

Live streaming is a popular trend that will continue to grow.

Businesses use this feature to connect directly with their customers, and influencers connect with their fans.

Stories Will Continue to Grow

About 1 billion people view Snapchat stories every day, more than 500 million people watch Instagram stories and 150 million people view Facebook stories.

And they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

This is a rising trend that individuals and businesses use to their advantage.

I’m an avid Snapchat uploader and have seen the benefits that it can do for my personal brand.


Whether you love it or hate it, whether its evil or not, whether it’s good for the population or not, social media is here to stay.

You can learn to live with it and adopt it to help you better your own life, or you can stay off social media, the choice is yours.

I personally use it to better my businesses and that’s it.

I don’t spend hours consuming the information because I believe a lot of it is not good for our personal well-being.

I do not recommend social media for consuming worthless information, it is best used for making your own life better.

That can be growing your business, getting a kick out of the funny stuff, or learning new things.

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