Justin Waller: Fake Guru or Someone to Look Up to?

Who is Justin Waller? Is he someone you should trust in business, women, and general life advice?

This man has certainly made a name for himself in the online and offline world, and he’s someone I have been following for a couple of months.

He has a lot of good advice when it comes to women, business and even life in general.

However, I decided to do a whole article about him in case others want to know what he’s all about.

This is the facts about Justin Waller and my unbiased opinion.

Who is Justin Waller?

Born: 14 December 1986
Height: 1.95 m or 6’5″
Weight: 99 kgs or 220 lbs (round about)
Other names: JWaller

Justin Waller Suit

Justin Waller grew up in a small town in Louisiana called Monroe.

While just like many who grow up in a small town, he had big dreams.

And he couldn’t do that by staying in his small town and being “suppressed” by the small town mindset.

I can resonate with this incredibly well.

I was also raised in a small town, some 11,000 people, and I can’t tell you how much I wanted to get out and experience bigger and better things.

While others are comfortable with going to work Monday to Friday, doing the same thing day in, day out, and drinking in the weekends, I wanted more.

I don’t like being comfortable, I’m someone that’s constantly chasing bigger and better things. It makes me happy.

I like being productive.

Justin Waller says that he spent his entire 20s building his business and making money.

And it has paid off big time. Now, in his 30s, is earning millions of dollars per year. Big boy money.

Where is Justin Waller From and Where Does He Live?

Justin Waller is from a small town called Monroe, in Louisiana, which boasts a whopping 48,000 people (not).

That’s still much better than my small town, however, Justin does not live there anymore.

He now owns many houses in different states, but these days he lives in Miami with his flat mate Stirling Cooper, who has emerged as one of the best intimacy coaches in the world.

If you’ve been following Justin Waller for a while, you would know that he’s best friends with the Tate brothers.

The 4 of them are usually travelling the world or driving supercars through Europe.

However, at the time of writing this article, Justin and Stirling are currently staying in their home in Miami and working on business every single day.

Justin Waller Played College Football

Justin Waller Football

Something else to note is that Justin was a college football player.

Having a tall frame and stocky build allowed him to do pretty well on the field.

Justin played for Denham Springs High School as a Tight End.

He played a total of 13 games which created a strong mindset that he was able to carry on to other areas of his life.

Justin would usually bring up his college football days in his YouTube videos.

Justin Waller Net Worth

Justin Waller has done incredibly well in his construction career and real estate portfolio.

However, he has now started venturing into the online business world, helping men all over the world to become better versions of themselves.

This space is also known as the “manosphere”, and it’s growing every single day.

But more on that shortly.

Firstly, there’s a lack of information regarding Justin Waller’s total net worth, as only he can know what that amount is.

But after doing hours of research on this man and discovering how many businesses he owns, I would estimate his net worth to be around $30 million dollars.

How Did Justin Waller Make All His Money?

Justin spent his entire 20s focused on making money, creating businesses and building an empire.

This has paid off big time, as he owns construction companies, real estate companies, and more.

He is the youngest person on the Metal Building Contractors and Erectors Association (MBCEA) board.

His main construction company is called Rediron Construction, located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Although most of his money came from creating businesses and real estate, he has now started to make a name for himself online.

Why Does Justin Need a YouTube Channel When He is Already Successful?

You see, Justin has made himself extremely well known and respected in the offline construction world.

But he understands the world is bigger than that, and he wants to connect with people that align with his beliefs and values.

So this is what his YouTube channel is about?

His YouTube channel is dedicated to helping men become better versions of themselves, giving life advice about women and business.

Justin has SUCCESSFUL years in both of these categories, giving him enough qualifications to teach it.

It’s only a problem when others try to teach others about something that they know nothing about.

They just regurgitate information that they see online, claim it’s there’s, and make bank.

So it’s good to see that Justin Waller has made it which qualifies him to teach about it.

Advice for the Younger Generation from Justin Waller

Justin Waller says that in order to succeed in every aspect of life, you need to fill all of your cups.

If you focus too much on one thing, something else will suffer.

Lets say you’re focusing too much on girls, well, you’ll be successful with chicks but you won’t have any money.

Focus too much on money and your experience with girls will lag.

Or focus on money and girls and your fitness/health will suffer.

You need to find a balance so that you thrive in all areas.

Another piece of advice is that when you reach the top of a mountain, you should be looking for a bigger mountain to climb.

More sound advice, stating that you can’t become complacent and comfortable with your situation.

Remember the saying “if you don’t use it, you lose it”. This couldn’t be anymore true.

If you quit chasing bigger and better things when you reach your first goal, you’re going to fall back to the bottom again.

In Conclusion: Is He a Scam?

Justin Waller has made a lot of money and continues to make money, get girls and stay in shape.

He wants to make a name for himself in the online world, which is why he’s the “new guy on the block” (in comparison to other people in the same space), giving sound advice on personal development to guys all around the world.

Justin is one of the few legit “gurus” that is worth listening to.

He has done what he preaches and lives the life that he portrays.

Most guys fake it ’til they make it, while Justin has already made it and is now teaching others about getting better in their own lives.

Justin Waller is definitely legit and someone I recommend learning from.

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