Land Profit Generator Review – Is It Worth It?

Land Profit Generator promises to earn you thousands of dollars per month by buying and selling land. But the big question is, is it worth it or is this program a huge waste of money?

First and foremost let me explain that you’ll be expected to fork out an arm and a leg for the price of the program, and then even more investment into the land that’s not guaranteeing any money in return.

There’s massive risk involved with flipping land, however, can this program make this difficult business model fool-proof?

Lets find out.

What is Land Profit Generator?

This is a system created by Jack and Michelle Bosch.

These two individuals have been buying and selling land since 2002; 4000+ total land properties in fact.

Jack and Michelle Bosch

In 2008 they started an online business program called the Land Profit Formula, which has now been updated for todays standards with a new name called Land Profit Generator.

That is what this system is called today.

The basic concept is this.

Buy a bit of land under market value, or more specifically, from people that don’t want the land anymore or have no interest in maintaining it.

That way you don’t really have to negotiate with the person, just give an offer that they can’t refuse.

Then selling that land to someone that is ACTUALLY interested in it.

You’re basically the middle man, buying from someone that doesn’t want, to selling to someone that could really use it.

Either for building a house, a complex, a ranch, anything really.

Land Profit Generator Training Material

LPG Packages

Inside the training is a mixture of courses, some with a heftier price tag than others.

Here I’ll show you exactly what you get inside and how much they cost.

The Land Profit Generator Success Package ($2497)

The first package provides all the basics with everything you need to become successful at land flipping.

The course provides tools, training and software management system.

There is also templates for contracts and letters so you can copy and paste a lot of the nitty-gritty stuff.

Land Profit Maximizer ($8000)

Land Profit Maximizer provides you with everything in the Success Package, along with a live session to explain everything in more detail and help you understand the process better.

Although paying an extra $5500 for this package isn’t worth it in my opinion.

Land Profit Coaching

They do not disclose the price of the coaching as you are required to request a consultation first.

The coaching includes everything mentioned above, training material, and personal 1-on-1 coaching.

So you can bet your bottom dollar that it won’t be cheap.

However, even some of the training material is only available for 1-year with this package.

I think that if you’re paying top dollar for something, you should have life-time access.

Can You Make Money Land Flipping?

Yes, it’s 100% possible to make money by buying and selling land.

On the other hand, it’s also a difficult process no matter who you are or where you are in the world.

There’s a lot of due diligence you need to do in order to see some profits for your investment, otherwise you could be spending thousands of dollars and not receive anything back.

Personally I think it’s a risky business model and I wouldn’t go in blind without research.

But if you’re serious about earning a sustainable income, have a lot of money lying around, it could work.

Fortunately Jack and Michelle have been making money via this method for over 2 decades and now teach others how to do the same.

So that begs the other question, can you make make money with Land Profits Generator?

Can You Make Money With Land Profits Generator?

Above I mentioned that you can definitely make some money buying and flipping land, but there’s HUGE risk involved doing it on your own.

Jack and Michelle definitely know what they’re doing, have learned the ins and outs, and now teach others.

The training definitely works and big money can be made.

However, again, the huge downside is that you’re going to need a lot of investment.

Both for LPG and money for land.

Even then there’s still risk with no guaranteed return on your investments.

So can you make money with LPG?

Yes, with risk.


The Training Works

The training works and has proven to work for many of their students.

Regardless of the price tag or difficulty level, as long you’re dedicated to the program and have a lot of spare time to learn and implement the training, money can be made.

Reputable Trainers

Jack and Michelle Bosch have proven that they’ve done what they teach, so they are fully qualified to teach others.

Unlike many other “gurus” who try and sell an online program that they’ve never done before.



The price of LPG is huge, especially for something with no guaranteed returns.

At minimum you’re looking at $2497, then even more to buy the land, pay fees, etc.

Expect to pay more than you initially planned for is all I’m saying.

High-Risk Investment

I understand that no investment is guaranteed and that there is risk involved with anything you put your money into.

However, there is just too much risk involved with LPG that I can’t recommend it.

Especially not for beginners or novices thinking they’re going to become millionaires overnight.

It’s definitely not a get-rich-quick scheme and shouldn’t be treated as such.

My Final Thoughts on Land Profits Generator

On the other hand, if you have experience in buying and selling land, or even real estate for that matter, you already have an understanding of the industry.

Therefore something like LPG can help you hone your skills and make you a better flipper.

And you can definitely make more money than you’re currently earning.

If that sounds like you, then I recommend LPG.

But if you’re a newbie to the industry with no prior experience, you should probably stay away from this program.

The Price and How to Get In

The basic package costs $2497, the maximizer costs $8000, and the 1-on-1 coaching requires a consultation before joining.

You can learn more about the the packages on their official website.

Is There a Land Profits Generator Alternative?

If you know me, you know I’m not a fan of high-ticket programs.

Most of them promise the world without delivering on most of the claims.

However, LPG seems to have a history of successfully training people and making them money, but still not my cup of tea, especially for the average newbie.

Therefore my other recommendation is going to be starting a blog and monetizing it with affiliate marketing.

It’s how I finally started making money online after joining scams and failing over and over again.

You can check out the same training program I used here (they have a free trial!)

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