8 Ways to Make Money Online As a Beautiful Female

In 2021 there are hundreds of ways to make money online as a beautiful female.

Attractive people get more privileges than ugly people.

I don’t make the rules, I just report them.

There’s many reasons why some girls can make $10,000 per month on OnlyFans, the biggest reason is that most guys can’t get girls.

As an attractive female in 2021 you can use your beauty to make lots of money in different ways.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to join OnlyFans and be forced to do things you don’t want to do.

Without further ado, lets get right into it.

Start an Instagram/Become an Influencer

Young Woman On Beach

I start with Instagram because it’s incredibly easy to grow an IG account as an attractive female.

You can post selfies, bikini pictures, booty pics, literally anything.

If you’re a beautiful woman you already know you are, and chances are you’re already good at taking pictures.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Instagram is the new unofficial dating app.

Attractive women have mastered Instagram because men are simple and like simple things.

We see attractive women and we like.

We look at things to qualify women while women look at things to disqualify men.

We can have all our ducks in a row, but if there’s a picture she doesn’t like, that picture will disqualify us and she’ll simply move on.

However, when it comes to men liking women, there can be many things we don’t like about her and we’ll stick around anyway.

Basically if she looks half decent we are going to shoot our shot.

Why am I telling you this?

So you know how men operate and can use Instagram to your advantage.

Posting many attractive pictures is a surefire way to grow your following.

Once you’ve racked up a good following, you can monetize your audience by promoting products or using OnlyFans.

Create an OnlyFans

OnlyFans is well-known for being a porn site, but this couldn’t be any further from the truth.

There are girls making bank just by showing their feet.

Some girls make money with softcore content and don’t even show their face.

All they do is post nudes and cut the picture off at their nose or mouth.


Because they have a beautiful body. Like I said, men are simple, we love seeing beautiful women.

Lonely men are willing to pay a small fee for that little connection they get from OnlyFans girls.

It’s as much of an emotional connection than it is a physical one.

There are so many men that are lonely, these are the ones that will sign up to your OnlyFans – not just for the beautiful pictures but for the connection that they can’t get in real life.

Basically you’ll be an internet girlfriend to them.

I mean, if every guy was getting laid, OnlyFans and porn sites wouldn’t be a thing.

Create a Premium Snapchat

A premium Snapchat is just a Snapchat that’s set to private, and you only invite those that have paid for it.

But basically, Snapchat is an easy way to attract horny guys, and a small portion of them will become paying customers.

The difference between an OnlyFans and Instagram is that Snapchat is a very personal and engaging platform.

I mean, where else do you get to message attractive females and get a response most of the time?

Not on Instagram because there’s too much competition. Most DMs get left on read.

However, it’s easier to connect with others on Snapchat because the pictures you send are live and most girls will reply to their Snapchat messages.

The guys feel like they’re talking to a real female, and again, they feel a personal connection which is what many guys lack.

And yes, I can show you how to create a premium Snapchat.

Become a Sugar Baby


Becoming a sugar baby doesn’t mean you have to bang a 50 y/o on the daily.

Just like I mentioned earlier, it’s more about an emotional connection as much as a physical one.

There are lonely goes who are loaded but don’t have that male-to-female connection.

That’s what sugar sites are for, and there are many to sign up to.

All you have to do is create a profile, add a description, some pictures and wait for them to come to you.

But honestly, most of them will pay you just to talk to them.

Some might want a video call every night, or to meet up for lunch once per week, or to message when they’re lonely, they all have different needs.

The key is to find someone that requires something that you’re comfortable with.

These guys will pay you an allowance for your beauty and attention.

If you have 10 sugar daddys paying you $300 per month, that’s an easy $3000 per month.

You can start with Seeking.com.

Create a TikTok

Moving on to more SFW methods, TikTok is literally the easiest way to make money as an attractive female.

There are so many girls on TikTok with hundreds of thousands of subscribers, and they aren’t even talented.

Sometimes they just move their bodies to a song while looking into the camera, not even dancing, and they get millions of views.

This is literally cakewalk for attractive woman. You don’t even need to be talented, all you need is to show up with your beauty.

However, you will need a pretty good camera. I’ve noticed that girls that look like they’re using a potato to record their videos take longer to grow their following.

If you’ve got a good camera phone already, this should be enough. Otherwise you may want to consider investing in a good camera.

Use Your Beauty On Fiverr

Fiverr is a gold mine and a way of making easy money as an attractive female.

People pay girls for testimonials, to read out a script for their business, to provide a review for a product, etc.

And they’ll pay a pretty penny for a 10-60 second video of you reading out a script.

What I like about this niche is that it’s growing every year.

There are more products than ever before, and business owners harness the power of attractive females to hook potential customers in.

That’s right, you know those apps of girls saying they won $500 from a make money app?

Those girls are paid to say that, and most of them are from Fiverr.

I mean, if I can get paid $30 – $60 to stand in front of a camera and read out a script for 30 seconds, I would.

Unfortunately I’m not a pretty girl, but you are, and you can make easy money doing this.

Become a Model (Online and Offline)

Young Woman Model

Chances are you already know how beautiful you are, and you’re probably a better model than you know.

Stock photos are a great way to sell your pictures and earn a one-off payment or residual income.

Some stock websites will pay a one-time fee to keep your photo, or you can make money every time someone buys it.

If you’ve got many different photos over many different stock websites, the payments can really start to add up each month.

Another way is to model for beauty-related websites.

Like I said, being an attractive female opens up so many opportunities. Not all of them require you to be nude or to do something you don’t want to do.

There are thousands of websites that want you as the face of their brand or to model a specific outfit.

And they are incredibly easy to find with the help of Google.

Simply type into Google: “become a model” “apply”

Make sure you add the speech marks. This will tell Google that you want ONLY results that have ‘become a model’ and ‘apply’ into the same web page.

Alternatively, you can click this link instead.

Create a YouTube Channel

In 2021 it might be saturated, but there is still room for growth when you add your own twist.

The key is to be different and don’t do what others are doing, you’ll need to find your own niche.

The easiest way to grow a business is to combine 2 businesses together.

Just look at Uber, they combined a taxi service and apps together and absolutely killed the industry.

Another example is Snapchat, they combined instant messaging and instant pictures together, and grew a successful business from something so basic.

Fortunately for you, as a beautiful woman, you’ll have more advantages over everyone else.

Simply combine 2 niches together to stand out, or use a niche but add your own twist.

Even though YouTube is so competitive, you can still kill it with the right niche/twist/business model, especially as an attractive female.

Where Should You Start?

That’s a pretty good list there that will get you started on your journey.

Some are harder than others.

For example, becoming a model for a website is going to be more difficult than making money from a premium Snapchat.

I’ve been studying make money opportunities for the last 7 years and I’ve seen a lot of things change and pop up throughout the years.

To make fast money as a beautiful young female, I highly recommend finding a sugar daddy with Seeking.com.

Find enough sugar daddies and you won’t even have to work.

My other recommendations are Instagram, TikTok and premium Snapchat.

Growing a massive IG and TikTok following opens up many opportunities (plus TikTok is the easiest platform to grow on), and Snapchat premium allows you to make a passive income.

In Conclusion

Well there you have it, 8 of my favorite ways to make lots of money harnessing the power of female beauty.

I hope you learned a lot on this article, and if you still have any questions or concerns, please leave in the comments below.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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