Is Iwadi Just Another Low-Paying Survey Site?

Today I want to talk about Iwadi and why it might not be the best opportunity to make money online. Even though they might be legit, they are not worth the hassle.

In fact I believe that all survey sites are a complete waste of time.

Most of them pay you pennies for hours of work.

And the ones that pay more are few and far between, meaning, most people won’t qualify for them.

Usually you’ll get booted out near the end of the survey because “you don’t qualify”.

Being a man that likes to keep it 100, I would like to talk about Iwadi and what it is all about.

Lets get right into it.

What Is Iwadi?

Iwadi Paid Surveys

Iwadi is a survey website that pays you for your opinion.

It’s really easy to sign up to and use. The real downfall is the lack of pay and survey options, but more on that later.

Once you sign up and complete surveys, you will accumulate cash which can be exchanged into PayPal cash or gift cards.

The minimum payout is £8 which is not a huge amount, but also higher than similar sites.

The maximum you can redeem is £12, which is kind of weird, because I’ve never seen a maximum payout before.

So lets say you have £18 in your account, you can only withdraw £12 and will have to accumulate another £6 to withdraw again.

Also they only allow certain countries to use their website and make money.

These include

  • US
  • UK
  • Australia
  • Germany
  • France
  • UAE
  • And more

Is Iwadi Legit?

Yes, Iwadi is actually legit and pays their members.

The low payout threshold means a lot of people can still receive their earnings as long as they stick to it.

Those that reach the minimum payout can exchange their cash to PayPal money or gift cards to their favorite stores.

However, even though it’s legit, it’s still not recommended.

In fact there is a ton of things wrong with this website and survey sites in general.

I’ll explain what I mean below.

What I Don’t Like

Lack of surveys available

One of the biggest downfalls, not just for Iwadi, but all survey sites in general is the lack of surveys available.

They’ll rope you in with titles like “get paid up to $20 per survey”.

Yes, of course the 1% of people that sign up might qualify for these surveys, but the majority of people can only do the $0.10 surveys.

You won’t reach minimum payout

£8 for a minimum payout doesn’t sound like much, but the reality is that most people won’t reach this amount.

Not when they’re only earning a few cents per survey, they sometimes get booted out, and there’s only a certain amount available at a time.

Some days there won’t even be any available.

No opportunity for growth

There’s absolutely no room for growth when completing surveys.

Of course this is just one site to make money, and if you sign up to hundreds of survey sites, you could definitely make a few bucks a day.

Now you might call that growth, but I call it a waste of time for the amount of hours invested.

These are miniscule numbers compared to what you can achieve with you own your online business (more on that soon).

What I Like About Iwadi

Average minimum payout

They’ve got an okay minimum payout compared to similar websites.

Some survey companies require you to reach up to $50 or more, showing clear signs of a scam.

Anyone with a high minimum payout has no intention of paying their members, period.

That’s because they hope people quit before they have to pay them!

Legit opportunity

I also like the fact that they are a legit survey company that pays their members.

I couldn’t find any red flags that would tell me otherwise.

However, even though something is legit and you can earn money, does not mean that it is worth it.

Do I Recommend Iwadi?

Iwadi is a legit survey site that pays members for providing their opinion.

Companies pay Iwadi for providing the traffic and opinion (you), and you get a slice of the pie.

That’s the gist of it.

In saying that, the time invested isn’t worth the money.

These types of websites consume hours of your time in return for a couple bucks here and there.

And that’s only if you’ve signed up to many different survey sites to eliminate downtime.

How much can you make with Iwadi?

In all honesty? You will earn less than $1 per day, even if there’s adequate surveys available, making it one of the worst make-money opportunities out there.

Verdict: Legit, low income potential, no room for growth, time-consuming

Is There a Better Alternative?


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