Lingo Blaster 2.0 Review – Untapped Opportunity or Hype?

Can you really rank with over 100 different languages and start ranking on the first page of YouTube within a few seconds after applying the Lingo Blaster 2.0 software?

Everywhere on the internet I see nothing but people talking up this program without talking about the flaws.

Is it truly that good? Or are these people getting paid to speak positively about it?

I set out to see if this was legit or just another hyped up system with little-to-no value.

And might I add that my findings were nothing short of “surprising”.

Lets get right into it so you know exactly what I’m talking about?

What is Lingo Blaster 2.0?

Lingo Blaster 2.0 is a software created to translate your YouTube videos into over 100 different languages, and start ranking in a matter of minutes, if not seconds.

Sounds like hype, right?

Doesn’t SEO (Search Engine Optimization) take weeks and months to learn?

Don’t people dedicate countless hours into creating AMAZING content without receiving any rankings?

Yes, these are all true facts.

However, one thing that Lingo Blaster claims is that 75% of traffic on YouTube doesn’t even speak your language.

This is another fact.

And no doubt you hear it all the time, usually from your friend who’s always talking about the best ways to make money online, but never actually takes action.

“Yeah bro, we need to tap into that foreign market. We can strike gold if we learn how to do that bro”.

Or “Bro, have you heard about dropshipping? Apparently some 19-year old made millions of dollars selling fish hooks. That’s what we need to do.”

Yeah, you know the guy I’m talking about.

The funny thing is, he’s actually on to something when he talks about the foreign market, which is what attracted me to Lingo Blaster in the first place.

If you know me, you know I’m difficult to please when it comes to these types of programs.

However, I am actually blown away by how good this piece of software is.

Let me explain how it works.

How Does Lingo Blaster 2.0 Work?

Lets say you created a video for YouTube, or already have hundreds of videos published, but you want to translate them into foreign languages.

You’ve got your keywords, added a good description, thumbnail, and now you’re waiting to rank to make some moolah.

But all you hear is crickets.

Nothing but silence, zero views, and no signs of civilization anywhere.

Unfortunately this is true for the majority of new YouTuber’s out there, which is why most people quit before they get their first 1000 subscribers.

However, something interesting is that most of your YouTube videos can probably rank fairly quickly by translating them into foreign languages.


Because competition is low in these foreign markets.

You can do this by purchasing the program, connecting your account to the Lingo Blaster software, choosing what languages you want to translate to, and clicking publish.

The software will translate your title, description, and even captions.

Here are the steps

Lingo Blaster Steps

Keep in mind that your videos should already be uploaded to YouTube.

That way all you need to do is connect the software to your YouTube account, choose the videos you want to translate, languages, etc, and click publish.

The videos will NOT be uploaded in the new language separately. It will stay as one video, but you can enjoy the benefits of ranking for over 100 different languages.

Does Lingo Blaster 2.0 Work?

I’m happy so say that Lingo Blaster is tested by thousands of individuals that have used this program to rank for their chosen videos.

The fact of the matter is, there is an incredible amount of potential out there in the foreign market.

It’s just that most people don’t how how to tap into it.

The good news is that Lingo Blaster does all the heavy lifting for you, and literally publishes your videos into over 100 different languages, opening you up to increased traffic, subscribers, and even sales).

I know it sounds too good to be true, because most of these programs are, however, this one actually lives up to the hype.

And I’m very happy to see something that does what it says it does.

So yes, Lingo Blaster does work and you can definitely rank in different languages and tap into even more traffic.

Again, even I’m surprised that I’m saying this but Lingo Blaster is one of the few legit programs out there.

Verdict: Legit, good price tag, works, good opportunity.

How to Download Lingo Blaster 2.0?

First and foremost, you do not need to download Lingo Blaster.

It is a cloud-based software, meaning you can log in from anywhere, any device, without downloading anything.

However, to gain access to the software you will have to pay a fee of $37.

Once you purchase the program, you will have to create an account and connect your YouTube channel.

Once this is done, you will have a list of videos that you’ve uploaded to YouTube.

Now simply choose the video you would like to translate, choose your languages, click publish.

They also have a 30-day money back guarantee.

If you find that you don’t like it, or you’re not getting the results you’re after, you can get your money back.

I even went a step further to see what the refund rate was.

Vlad-Stoica Lingo Blaster Owner

Above is the owner of Lingo Blaster 2.0, Vlad-Stoic, and you can see a bunch of percentages.

Most of it you won’t understand unless you know marketing, but I’ll explain the most important one below.

The 5% rate you see is the refund rate.

This shows that at least 95% of people like their purchase and found it to work for them, while the other 5% did not.

Why Does Lingo Blaster 2.0 Work So Well?

Here’s why Lingo Blaster 2.0 is an opportunity for YouTube creators to gain more traffic, subscribers, sales, etc.

Everyone is fighting for the top rankings in the ENGLISH language.

However, English is not the only language.

And it’s definitely the most competitive language.

In fact, those exact keywords you’re trying to rank for in English is a lot easier to rank for in other languages.

That means you can instantly rank for the same keywords in alternative languages (in some cases).

So lets circle back to the question in the title of this article.

Is Lingo Blaster a legit opportunity or nothing but hype?

It is a great opportunity for people of all experience levels to gain additional traffic and subscribers to your YouTube channel, and that’s my final opinion.

Is Lingo Blaster 2.0 Worth the Price?

Yes, at $37, this makes it a good price for the amount of value inside.

You’re mostly paying for convenience.

Without a program like this, you will need to upload the videos yourself and manually choose the descriptions and titles in different languages individually.

This could take hours for one video.

However, Lingo Blaster speeds this up ten-fold.

So yes, it is definitely worth the price tag.

Are There Any Other Opportunities?

There are many opportunities in this day and age.

There are still legit programs out there, with good people that have good intentions for their customers.

But these people are few and far between.

The majority of people out there are out to scam you, which is the reason I’m happy to see that Lingo Blaster was a legit program.

However, there’s another opportunity that I use, which is called Wealthy Affiliate.

They’ll show you how to build an online business by creating a blog, adding content, and ranking in Google.

That’s what I’ve been doing since 2016, and out of hundreds of thousands of members, I am currently in the top 50 (I’ve been in the game a long time).

So if you join, I can coach you and mentor you to make sure you’re doing everything right.

Check out my review on Wealthy Affiliate here.

I hope to see you on the inside.

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