Is TS Life a Scam? No and This Review Explains Why

I come across this opportunity after reading about the latest MLM companies.

I done some research and the first thing that caught my eye was the 50% discount on wholesale items.

Other companies offer 25 – 45%.

The second thing was the small amount of products available and the fact that there’s NO scientific studies about them and no ingredients.

This is the first red flag that made me want to lift the lid off this company.

So lets get right into it.

TS Life Review – Product Overview

Name: TS Life


Owner: Caius Hale

Price: Free, or £27.50 One-Time Fee

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Overall Rating: 25/100

TS Life is an MLM company. Members can join, purchase the weight loss products and sell them for a profit, or recruit others to sell the products for them. The big money is in the downline but it’s far too hard to get anyone to join especially for newbies.

What is TS Life?

TS Life is a Multi-Level Marketing company that sells weight loss products and skin care products.

Although when they first entered the scene in 2018 they started only with weight loss products.

If you’ve been on the internet for sometime you will know this is nothing new.

TS Life claims their products will help you lose weight…like it’s some sort of magical potion.

These companies are everywhere and they never offer anything new.

So what makes TS Life stand out from the rest?

Or are we just looking at another MLM company with the ultimate goal of recruiting people?

The Making Money Opportunity

Multi-Level Marketing is a legit business model that companies use to recruit others and drive sales to their products.

However, in the past and present there have been companies that focus more on recruiting than selling products.

So how can you make money with TS Life?

There are a number of ways.

Selling the products

Firstly you can become a distributor and sell their products.

Although that means forking out some money upfront, as you will need to buy at wholesale price (in bulk) and sell individually.

The prices you give your products is up to you. The difference is your profit.

The downside to this is that you will need lots of paying customers to make any decent money, and we all know it’s not easy cold selling to people.

If you truly believe in the product and you’re trusted within your community you could make a good side income.

But for the average person, cold selling products like this is no easy feat.

Recruiting other distributors


This is where things get interesting.

Recruiting other people into your downline means you make money on their sales.

The more people in your downline, the more money you can potentially make.

Potentially being the keyword here. Because you could have 100 people in your downline but if no ones making sales you’re not making money.

How much money you make all depends on how many in your downline and the sales they make.

Pricing plans

It’s completely free to join TS Life (Pre-Star Enrollment).

However, there are restrictions. You have to pay full price for wholesale items and you do not get access to the business opportunity.

The Full-Star Membership costs £27.50 which is a one-time fee.

After that you get access to 50% discount on all products, a business website, training videos and tutorials.

Now here is one huge problem, you have to buy the Full-Star membership before you can recruit others.

The Problems With TS Life

Focuses heavily on recruiting

I don’t mind companies offering a Multi-Level Marketing opportunity because it’s 100% legal.

But it becomes a problem when you can’t even recruit others without paying money.

This gives your downline an incentive to buy the membership package as well if they want to recruit others.

A huge focus is on getting more and more into your downline and getting them to pay the membership.

Now it goes from a MLM company to a pyramid scheme.

I’m not saying that that’s what TS Life is but it’s the direction they’re heading in.

The products aren’t special

The products are not even special. There’s been thousands of these products even before the internet was a thing.

They all offer a “healthy lifestyle” and “replacements”.

Do the products from TS Life actually work?

I mean I have no proof to say otherwise. They probably do work and can aid in the weight loss process, but that’s not the only factor.

There are many factors, the biggest being calorie intake.

It all comes down to a healthy diet, exercise, sleep, water consumption, etc.

You can’t just rely on supplements to lose weight if everything else isn’t being done.

Hard to make money

The thing is,

Nothing comes easy, but making money with MLM programs is a whole other ball park.

The top 5% make all the money while the rest scramble to try and get whatever they can.

That’s the whole problem with Multi-Level Marketing.

You have to hold live seminars, buy products in bulk (that might not even sell), and even teach your downline how to sell because if they’re not selling, you’re not making money.

Your ROTI (Return-On-Time-Investment) is low, meaning you spend far too much time working on this project and earn little for your work.

That’s the best way I can describe it.

What I Really Think About TS Life

Can you make lots of money with TS Life?

Sure you can, it’s possible, but chances are extremely slim.

Like I said the top 5% make most of the money.

At least 50% of people that enter and pay for the membership make nothing, not even their initial investment.

That’s with all MLM companies across the board, not just TS Life.

I don’t like MLM programs because most of the users are aggressive at recruiting.

They’re not trying to sell the products, they’re trying to recruit more people, thus turning into a borderline pyramid scheme


Can get started for free

One thing I like is that you can get in and check it all out for free, and even buy the products.

Low investment cost

£27.50 is fairly cheap for an MLM business opportunity.

Some require $100 for a start-up fee and THEN another $40 per month thereafter.


Low income potential

As I stated earlier, your ROTI is extremely low.

Most that join don’t even make their initial investment back because of how much work it takes.

This has nothing to do with work ethic and everything to do with the company.

Recruiting is the aim of the game

The only real way of making good money is by recruiting others.

Recruiting is not easy. If you’re just starting out in this game then chances are you won’t even recruit one person.

It doesn’t sound that difficult until you actually try.

The problem is no one really cares about your business opportunity.

Friends and family may wish you all the best on your venture but they’re not going to join.

Who Is It For?

I cannot recommend something I do not believe in.

I don’t think this business opportunity is for everyone.

Unless you’ve dabbled in other MLM companies before and know how to recruit others, then this could be a viable option.

They do have legit products and so far they have a good reputation.

But for the majority of people it is not for you.

Final Verdict: Another Basic MLM Company With Weight loss Products

TS Life offers nothing new to the industry.

It’s all been done before, this is just another rehashed version of the rest.

Everyone’s focusing on building their downline and no ones selling the products.

For now it’s seen as legit but I can’t promise it’ll have a good reputation in the future.

What Do I Recommend?

I actually recommend something called affiliate marketing (sounds fancy right?).


There’s no pestering friends and family, there’s no selling, there’s no inventory, there’s no customer service, there’s nothing like that.

It’s the best job in the world.

Well I think it is anyway.

Affiliate marketing is the process of selling other peoples products and earning a commission for the sale.

Basically I create websites that rank in the search engines for different keywords.

When people visit my site and enjoy my content, they’ll click a link and buy something, then I make money.

I have a couple of Amazon affiliate websites where people search for reviews of Amazon products, I show up in Google search, give my honest opinion and earn money.

Where To Start?

The course I use is called Wealthy Affiliate and they have a free trial so you can get started today without paying anything.

They taught me everything I know and now I make 4-figures per month from various different websites.

I was a complete newbie when I started so I’m living proof that anyone can do it.

I’m not even good at writing, I just give honest opinions and advice, and that’s it.

Well I hope you learned a thing or two about TS Life today and you should definitely give the Wealthy Affiliates free trial a go if you’re serious about making money online.

If you have anymore questions or concerns please ask me in the comments below.


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